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wed 23 apr 03

+ mercopress: u.s. sees a record budget deficit for first half of 2003. first half of the fiscal year. 256 billion. highest ever was 290 billion for an entire year, helping bush 41 lose the election in '92. so where are the warning sirens? time for some supply-side reminders: budgets and deficits, and the lessons of the reagan years. i'll say it again, revenue neutral; run the supply-siders out of town on a rail. the republicans aren't being conservative, they've become liberal.

+ ah, the joys of being an optimistic capitalist.

+ slashdot: anonymous online diaries with invisiblog.

+ msnbc: evolution policy probe dropped. a semantic solution to the separation of church-and-science.

+ ny times: graphic artists draw a line ... we're not just hired pens. "typically, graphic designers provide the spit and polish but not the shoe ... [snip] ... not so for some of the most interesting designers working today. they are creating products, furniture, garments, textiles, typefaces, databases, magazines, novels, music, critical essays, films and videos. they have become producers, working to initiate ideas and make them happen."

+ and, seemingly to underscore that photo, we had a brief, intense little blizzard of snow. all of three minutes. the usual insane northern new mexican high desert spring weather.

+ clouds, on this blustery day [leaning a bit, too]:

cloudage, santa fe, new mexico, april 23, 2003.

+ thanks ever so much, andrea ... for photos of 'spring in bonn.' it's windy, grey and cold here again; your gallery was a pick-me-up from the wintertime 'brown dirt/brown house' malady in new mex.

+ overlooked this earlier at slashdot: does open source 'enable' terrorist states? if so, zope's in trouble.

+ save burnt sienna! it's not just another brown; it was the crux of my crayola palette. i'll have to go out and hoard crayons. via overstated.

+ two from the register: opteron zings through server benchmarks, and apple and amd, talking opteron. apple must address their speed issues.

+ sourceforge: fast python xmlrpc library, and python remote objects.

+ an analysis of the netflix dvd allocation system.

+ slashdot: spammers sue anti-spam groups.

+ nature: world trade center forensics break new ground. identifying not just from body parts, but incomplete sections of dna.

+ new scientist: dog stroking can transmit debilitating parasite. "in infected people the worms can grow in the back of the eye, causing lesions which can interfere with vision or be mistaken for tumours." another good reason for folks to keep their pooches on a leash ... and clean.

+ novinite.com: colin powell says paris will be punished for anti-war stance. yeah, well ... we left the french high and dry in indochina, in the '50's. "do unto others ..."

+ guardian.uk: the u.s. detains children at guantanamo bay. from my reading of the third geneva convention, p.o.w.'s seem to be assumed adults.

+ the winners of the goldman environmental prize have been announced.

+ outdoorsmagic: new maps for hadrian's wall path. for those in britain. and a reminder that the 'extreme ironing' picture competition ends soon.

+ cnet news.com: is amazon.com no place for kids?

+ ny times obits: mary christian, america's oldest person at 113, has passed away. no reminiscences in this obit, just 'she liked junk food.'

+ nj.com/ap: a tv news engineer for the fox network has been snagged for smuggling stolen iraqi paintings and bonds.

+ iht: in mysteries, neo-noir takes center stage.

+ guardian.uk is talking about typepad.

+ note that billboard's top of the country album charts shows the dixie chicks back at .php#1.

+ guardian.uk: bestseller success for u.s. anti-war books.

+ st. louis post-dispatch: "in our democratic age, experts are scorned as elitists. but isn't knowledge a useful thing?"

+ atlantic online: hitler's forgotten library. "but hitler believed that the mortal and the divine were one and the same: that the god he was seeking was in fact himself."

+ guardian.uk: don't wash david, just brush him?

+ washington post: the disappearing treasure of iraq. what i fear most is the fundamentalist islamic forbidding of 'graven images.' with religious fervor peaking, i am beginning to lose hope.

+ ny times editorials: three decent ones. banishing hans blix. another senseless tax cut attempt. talk about 'no eyes to see, no ears to hear.' and, especially, simon wiesenthal retires.

+ ny times op-ed: dowd, chest-banging. as an aside, it seems lately that newt gingrich is trying to engineer a personal renaissance. if i were a con, i wouldn't invest, given his past machinations. he's bound to torpedo himself.

+ ny times: traffic safety officials see a sharp rise in motorcycle deaths. i always use a helmet, even if not required by law. the counter argument usually revolves around the 'fulcrum' theory, that the motorcycle helmet makes a neck break easier. but it's only casual theory. there are a couple of physicians in my family, and they've made it clear to me how they feel about 'donorcycles' [you have a serious accident, all that's left is organs to donate]. with all the heavy s.u.v.'s around, i doubt that much'd be left of me. but seriously, a defensive driving/motorcycle course is highly recommended. techniques learned there have saved my bacon multiple times. 'sipde.'

+ ny times: 'no fly' list challenged in lawsuit. "many people have been mistakenly stopped, while others assert they were on the list in part because of their strong liberal politics." it seems the government can't tell a liberal from a socialist from a communist from a terrorist. they are all significantly different creatures.

+ ny times: gun maker found liable in shooting accident. "... the .38-caliber bryco semiautomatic was designed in such a way that it could be unloaded only when the safety was turned to the 'off' position." this is exactly why a blanket immunity is unwise. manufacturing or design defects would no longer be actionable. corporations are looking at their bottom line, not your safety ... history has proven this time after time.

+ santa fe new mexican: two other 'local color' stories from new mexico ... state leads the nation in pedestrian fatalities, and judge punishes truant kids' parents.

+ santa fe new mexican: issues at lanl heat up. new mexico senator pete domenici thinks the contract should go up for bid. then, the university of california decides lanl needs to make some changes. yet, one can't escape that security should be paramount, now that lanl's built a new plutonium pit, and plans many more. nuclear freeze? pffft.

later: interesting to contrast the plutonium pit story above with this ... governor opposes bush water plan. "the federal government early this year announced that it intended to remove 'isolated waters' - meaning lakes, rivers and streams in closed basins that don't flow directly to an ocean - from protection under the federal clean water act." in an area where we rely on snowmelt and aquifers, this is a new height to stupidity and irresponsibility.

+ reuters: less fat in diet linked to injury in runners. moderation, in all things ...

+ cnn: depleted uranium risks mulled. [ related ]

later: britain to assist in removal of du from iraq.

+ cnn: sars seems to be getting more serious.

+ cnn: senator santorum generates a soundbite that seems more worthy of the house of representatives. cnn isn't quoting it in context, however. i suspend judgment until i can read the statements that surround it.

later: ok, the new york times clarified it for me. gee, i don't have a problem with senators. just senatorial acts.

+ i'm here ... i'm here. up in a sec.