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wed 07 may 03

+ rat bike zone has some great tips for motorcyclists. the newspaper trick i'd already heard about from a concentration camp survivor, a long time ago. it's come in handy many times, whether on-bike or off.

+ build your own 'core crib' mac system. yowzer.

+ rafe reminisces over colin powell's u.n. wmd speech. it's a 'don't-miss,' and a sentiment i heartily second.

+ ibm developerworks: style stylesheets to extend xslt, part one. stylish.

+ women's enews: biologists rethink darwin's theory on sex roles. gender may not be binary.

+ webref: the potential of web-based video, last exit. i seriously wonder about the impact of thousands of 'home videos' streamed or loaded over the net, versus today's relatively 'minor' bandwidth problem with spam. or, video spam! progress ...

+ the register: mysql moves forward.

+ new scientist: stems cells can become 'normal sperm.' new ethical dilemma? even building blocks of life can create life. "don't step on an ant, he's done nothin' to you ..."

+ journalism.co.uk: rosy future for online journalism.

+ enn: environmentalists are worried about proposal to give big farms a break from pollution laws.

+ dp review: olympus and america 24/7. we can easily outscope this with the next 'behind the curtain,' don't you think?

+ how to make a telemarketer cry.

+ la times: campus ink tanks. conservative campus rags.

+ msnbc/newsweek: in defense of high art.

+ sf gate: commercial recording studios go the way of the 8-track.

+ times of india: u.s. to allow iaea to return to iraq. the arms inspectors return.

+ voa: iraqi looting was disaster for national heritage, say western museum experts. counter to what we've been hearing in western media lately, not only the *nature* of the '30-40 objects' taken were vital, but "... an unknown but probably large number of works were stolen from the museum's storage area, which held as many as 200,000 objects." a lower quantity does not necessarily make the situation 'less bad'; for instance, which has greater value, two hundred thousand rounds of ammunition ... or one nuclear weapon? you get the point, of course.

+ ny times letters to the editor: bennett's private life. er ... sounds like "the death of outrage" to me.

later: nj.com/ap: reactions to william bennett gambling revelation highlight protestant-catholic differences. "... bennett's claim that gambling was not a moral issue showed the same ethical indifference he has decried in others."

+ ny times: young lives transformed, guided by a camera lens.

+ ny times: tax cut plans proceed in congress. a larger tax credit for health care premiums? go daschle.

+ ny times: a well-respected face, but is it news or an ad? i can tell you from my days in 'industrial theatre' that newsroom stagesets were very popular for drug rollouts. we often hired 'sunset' newscasters, those who were past their prime. this seems a natural outgrowth of that old script, updated for new federal regulations. for a captive pharmaceutical sales audience, it's ok. for the public? no way.

+ santa fe new mexican: scientists believe they have found the site of powhatan's 17th century native american village. that's powhatan, pappa of pocahontas.

+ cnn money: halliburton has wider iraq role. "... a contract awarded without competition to a subsidiary of halliburton co. basically gives the company the power to run all phases of iraq's oil industry."

+ cnn: the hensons buy back the muppets. quite a bargain price, too, comparatively.

+ started fooling around with trying to generate an rss file last night. getting it to validate properly is the conundrum. i may have to write a scraper in python ... the 'easy' way didn't work.