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fri 25 apr 03

+ nandotimes: congress resists lifting cold-war era trade restrictions on russia. chicken.

+ welcome back, linkwatcher!

+ idiotic action for the day: just breathed over my cappucino, and blew cinnamon and nutmeg into my eyes. ow ...

+ women's enews: u.n. pact sinks on issue of violence against women.

+ earthweb has a little credit card validator script. i haven't looked at it, just linked it.

+ builder.com: get apache 2 and php 4 working together in windows.

+ nandotimes: the big stink in local new mexico news is the new sex offender law in albuquerque.

+ mad penguin reviews moneydance 2003. be sure to also read the posts underneath the article.

+ sci am: astronomers spy surface ice through titan's haze.

+ nandotimes: which came first, the hummingbird or the flower? hint: it wasn't spontaneous generation.

+ sky news: russia to destroy chemical weapons stocks. and the world becomes a safer place.

+ ibm developerworks: burning cd's on linux.

+ new scientist: venerable bird notches up over five million air miles.

+ washington post editorial: tort reform, gunned down. "... there is no indication that gun litigation presents a problem requiring federal intervention. throwing out nearly all of the suits is, in any event, the wrong answer."

+ i'm staying off the north korea stories until i can sift a semblance of fact out of the rhetoric.

+ cnet news.com: file swapping tools are legal. "... the ruling appeared to state clearly that decentralized peer-to-peer software such as gnutella is legal, in much the same way that the sony videocasette recorder is protected by law."

+ seattle times: dna pinpoints roots of african-americans. swipe a cheek swab, and you'll find out what african ethnic group you come from. hope someone does this for european and native american groups, too. i'd particularly like to verify my difficult-to-quantify cherokee heritage.

+ washington monthly: "bragging writes." presidential candidates and their public reading lists. i could swear i've seen this article before, a while ago. glad to see someone's reading eco.

+ washington post book review: universities in the marketplace. as i've mentioned before, i rue the fact that small university presses are forced to adopt cost-benefit strategies. we're losing out on a lot of great scholarship. 'profitable' is no guarantee of 'good' or 'beneficial.'

+ the economist: notes that bind. beethoven's ninth.

+ times of india: mayor wants to ban lying in midwestern u.s. town.

+ ny times guest contributor: g.o.p. hypocrisy. and, in letters to the editor, furor over santorum. how do *you* split the hair on public trust and private morality? are they identical, do they overlap, or stay separate? one could characterize santorum's little diatribe as on the borderline of inciting hatred. inciting hatred and violence are a couple of the trigger points for debate on freedom of speech ...

later: i'm going to soften up my opinion from above. i hadn't had the time to read some of the full text of his statements, a mistake i make way too often. sometimes the nature of weblogging makes precipitate judgment too easy. the senator obviously hadn't completely thought out his responses to this question, and his private morality was indeed showing through clearly, imho. it's the same old line, marriage is a man and a woman, a unit capable of procreation, and anything other than that threatens to rip the fabric of society apart. i find his opinion completely predictable ... but not 'inciting hatred.' just expressing himself in completely inerudite fashion ... which, for a senator, is quite a 'sin' by itself ...

even later: being a curious person, i had to dig deeper. more information at religioustolerance.org, same sex marriages and civil unions ... and building strong families. during the days when my family were foster parents [over 80 kids], many orphans ended up in non-traditional family units ... and are very glad to have them. cross-generational, often mother-and-grandmother. anyway, non-traditionals deserve a legal definition of family, and all the support they can get.

+ ny times op-ed: krugman, roads not taken. "i know the party line: tax cuts for high earners are the key to economic growth, and a rising tide lifts all boats. but there's not a shred of evidence supporting that claim. more than two decades after the supply-siders launched their tax-cut crusade, ordinary workers have yet to see a rising tide." don't believe krugman? hit the link i posted the other day, budgets and deficits.

+ ny times editorial: the class action unfairness act.

+ ny times: nissans are making my head turn, much as the audi tt did a while ago.

+ ny times book review: a voyage to krakatoa, by way of everywhere. call william waterman sherman.

+ ny times movie review: "identity." their verdict is, not bad for a b flick - not top-bill material.

+ reuters: they don't want to admit it, but republicans have frist on the gangplank, in a blindfold. all he has to do is lean in any direction other than back in the fold, and he's gone.

+ the register: why intel doesn't write stuff down. love this quote: "in hardware, bullshitters are not tolerated. the linguistic economy and sound sense of reason that are required to become a hardware engineer contrast with the skills to become a 'software engineer.'" thanks, ray l.

+ cnn: rooney doesn't regret comments. cnn continues to shove gary bauer down our throats. countering a liberal view with an extreme right? how about a centrist?

+ cnn/money: a new nickel? i think i still have my booker t. washington half around here somewhere ...

+ so i'm sitting here, doing my morning routine, and i hear this gorgeous bird call. i grab my camera, hit all the windows, trying to zero in on where the bird is ... eventually it becomes clear. he's sitting on the flue pipe, and the song's being amplified as it comes down the chimney.

+ woof.