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tue 06 may 03

+ dan bricklin got a profile in the new york times. congrats, dan.

+ ens: bush administration keen on new nuclear weapons. "the political effects of u.s. pursuit of new nuclear weapons could well be to legitimize nuclear weapons, and u.s. nuclear planning could serve as a pretext for other countries and, worse, terrorist groups such as al-qaeda, to build or acquire their own bombs."

+ newsmax: hold the phone. christian right talks of bolting the g.o.p. in '04. what other options do they have? "... this is a question of enthusiasm versus inactivity." threatening to stay home and not vote?

+ boston globe: to canada, u.s. diplomacy is high comedy. "the third infantry division can do only so much, and securing paris, ankara, ottawa, and berlin is a tall order, even for the legendary heroes of the marne." as i said below, military affectations by political leaders, a la comte de morcerf, translate as burlesque.

+ new scientist: 'superglue virus' wipes out brain tumours.

+ chicago trib: thieves target historical sites in iraq.

+ femail.co.uk: guide to artificial sweeteners. or, alternatively, sweeteners other than sugar. molasses seems to be a healthful natural substitute.

+ reuters alertnet: ivory coast truce on track despite clashes.

+ just a note, i've dropped my account at friendster. it was doing little, other than seemingly attracting spam to my dm! account.

+ washington post editorial: tax cut trickery, part two. once again continuing the philosophy of proposing something mind-bogglingly insane, and then seeming to be a 'uniter, not a divider' by magnaninmously settling on an irresponsible "compromise."

+ bbc: war on terror, has the tide turned?

+ freshmeat: 'rippy the aggregator' [php].

+ japancorp: all nikon plants achieve zero emissions. "nikon has defined 'zero emissions' as landfilled wastes accounting for no more than 1% of total emissions, and the construction of a zero-emission system at all nikon plants by march 31, 2004 as a key corporate objective among midterm environmental objectives in the 'nikon environmental action plan'."

+ nj.com/ap: census study shows possible miscount of hispanic groups in 2000. once again, it comes down to semantics.

+ christianaid.org.uk: herometer. test your morality. problem is, you have to enter a u.k. postal code. smart, funny.

+ two from dp review: lenmar 2300 mah batteries, firmware upgrade for kodak dcs-14n.

+ break the chain and end our dependence on oil.

+ acronym finder. "idiot" = intrusion detection in our time.

+ kaballah for simpletons.

+ sacramento observer: republicans fight dirty over naacp gun lawsuit. "it turns out that there is a national database that contains the serial numbers of these weapons, which can be traced back to the manufacturers and, in many cases, to the stores from which they were sold. why donít local law enforcement officials have access to this database? it is prohibited from being used by the u.s. attorney general, a big protector of the national rifle association." as the author says, cold blooded stuff. do we not trace vehicles used in accidents? we have the technology, and the privacy issues are no more complex than for motor vehicles. why not use it?

+ times of india: depleted uranium shells no health danger to iraqis, says u.s. i've dealt with this before, ad nauseam. [ related ]

+ newsday.com: dj's get suspended for playing dixie chicks. learn more about the sudden ultra-conservative bent of colorado springs.

+ la times: digital vandalism imperils ancient artwork. maybe someday wireless solar-powered webcams could help.

+ chronicle of higher ed: cultural globalization is not americanization. i don't agree with a lot of this, but it would take a few days to properly write an entire rebuttal.

+ ny times guest contributor: virtues, values and vegas. how many logical fallacies can you count here? this is truly ridiculous. if conservatives, prior to this little media revelation, had been asked if the nation's tacit "moral arbiter" would be taken seriously if he were a big-stakes gambler, they would have answered "of course not." every single one. bennett's moral 'house of cards' has collapsed.

later: borowitz, newsweek ... bill bennett loses wife in poker game. "cornered by reporters outside his home where he was arranging furniture and other personal items for an upcoming yard sale, mr. bennett said he had given up gambling for good and therefore had 'no intention' of trying to win back his wife."

even later: washington post letters ... virtues, vices and mr. bennett.

much later: christianity today compiles religious pundit comments.

+ ny times dueling op-eds, kristof and krugman: missing in action: truth, and man on horseback. "there was a time when patriotic americans from both parties would have denounced any president who tried to take political advantage of his role as commander in chief. but that, it seems, was another country." indeed. the quiet omnipotence of the count of monte cristo is more devastating than the pompous militarism of the comte de morcerf.

+ ny times editorial: in search of a north korea policy. no longer hawk, not dove ... cringing game-bird?

+ ny times: fuel economy hits a 22 year low. a national embarrassment, really.

+ ny times: an orchid by any other name. if you're back east, you can visit longwood gardens and see many, many species.

+ santa fe new mexican: some 'local color' for your morning. nambé donkey dies of gunshot wound. poor jenny.

+ santa fe new mexican: new front accessway for st. francis cathedral in santa fe. and a new statue.

+ anyone want to finance a round-the-world cruise? i'll trade you weblog entries and digital photographs of the entire journey. [i could use a break.]