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thu 24 apr 03

+ the register: tech writer henry norr axed. mr. norr, consider a weblog. you'll likely engage in battles of wits with masses of unarmed people, but they'll never gag you. [disarming smile]

+ iht: book review, terror and liberalism.

+ phpbuilder: arrays 101.

+ voa: arab world skeptical about democracy in iraq. "what you need to do is to encourage leftists, liberals, and everybody to take his share in the political life ..." bush'll throw a rod when he reads that one. also, from nj.com/ap: rumsfeld says iraqis can form their own government, as long as it's not religous-style. yep, the administration did a lot of thinking about this ahead of time, seems like.

+ 'the bureau of atomic tourism.'

+ american museum of photography.

+ msnbc: happy birthday, hubble. a 'stellar' track record.

+ photo.net has a new article on digital cameras, sharp lenses and scanned film, which i found very helpful. i'd been leaning towards buying a canon film scanner, rather than a 6 megapixel dslr, but now i'm not so sure. not that i have the cash at the moment, mind you, but with all the 3 megapixel shots i'm taking, i really wish i had more printable [and marketable] resolution. there is that little instant-verification, no-processing-cost fact that just keeps nagging at me; it's the crux of my joy with digital photography. it encourages experimentation, and results in some really great pix. is it possible for me to approach film with a 'digital mind?' one can but try ...

+ cnet: flyweight linux pc.

+ had a weird bit of downtime there. about 20 minutes where this blog was unreachable. maybe i should clear the zope cache, and do some other housekeeping ...

+ nando times: auditors say social security overhaul is bad for minorities. "the general accounting office report wednesday appeared to contradict contentions by supporters of social security-linked personal investment accounts that minorities fare worse in the current system."

+ miami herald: religion today [in iraq]. democracy may be harder to establish than our administration believes.

+ ens: bp opens a solar power plant in ... you'll never guess ... new jersey?!! "this project takes land that has served it purpose for heavy industry in the 20th century and provides an adaptive reuse with 21st century technology, making clean electricity without a smokestack."

+ daily times: remembering chernobyl.

+ ace's hardware: dual opteron vs. dual xeon. looks like the opteron has legs.

+ new scientist: creative commons goes global.

+ seattle times: mexican moms' birth rite ... delivering babies in the u.s.

+ daily times: how not to flub talks with north korea. n.k. is going to be at their worst right now, in the interstitial period between conventional military power and nuclear military power. the snake feels cornered. but if we don't defang it now, the snake may become a dragon.

+ various sources: looks like everyone's getting in on the looting act.

+ miami herald: the sugar industry isn't just playing the w.h.o. ... they're also working to remove water pollution restrictions on the everglades.

+ page six: the dixie chicks strip. bruce springsteen comments on the chix controversy.

+ science blog: "white women three times more likely to commit suicide than black." "the risk of suicide was five times greater in homes where the victim had ready access to a gun." 53% were accomplished via firearm.

+ washington post: firm fined for spread of altered corn genes. "it was pure luck that they caught it, a complete fluke ... [snip] ... the government doesn't want to look. we sort of have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy." playing with fire.

+ bbc: the "apache" farmer's tale.

+ i just have to note that 'earth day' went by with nary a peep this year. i have to admit, i knew it was imminent ... and let it slip by unremarked.

+ ny post: creator of the t.v. laugh track passes away. waiting for it to be used on various cable news networks.

+ backstage: reality shows putting writers out of work.

+ new york observer: new york city, the birthplace of the neocon? "the neocons more or less stayed true to their beliefs. ideas rule the world, not marginal tax rates. and not politics."

+ wsj opinion journal: let the market preserve antiquities. where to start on this one? too many to call out. i'll just leave you with the knowledge that private and public art collections are not focused on 'preservation in perpetuity' or 'public and scholarly access.' the focus is enhancement and preservation of value. subtle, but different. there is a valid point here, that valuable cultural artifacts should not be concentrated in one location, in case of civil, nuclear or other conflict. active 'road shows' and long-term loans could easily answer that problem, while maintaining ownership.

+ ny times letters to the editor: memo to spammers, "don't tread on me!"

+ ny times editorial: another unworthy judicial nominee. a judge, nevermind her particular philosophy, who is so willing to throw off her own 'prior art,' is not much of a judge. the woman's a puppet.

+ ny times: cirque, varekai, manhattan. if you're local, don't miss it ... no matter the cost. you will be almost as enchanted with 'varekai,' as i was with 'o.' ['o' adds the element of water and swimming to the whole mix. incomparable.]

+ ny times: fate of prisoners from afghan war remains uncertain. "he said that going to the military camps was, for many in the islamic world, a kind of summer ritual. 'it's like going camping ...'" well, i don't buy that one. but i'd like to see tribunals, legal representation, an honorable finis put on this.

+ santa fe new mexican: dark days for tourism in santa fe. and we're coming off multiple slow years. we've already seen a slew of long-time businesses close. won't you consider a southwest vacation this year?

+ santa fe new mexican: texas and new mexico agree on water. crazy as it sounds, all of new mexico's water is allocated via a pact written up in 1929. they're afraid to amend it, because it would be done at the federal level ... and our neighboring states have more congresspeople than we do, which would likely leave us worse off than we are. in the meantime, we're squeezed by colorado and texas.

+ cnn: initials may offer clues to missing gulf war pilot.

+ "is it spring yet?" getting impatient for aeolus to take a break, and warm weather to establish ...