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tue 29 apr 03

+ nature: earliest handwriting found? china, over 8,000 years ago.

+ new scientist: fish capable of feeling pain. well, that kills the 'ethics of fishing.'

+ at some point, i'll take a shot of some young aspen leaves. beautiful, perfectly formed in miniature, as they grow. it's just too windy at the moment. all i get is green blurs. should have done it earlier in the day ...

+ sourceforge: serv_cd; apache, perl, php, mysql from a cd. beta.

+ well now, how flattering. so i'm a little slow on the uptake ...

+ ny times: putin opposes u.s. and britain on iraq sanctions. the world went with the wmd story. that 'account' is now payable in full, no prevarication allowed. russia is the first to step forward; will there be others?

+ car living. "the survival guide to living in a vehicle." try celebrity car livers. as opposed to 'celebrity chicken livers' ... sorry.

+ call me a dirty segregationist; i agree with this 'necessary evil.'

+ dan bricklin on the creative commons licenses. "the details matter." oh yeah. i can't even 'warrant' xhtml compliance around here. well, some of us do read fine print ... which is why i don't sport one of those nifty little stickers. via scripting.

+ washington post editorial: an inclusive man. on senator santorum. "... in his interview with an associated press reporter, he took his beliefs into the realm of public policy and criminal law - and that's where he went too far." pretty much congruent with my opinion from the day before yesterday.

+ bbc: by some small coincidence, dr. jones, has the tomb of gilgamesh been found?

+ welcome to the 40's, harrumph. as indiana jones said, "it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." where you go, what you do, confirms and fulfills your character. enjoy the journey.

+ women's enews: indian women criticize 'fair and lovely' ideal. good lord, "lighter is better" is a problem even in india. i never realized.

+ top.rbc.ru: u.s. will forgive russia its sins. "while george bush's administration decided to punish france for its opposition to the u.s.-led military operation in iraq, it seems that washington is ready to forgive russia its sins." gotta keep that e.u. down, eh?

+ pbs, online newshour focuses on islam and democracy. "i think the bush administration has not only underestimated the strengths of religious fervor in iraq, that iraqi society has become much more religious, in particular in the last 18 years as a result of course of the brutal economic sanctions that have bled iraqi civil society dry but also the power and strengths of conservative religious forces."

+ this modern world, tom tomorrow: what goes around comes around. once again, it seems the ends justify the means.

+ science daily: searching for meaning in life may boost immune system.

+ msnbc: tort reform at gunpoint. it is unconstitutional, unpatriotic, unamerican, to give any single industry blanket immunity.

+ fortune: here we go again! read this one ... rumsfeld's north korea connection. "what's even more surprising about rumsfeld's silence is that he sat on the board of the company that won a $200 million contract to provide the design and key components for the reactors." is there anyone in this administration who hasn't made bucks from arming our current 'evil' adversaries? all these 'coincidences' are piling up.

+ techfocus: the riaa's hilary rosen is helping write copyright legislation for the new iraq. shari'a is sounding better, all of a sudden.

later: slashdot's discussing this, too. should yield some juice.

+ expatica belgium: belgian genocide law still panics u.s.

+ femail.co.uk: world's most expensive footwear? a cool million pounds for size 3 stilettos.

+ cnet news.com: the ftc has an epiphany ... "spammers lie?"

+ iht: when star couples perform together. contemplating 'bennifer.'

+ hindustan times: forget your raw disgust of canned spam. try illegally canned elephant. illegal or not, it'll probably show up on 'fear factor' or some such reality gig ...

+ ny review of books: freeman dyson reviews "the earth's biosphere."

+ guardian.uk: fans are suing creed for giving a bum performance. the guardian thinks success in the suit would mean the end of rock and roll.

+ ny times: break the rules, design the 9/11 memorial.

+ guardian.uk: listen and learn. my exposure, and love of classical music came from ... looney tunes. it became a new adventure, putting different meanings to the old familiar movements.

+ the new york times has a guest contributor from the american enterprise institute, still pushing the 'democracy' button. democracy is a particularly western concept, i feel ... and our current administration hasn't got the diplomatic talents to sell it effectively to the iraqis. here's one well-worded opposition view to western democracy, a sentiment that washington must be able to effectively and logically counter. i'm not saying we can't succeed, but if we do, i'll be pleasantly surprised. any success must be, in my book, long-term.

+ ny times editorial observer: on capitol hill, ideology is distorting an african aids success. here, apparently, the ends don't justify the means.

+ ny times editorial: crack down on spam.

+ ny times: from many imaginations, one fearsome creature. the lore of dragons.

+ ny times: consumer confidence rises sharply. the sheep have opened their wallets again. still need that tax cut, george?

+ santa fe new mexican: nasa's going to be looking for shuttle debris again, just east of albuquerque. rough country. wish they were taking volunteers ... i'd go in a new york minute.

+ santa fe new mexican: plaza may reopen to traffic. pressure from business ... and, really, the poor economy.

+ also from the new mexican, today's los alamos linkage: leaders lobby energy secretary on lab contract. if you lived here, you'd realize new mexico isn't wild about abrupt change. in addition to that story, the department of energy's inspector general found that the lab's classified data is at risk. laptops seem to be a huge security risk all across the country, as we've seen from other high profile news reports. the government needs to chain the darned things down.

+ there's a lot in the santa fe new mexican today. on the subject of water [our perennial concern], farmers in colorado win a three year reprieve in water fight. but they'll be draining the south platte dry. in new mexico, boaters protest the release of water from elephant butte lake. businesses unwisely built up around the reservoir, even though the rio grande compact has been on the books for years. you want to eat and drink, or do you want to play with your ski-doo?

+ given the below, you might want to look into teleology. or read machiavelli's "the prince." off to normal blogging now ...

+ aldous huxley: "wherever we turn we find that the real obstacles to peace are human will and feeling, human convictions, prejudices, opinions."

+ just an aside, since i'm on the meme, charles colson (of watergate fame) takes a swipe at the concept of "ends justifying the means." but i doubt we'll see him slap our president on the wrist. i agree with his conclusion, however: "and if we reward them for fibbing, we're teaching them an ugly new motto: if at first you don't succeed, lie, lie, again."

+ the left coaster, april 13: bush's "ends justify the means" morality. an important point to consider; is the bush administration negotiating with north korea for a disarmament, or only a partial disarmament so 'missile defense' can still live and breathe?

+ abc news, april 25th: gee, it wasn't really about weapons of mass destruction.

later: bush's political ends always justify the means. how marxist of him. "under what moral and legal authority do the president and his administration have in violating the supreme law of our land and placing our troops and citizens in harm's way, even if the action is done for the benefit of the noncitizens thousands of miles away?"

even later: ny times op-ed, krugman, matters of emphasis. "now it's true that the war removed an evil tyrant. but a democracy's decisions, right or wrong, are supposed to take place with the informed consent of its citizens. that didn't happen this time. And we are a democracy aren't we?"

where in the hell is good old american righteous indignation?

there's a little here: ny times letters to the editor, did the case for war hold up?

+ it's beginning to feel like spring now. warmer. the aspen leaves have just popped.