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mon 28 apr 03

+ nj.com/ap: connecticut marine buried in rare buddhist funeral at arlington. freedom of religion is a beautiful and precious thing.

+ fashion.uk: "wearnica."

+ pbs.org online news hour: shields and brooks, from friday. gingrich as 'rummy-gram', santorum, and more.

+ new scientist: holy caroly, they've invented a cancer-proof mouse! no fooling.

+ for bill ... i had to link tigerbeat magazine. [in-joke. see the discussion area.]

+ ny times: vitamins, more may be too many. too much vitamin a will kill you, i think most folks know that. too much vitamin c'll give you the collywobbles. but this? "there is no disease I know of that is prevented by multivitamins." sorry doc, i know what scurvy and ricketts are. a really dumb statement ...

+ reuters: men more likely to die during thunderstorms. "the study also found the death risk was greatest in the 'four corner' southwest states of utah, new mexico, arizona, and colorado, because of the greater incidence of flooding and lightning in that region of the u.s." as i've mentioned before, lightning-struck cows are one of the more popular "roswell" or "alien" frauds perpetrated on 'believers.'

+ reuters: skipping meals may help, not hurt, health. whew. i've been known to let one or two go by ...

later: more in-depth info on this subject from new scientist.

+ the latest earthlink newsletter calls weblogs "fad-tastic." linked not for article value, but just for keeping track of weblogs-in-the-news.

+ a very important link, from follow me here: rolling back the 20th century, from the nation. if you read nothing else today, cast your eyes upon this. "the movement has a substantial base that believes in its ideological vision - people alarmed by cultural change or injured in some way by government intrusions, coupled with economic interests that have very strong reasons to get government off their backs - and the right has created the political mechanics that allow these disparate elements to pull together."

+ happy 4, rebecca.

+ webdevtips: another rss generator.

+ abc news: expectant victim. "while pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time, it can aggravate an already troubled relationship undermined by either extramarital affairs or a long history of abuse." once upon a time, doctors used to advise young women with troubled marriages that pregnancy is a 'cure-all.' what devastation they wrought! pressure is already there; adding more makes the pot boil over ... or explode.

+ webmasterbase: essential web design checklists. when i first started doing video graphics for rear-projection in the late 80's, it became patently clear that designs with significant differences in black levels of colours made the text and details work better. more legible.

+ slashdot: darth vader as gargoyle on the washington national cathedral. yeah, well ... there's a yale bulldog up on the eaves of the princeton university chapel, too.

+ the mercury.au: 'reboot' the immune system? in reference to sars, but interesting in a wider context as well.

+ new scientist: ethical stem cells via 'virgin birth.'

+ miami herald: u.s. reviews north korean nuclear proposal. barbed wire and roses.

+ iol: with strict controls, ddt is making an impact against malaria. "a ddt solution is sprayed once a year on the interiors of all structures in the high risk area where about two million people live." i really dislike ddt, but have to recognize that in strict limited use, the benefits outweigh the hazards. i hope they will track the users later years, to judge any long-term effects.

+ n.z. herald: study links heart attacks to rise in air pollution. sulphur dioxide. think diesels.

+ teenhollywood: speaking of, j.lo's prenup demands. no-nonsense, a touch draconian. but given hollywood's dismal marriage records, can you blame her?

+ dp review: new version of nikon view, for all nikon digicams.

+ the dull men's club.

+ japanese etiquette, how-to-bow.

+ daily telegraph.au: dr. nik knows beauty is skin deep. a conference on the cultural impact of tattoos, body modifications.

+ cnet news.com: scientists protest e.u. software patents.

+ bbc: iraqi writers revive banned arts.

+ miami herald: one-third of iraq's crop is safe.

+ and, keeping up with the news on the iraq museum lootings ... ny times, "and now, operation iraqi looting." and, chicago tribune, "the iraq connection."

+ times of india: iraqi arabs never knew of 1988 kurdish gassing.

+ ny times: writing in schools is found both dismal and neglected. "'our spiritual lives, our economic success and our social networks,' mr. kerrey said, 'are all directly affected by our willingness to do the work necessary to acquire the skill of writing.'" weblogging could help.

+ toronto star: iraq braces for 'cultural shock and awe.' i couldn't resist altering the title a bit. how will j.lo play in baghdad?

+ edge: why do some societies make disastrous decisions? the current theory at chaco culture nhp (anasazi) is that the infrastructure became too costly to maintain, so they walked away. interestingly, however, they hauled everything out to the middens piles and purposely destroyed all the trappings of life there. a mystery still unfolding.

+ two for potter-maniacs: cnn, harry potter books ordered back on arkansas school library shelves. and, scotsman, rowling richer than the queen.

+ the art newspaper: venice is finally going to get barriers. no more 'rising damp?'

+ chicago tribune: what, no pitch correction? one has to ask why noone hooked this up for gwen stefani at the superbowl.

+ ny times letters to the editor: tax cuts? just say no. 'nuff said.

+ ny times letters to the editor: easy riders, a boomer's plea. i'll heartily second the sentiment not to immediately jump on a large-displacement bike. start off on something smaller ... and, the side benefit is, they flick around so nicely, you'll have more fun. large displacement is for the couch-potato and go-fast-in-a-straight-line crowd. i never had so much fun as when i hopped on a 600 honda v-twin hawk sportbike. it looked ridiculous, tall as i am ... but dang, it was a *blast.*

+ ny times editorials: 'little bitty,' more's the pity. and, a clean air rule that works.

+ ny times: cutbacks imperil health coverage for states' poor. there was also a short piece on local news last night, exposing the dire situation for public schools. cutbacks on teachers, equipment. charging extra for busing, extracurriculars. municipalities can't bear the tax increases to bring local schools up to current standards, much less improve anything. and here the bush administration's *still* talking tax cuts ... pah.

+ santa fe new mexican: positive local news. rafting's gonna be good up in the 'taos box.' and, more open space for hiking.

+ santa fe new mexican: today's "keeping an eye on lanl" linkage. state orders cleanup at lab landfill. l.a.n.l., u.c. team up to train engineers.

+ went out and did some mountain biking, instead.

+ watched a couple of the mainstream cable news channels over the weekend, got angry. "liberals destroying the first amendment" screamed the bottom screen ticker. questioning the appropriateness of santorum's comments seems to go through the 'conservo-polarize-filter' as a gag attempt. later on, the same commentator tells an interviewee to 'shut up!' multiple times. impressively objective. why i waste my time with television, i don't know ...

later: hardly a first amendment 'attack': boston globe, oliphant, "g.o.p comfort for santorum."

+ everest blog. there goes my idea for 'highest altitude blog' ... or conversely, 'this idiot dragged a laptop where? ...

+ "inside the actor's studio" with guest renée zellweger was particularly good last night.