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fri 02 may 03

+ desert-living-annoyance ... trying to get cactus spines out of your brand-new smartwool socks.

+ cnet: cell phones put planes at risk.

+ nj.com/ap: da vinci goes digital. now there's a cd-rom or dvd i'd like to purchase.

+ edie.com: olive oil waste, an eco-friendly fungicide?

+ i've gone way over my hosting bandwidth this month. just got the bill in, and it's a whopper [comparatively. 50% over the cost of normal hosting for the month.]. i'll have to contemplate how i host this little beastie. being in zope restricts me, unless i once again ponder the imponderable switch-to-commercial-weblog-app. yuck. didn't need this at the moment.

+ omigod. i got so busy i forgot to wish dave a happy birthday. happy birthday!

+ the cogent provocateur: operation desert snipe. aw, just great. via rc3.

+ sitepoint: accessible flash, part two: bookmarking flash.

+ slashdot: william gibson on blogging. the comments below the slashdot article are interesting reading, as usual.

+ new scientist: severe immune response kills sars victims.

+ daily times/ananova/pravda: a weekly world news quality link? "russian woman speaks languages from past lives."

+ the register: missed this yesterday. they think suse 8.2 approaches computing nirvana.

+ linux journal: fight spam with spamprobe.

+ iol: "drinking beer won't prevent sars." how 'bout snorting a fifth of chivas through a guitar neck? [apologies, to milo bloom.]

+ scienceblog: cooking with sesame oil seems to help reduce blood pressure.

+ voa: the new york times reporter who was accused of plagiarizing, has resigned.

+ dp review: powerex 2200 mah aa nimh batteries. the best batteries for your digicam. however, lithium's are so light, they've eased my hiking burden in my motor-drive slrs ...

+ the vonnegut web.

+ onrec.com: beauty may only be skin deep but 4 in 10 candidates think it will get them the job.

+ guardian.uk: illegal marijuana, pornography and labour, america's black market, constitute 10% of the american economy.

+ ran across an article, which i just clicked and lost, proclaiming that looters took iraq's wmd's, which is why we can't find them.

+ guardian.uk: do you have a male or female brain? funny. i got a '404, brain not found.'

+ newsday: whatever happened to grammar? want your child to have excellent grammar skills? latin. best answer.

+ plain dealer: s/he who would critique the critic, should know write from wrong. minor alteration to title.

+ reason: determinism, human 'choice machines,' and how evolution generates free will.

+ given recent revelations about the tax cuts slanted towards the rich, the patriot act, senator lott, senator santorum, yesterday's 'triumphal' speech, etcetera ... it might serve to reacquaint yourselves with the definition of fascism, otherwise benignly known as "extreme right."

+ ny times editorial: a long way from victory. "no fair-minded person would begrudge mr. bush and the crew members of the abraham lincoln this celebratory moment." maybe. but the intentional grandstanding and photo-ops before a guaranteed-supportive audience were not missed. as many of my acquaintances commented, "yeah, yeah, yeah ... and what about the economy? stop playing in other people's back yards and fix america."

+ ny times: senator santorum in heated exchange with parents of gay children. ah yes, the actions of an 'inclusive' man who faces direct confrontation of his dogma. the walkout. note that 'inclusive' does not include empathy, in this case. the times also has letters to the editor on this subject.

+ ny times: broader domestic role sought for cia and pentagon. "... even in the most frigid periods of the cold war, we never gave the c.i.a. such sweeping and secret policing powers over american citizens."

+ ny times: smithsonian is no safe haven for exhibit on the arctic national wildlife refuge. awed description classified as political 'advocacy.'

+ ny times: the navy leaves vieques. the interior department is supposed to spearhead the 'cleanup' effort, but this sounds somewhat disheartening: "... with the area used for exercises with live bombs to be designated a wilderness area and closed to the public." and with bush's impending tax cut, it probably won't get any 'cleaner' than barbed wire and no-trespass signs.

+ new york times movie review, x2: good versus evil, with marvelous muscles. this weekend, a must.

+ there was more interesting stuff at the new mexican, but i don't want to inundate them with 'dangerousmeta' referrers.

+ santa fe new mexican: water issues. city drops to stage 2 water restrictions. the reservoir is 54% full, and receiving water at five times last year's trickled rate. city still working on new wells. note that wells are a *short term* fix here in northern new mexico. everyone's tapping the aquifer, and it's causing subsidence of the land. we don't have the rainfall or snowpack to replenish the water we're taking. our rio grande allotment is limited due to the 1929 water agreements with colorado and texas. stop growth? try selling that to city/county council members. lastly, interior department predicts sites of future water wars. and albuquerque's right up there.

+ santa fe new mexican: today's los alamos linkage. the u.c. president says, "managing weapons lab is costly burden." you'd better believe it. dissent emerges ... should u.c. vie for los alamos contract? the old can-you-find-someone-who'll-really-do-it-better tactic? lastly, labs explore nuclear bunker busting bombs. another 'peacemaker' to be a deterrent, or a tactical, useful nuke? i have concern about lowering the bar ...

+ cnn: segregationist prom in georgia.

+ cnn: audit, border forests mostly unpatrolled. lax in securing guns and explosives? so los alamos is not a pariah, but a symptom of a wider malady? where's the vitriol? where's the military-tech journalist screed?

+ cnn: climber amputates own arm with pocketknife, hikes to safety.

+ ... pant, pant ... tongue lolling out ... "it's almost the weekend!" ... feet dragging ...