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mon 05 may 03

+ hey, you can be msnbc, too. fill in the blank: "LIBERALS BASH _______." the rules: you can't use satan, deficits, imperialism, pre-emptive war, nuclear proliferation, corporate corruption, pollution ...

+ interesting pair. jang group, u.s warns russia over n-cooperation with iran. and xinhuanet.com, u.s. suggests russia to take part in talks over dprk's nuclear issue.

+ joonang daily: report of u.s. policy shift upsets seoul. sitting under the future 'nuclear umbrella,' i don't blame them.

+ silicon valley: biotech crops' crossbreeding targeted.

+ ny times: the first man to be dixie chick'd.

+ anyone else have crimevictimlaw.org in their referrers? a password-access-only weblog, it seems.

+ i've been remiss in not mentioning two new additions to the santa fe weblogger's 'club' ... international recording star ottmar liebert has a radio weblog, and mike owens runs a crimson blog called 'blindspots.' impromptu weblogger get-togethers in santa fe just became more interesting.

+ my usual full-court blogging press is not an option today. later, folks.

+ washington post: more states cut aid for child care. what happened to 'let no child be left behind?'

+ cbs news: gun lobby hits the bulls-eye. looks like unconstitutional industry immunity will pass. unless challenged in the courts immediately, other industries will follow.

+ slashdot: build your own cruise missile.

+ science daily: "mercury transit."

+ ny times: dressing to dodge bullets; that matrix style. vinyl is a girl's best friend? what did they use to stop all the squeaking?

+ minneapolis star-tribune: did shakespeare smoke pot? does it change what i had for breakfast? "in fact, queen elizabeth, shakespeare's patron, declared that landowners with more than 60 acres were obligated to plant cannabis, the herb from which marijuana is derived. shakespeare owned 120 acres."

+ many sources are pointing up morals-and-ethics raconteur william bennett's gambling habit. some are saying that liberals shouldn't criticize when they defended similar clinton gaffes. everyone will defend their particular 'golden boy' against all comers - but each deserves to be judged by their merits [or lack thereof]. let his own faith tell the story. then again, there'll be a healthy dose of philippians 1:18 to separate the 'good' actions from the 'fallible' man. rationalize at will.

later: apparently due to publicity, mr. bennett has given up gambling. at least, so says the missus. i wonder if he gave up because he felt it was wrong and not in keeping with his high moral standards, or did he give up because his constituency would no longer favor him? his choice is important in order to weigh his future opinions and writings.

even later: slate, bill bennett's bad bet. "bill bennett has been exposed as a humbug artist who ought to be pelted off the public stage if he lacks the decency to slink quietly away, as he is constantly calling on others to do." well put.

+ ny times magazine: the thinkable. on nuclear weaponry. a worthy ponder, this.

+ spiked: science, risk and the price of precaution.

+ times of india: hilary to visit everest again, 50 years on.

+ ny times: bah, wilderness! reopening the frontier to development. "wilderness, in the oft-quoted line of the writer wallace stegner, is 'the geography of hope.' to have that geography capped, they argue, has had the same effect on some outdoor lovers as the fencing of the public range had on open-country cattle ranchers." republican cost-benefit philosophy is bankrupt when planning and saving for our future.

+ ny times: 'virtual' colonoscopy wins patent. "evidently, even doctors who routinely recommend the life-saving scan don't get it themselves in great numbers." of course, there's also that 'camera-in-a-horsepill' you swallow.

+ personal note: i didn't hear the words, "bush," "war," or "iraq" all weekend. it was lovely. went to see 'chicago' at the movies. a good film, not great. i think real broadway singer/dancers would have been better, if not the draw strength the producers might have wished [bebe neuwirth, gregory hines, etc.]. a lot of 'meaningful walking' going on. they skimped on post-production; saw lipstick on renée's teeth, ladder runs in catherine's good stockings, bruised red hands in the mirror shot, and more. not the polish of 'moulin rouge' ... but better in just about every respect. in spite of nitpicks, very satisfying. couldn't keep my foot from tapping. last night, the actor's studio on bravo continues to please. jeremy irons evoked a wonderful metaphor, personality as a piano. "i can play a couple of chords, and that's jeremy. but when evoking a role, i can span a wider number of strings for different chords ..." poor paraphrase, but i thought the metaphor was outstanding. x2's on the 'must see' list, but i'll wait for the crowds to thin first.

+ santa fe new mexican: republican will push for gay rights referendum. inclusive, compassionate conservatism. and, speaking of the fringe, researchers hope to probe the minds of ufo witnesses.

+ santa fe new mexican: report predicts severe water shortage. speaking of which, we had a small forest fire up in the jemez.

+ cnn: do flame retardants save children's lives, or threaten health? i mentioned this the other day. get spaced out when you're in a mall department store? this is one reason why. unless you change your child in candlelight, wash the stuff off in a hot water wash.

later: a reader points out that toddlers have a penchant for pyro. snug fitting cotton seems best. thanks, mark from texas.

+ cnn: violent music boosts aggressive thoughts. synchronicity, of sorts. during my workout this morning, the only station that wasn't back-to-back yakking was 'soft jazz.' i couldn't go to failure on any of my lifts.

+ cnn: senate unseals mccarthy transcripts.

+ i see dave's still discussing xhtml/css advocacy. have some fun ... the 'userland calendar' is one of the most excellent tools for teaching the limitations of table-less xhtml/css. try recreating the calendar so it displays cross-browser [ie, moz, ns, opera, konq, etc.], in proportional fonts, with less 'weight' than a simple table construction. you won't succeed. crushing failure makes one grouchy, mean ... and ultimately, quite humble. it's a great exercise, overall.

+ cinco de mayo! running late. links in a bit.