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thu 01 may 03

+ the register seems to be not very enamored of apple's new music service. give it time.

+ new scientist: old age's mental slowdown may be 'reversible.' by use of gaba. gaba's been very popular for 'enhancing brain function' among the vitamin crowd for a long time.

+ reuters: exxonmobil profit equal to gdp of iceland. so, instead of treating corporate legal entities as 'individuals,' we should treat them as 'countries?'

+ miami herald: are the women dying across the border in mexico being killed for their organs? "the implication, though prosecutors did not state the theory in detail, is that the organs would be sold to wealthy americans at border clinics or hospitals."

+ nj.com/ap: hispanic activists are out to remind folks that cinco de mayo is not about getting stinking drunk. but it celebrates a victory over the french; oui, oui ... watch 'patriotic' opportunists flock.

+ harrumph! points to the may day project, a knockoff of my 'behind the curtain' project from three years ago. do it! i was working on another btc for the end of this month; now i'll wait until the anniversary of the original in september, and delve into other projects. [for those who are somewhat lost, the original url went dead years ago. this is the new home of btc. i don't know how many of the galleries are still active, since they're hosted on the participant's accounts. if yours is still up, and i have the wrong address, fire an 'e.']

+ metafilter: fountain pens! i covet my waterman, and still have some old ones i inherited. lovely to write with. when personal thoughts go to paper (rather than weblog), it's with a fountain pen. now, why can't we have some finer keyboards, come to think of it? i miss the springier ones, like the teletypes from the old days ... yeah, a retro keyboard. a remington. something other than extruded plastic. something that clacks and makes noise. yeah. a noir keyboard.

+ iol: dna ink. i should think pricking your finger and signing in blood would do the same thing ... but this certainly sounds less painful and more efficient.

+ mac observer: 4d for dreamweaver mx.

+ sourceforge: phpix3, photo album.

+ slashdot: open bsd 3.3 released.

+ ny daily news: jfk was right, keep religion out of politics. a recommended read. the man understands the principle of falsifiability. almost restores my faith in the media, in one article.

+ telegraph.uk: a triumph of engineering ... a flip-flop with heels. "peg" would be more like it.

+ about: photos from the x2 premiere. even alice cooper showed up. does that man ever age? seems like he's looked the same since the 70's.

+ courier-mail.au: there's a cease-fire in ivory coast. let's pray it holds.

+ president bush and secretary of defense rumsfeld are talking up "end of major combat operations." i want to know when "war" is over. when do we stand down, and get on with our lives? these minor skirmishes and cleanup ops that are taking place worldwide hardly require a "war" footing here at home. it is now an excellent time to rescind the patriot act. corollary - see booknotes today.

later: why bush won't declare end of war. okay. i can understand some of that reasoning. but this grey-area undeclared war philosophy, crying 'wolf' constantly ["we're at war! you must act a certain way ..."] ... the economy's never going to fully pick up until we're returned to a predictable equilibrium.

+ bbc: cinemas banned from blocking cell phones.

+ the u.s. department of art and technology. not necessarily what you think. may be offensive to some.

+ times of india: north korea accuses u.s. of aerial espionage. is anyone really surprised?

+ newsweek: poetry is dead; does anyone really care? the last time i mentioned 'iambic pentameter' in a random conversation, someone not directly involved overheard and burst in with, "is that a new character in the upcoming harry potter book?!" dactylic hexameter swooped down to take my revenge. she brought her friends metron, thesis, arsis and anceps, too. and that's the long and short-short of it. [grin]

+ slate: "menu english." if you've read here long, you know i have issues with restaurants that call sauces "paints." the quality of the food's the thing; i'm not paying extra for pretension.

+ ny times letters to the editor: war may be over, but the debate goes on. expected, some rationalize the lie. if, as most of us believe, ends don't justify means ... then why are *these* means worthy of the ends? i'm surprised this has peaked in the media so swiftly.

+ ny times op-ed: wall street revisionism. avenge the loss of your pension, ira, 401k. never forget.

+ ny times theatre: veils or no veils, whatever she wants, she gets. i really enjoy nontraditional productions; this sounds like a don't-want-to-miss.

+ ny times: saudi arabia wakens to the effects of inbreeding. 'deliverance.'

+ ny times: loss estimates are cut on iraqi museum artifacts, but questions remain. let's wait until everything's accounted for, and we know what's really missing, before assessing 'value' of the thefts, shall we?

+ ny times: health care limps up the political ladder.

+ ny times: greenspan says tax cut is not needed for growth. and current revenues are down. hallelujah, he's drawn the line in the sand, finally. bush isn't going to be very happy, esp. now that he's publicly supported greenspan. this'll be interesting.

+ santa fe new mexican: holloman afb beats own speed record. mach 8.6 for a rail vehicle. yowzer.

+ santa fe new mexican: today's los alamos linkage. the los alamos national laboratory contract has gone up for bid; the university of california's had a serious wrist-slap. and, the lanl whistle-blower is happy with the d.o.e. decision.

+ cnn: justice department asks supreme court to rule on pledge. freedom of religion includes the freedom to disbelieve. this 'american religious heritage' line is misleading.

thomas jefferson: "i have been just reading the new constitution of spain. one of its fundamental bases is expressed in these words: 'the roman catholic religion, the only true one, is, and always shall be, that of the spanish nation. the government protects it by wise and just laws, and prohibits the exercise of any other whatever.' now i wish this presented to those who question what [a bookseller] may sell or we may buy, with a request to strike out the words, 'roman catholic,' and to insert the denomination of their own religion. this would ascertain the code of dogmas which each wishes should domineer over the opinions of all others, and be taken, like the spanish religion, under the 'protection of wise and just laws.' it would show to what they wish to reduce the liberty for which one generation has sacrificed life and happiness. it would present our boasted freedom of religion as a thing of theory only, and not of practice, as what would be a poor exchange for the theoretic thraldom, but practical freedom of europe."
- to n.g. dufief, 1814. [ my textual emphases. ]

+ reuters: pesticides linked with prostate cancer. methyl bromide. the environmental working group has more examples of mb dangers.

+ even though new mexico had little in the way of 'april showers,' i have confidence we shall have many 'may flowers' ... by the end of this month, it'll be sandals, shorts and t-shirt time again. finally.