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wed 30 apr 03

+ slashdot: sbc getting aggressive with frames patent. but is netscape 2 prior art?

+ as promised, young aspen leaves [with hand for scale]. they were half this size, day before yesterday:

young aspen leaves, santa fe, new mexico, april 30, 2003.

+ beautiful view, andrea.

+ nj.com/ap: report, sharp increase in number of black children in extreme poverty. "safety nets for the worst-off families are being eroded by the bush administration, causing fewer extremely poor kids to receive public assistance." the full pdf report. lots of interesting information on the children's defense fund site, but i thought i'd point out "where america stands" in particular.

+ washington post: ceo welfare. "the c.e.o. conceit is that everyone near the top of the corporate staircase should become a multimillionaire several times over."

+ new scientist: einstein and newton, autistic? interesting theories. but i'll still think of them as giants, geniuses, great men.

+ crains: so, the dixie chicks are back on top of the charts, and now al-jazeera is back in the nyse. fanatical patriotism has a shelf life of about 30 days, it seems.

+ booknotes gives willie nelson quite a birthday bash.

+ wiredfool: frontier on wine.

+ "31 days" is now "shoulder to the wheel."

+ ibm developerworks: tip, make your cgi scripts available via xml-rpc.

+ three from sitepoint: perform math calculations in flash, 12 steps to faster flash, and storing heirarchical data in a database.

+ slashdot: ink cartridges that have chipped date-expirations. the hardware's cheap, the ink's expensive. they've got to guarantee that income ...

+ la times: also, albert hakim, iran-contra figure, has also passed away. "he's not going to do anything for patriotism. anything he did, he did to make money."

+ boston globe: the unanointed 'father' of talk radio has passed away. mourn or celebrate, as you see fit.

+ linux today: yellow dog linux 3 ships for real.

+ yellow times: a former iraqi nuclear scientist posts a guest editorial about "the mirage of iraq's wmd's."

+ scotsman: greenpeace warns on household chemicals. as an aside, ever walk into a big mall department store, and almost immediately gotten a headache, or shortness of breath? fire retardants on the clothes. wash baby clothes in hot water to get it off; they'll often have a skin reaction.

+ childsoldiers.org.

+ cnet news.com: amd to release it's fastest chip yet.

+ the australian: aboriginal rock art vandalized. if you see someone committing defacement, do you intervene? you should. they're destroying your heritage, too. the damage done to anasazi ruins in new mexico by wannabe graffiti artists is devastating, hard to police. this is a sore spot with me; i visited bandelier in the 70's ... when i go back to visit today, i'm still shocked that people have scratched their names into the soot-covered roofs of the cliff dwellings ... to the point that the ancient soot is almost gone in spots.

+ hi pakistan: u.n. calls for $85 million in aid for ivory coast. some of us *do* care ... worrying about the escalation of violence, and lack of international response (even before 'france-hating' issues surfaced).

+ telegraph.uk: the kindest cut, the guillotine. and the mandaia in italy, with the curved blade. will we, a hundred years hence, look upon lethal injection with the same horror we view guillotines today?

+ wsj opinion journal: the sacrosanct accusation. ah, yes. this and the 'repressed memory' hokum. principle of falsifiability applies ... if there's no possible way to disprove, the proof is suspect.

+ washington post: another case of alleged plagiarism at the ny times. just a query ... are journalists tapping weblogs for rhetoric yet? if they try a one-to-one copy, boy, watch out. the virtual metacosm is rabid.

+ ny times editorials: the forgotten half of budgeting. [see greenspan link below, too.] these are not minor considerations; congress is not acting in a responsible manner. and, a judicial witch hunt. when the right wing turns on its own.

+ ny times: "mr. jefferson, what's this about a contretemps?" maybe the celebration of the louisiana purchase anniversary will expand minds ... wishful thinking.

+ ny times: s.u.v.'s take a hit as traffic deaths rise. rollovers of s.u.v.'s and pickup trucks were a significant contribution. go slower on those exit ramps ...

+ ny times: greenspan optimistic on economy, but cites risks. "... in light of rising federal budget deficits, he continued to believe that any further tax cuts need to be offset either with cuts in government spending or tax increases in other areas to keep the deficit from soaring." i'll say it for the thousandth time, and still keep on ... 'revenue neutral.' drop the insane tax cuts.

+ santa fe new mexican: book burning likened to nazism. of which bulldozer cd-crunching is a bastard stepchild.

+ santa fe new mexican: vendors oppose plaza opening, and the cumbres & toltec railroad gets a $1 million grant.

+ reuters: u.s. minorities unaware of 'morning after' pill.

+ hey, it's four-thirty all day today.