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tue 22 apr 03

+ now, you look like someone who could use a smooth 'n' silky undercover.

+ for those who choose to have faith in ufo's and roswell, more on your favorite red herring. a little skepticism before undying faith, y'know? it's a big money maker for southern new mexico ...

+ women's enews: the 'dirty dozen' echo in the anti-choice campaign. er, ah ... many, many american citizens supported war against their particular sect's policies and dogma. i see no equivalent public crucifixions.

+ slashdot: crossover office 2.0 released.

+ slashdot: the case for rebuilding the internet from scratch.

+ boston globe: a look at the science behind meditation.

+ miami herald: the concrete sarcophagus that shields chernobyl is in danger of collapse.

+ osnews: interview with the postgresql team.

+ guardian.uk: religion and politics resurface as the new voices of iraqi freedom.

+ msnbc: a god-awful flag. a short history of 'in god we trust.' poor thom paine, factions in the u.s. are still burning him in effigy for his deist influences on america.

+ nandotimes: police release men who allegedly had dynamite near u.s.-canada bridge. "... allegedly had dynamite, a collapsible baton and shotgun shells in their car when officers spotted them videotaping the ambassador bridge, the busiest u.s.-canada border crossing." reasonable doubt, or "if it walks like a duck?" - your choice.

+ new scientist: baby teeth revealed as a source of stem cells. i hear the tooth fairy's doing a public offering on a new corporate entity ...

+ courier mail.au: north korea admits loss of nuclear expert.

+ worldnetdaily: feinstein and schumer praise bush over gun control. pigs fly. hell froze over. i've seen it now.

+ seattle times/washington post: bush pollution policies criticized.

+ msnbc/scoop: president bush is hiring 'moonies.' but, as one would expect, washington times moonies.

+ cnet: macromedia adds flash tools.

+ food production daily: g.m. foods and the u.s., changing attitudes. "in particular, under all information treatments, consumers discounted food items labelled "gm" by an average of 14 per cent." it is implied that the 'solution' is to drop labelling! i believe i have a right to know, personally.

+ chronicle of higher ed: a mathematical model of marriage. hmmm. but there's a "you," and a "me" ... and an "us." where's the "us" congruence as a separate entity in need of nurture?

+ opinion journal: how the diversity industry is dumbing down american education. political correctness as impermeable insulation against the [often brutal] raw material of history.

+ boston globe: reconstruction time again. "if we are going to help the iraqi people build a new nation, we don't do it by letting their past be destroyed."

+ times of india: 'belligerent canadian' puts hundreds at risk of sars. "the case was the second in two days in which an ontario health-care professional may have exposed others to the sars virus."

+ sydney morning herald.au: academics are 'potty' about harry.

+ chicago trib: 'titanic' fever in afghanistan. they may hate us, but they love our movies. need lessons in pluralism?

+ ny times op-ed: i said that? kristof's mea culpa, with predictable qualifications. where are the strategically-deployed wmd's, that were threatened by our president?

+ ny times editorial observer: try telling the politicians in maine that tax cuts are a great blessing. "... representative peter mills, a rock-ribbed republican and fiscal conservative, laughed out loud at the very notion of president bush's dispatching emissaries to lobby the nation for still another big tax cut for wealthy americans."

+ ny times: likely ban on 'partial birth abortions' leaves doctors uneasy. "now, both sides acknowledge that abortions done late in the second trimester, no matter how they are conducted, are most often performed to end healthy pregnancies because the woman arrived relatively late to her decision to abort."

+ ny times: bush backs greenspan. "since i've become a central banker, i've learned to mumble with great incoherence."

+ gotta trot.

+ santa fe new mexican: police and teens engage in 'peace talks.' "a santa fe high freshman and the police officer who arrested her in march for not returning to class at the end of a war protest were a well-matched pair at a forum monday to brainstorm how to plan saner student rallies."

+ santa fe new mexican: the doe reports that lanl 'misused' $14.6 million. travel expenditures and meals, internal audits, that didn't meet 'federal requirements.' the total overseen was $5.2 billion; $14.6 million is a very tiny percentage of this total. *very* tiny. and these were not necessarily fraud or theft! to put things in perspective, retail firms lose 1.75% to employee theft, on average. los alamos is way under 1%, but you won't hear any praise. nope, money's been wasted. call out the pit bulls. more on white collar employee theft and fraud.

+ reuters: u.s. still confident it will find wmd in iraq. so far, only discovered in amounts too small to be weaponized. also, "... so far has not accepted an offer from united nations chief weapons inspector hans blix to send u.n. inspection teams back to iraq." bad move, if let stand. the u.n. inspectors know the territory, and their discoveries will be more acceptable than pure american discoveries to the world at large. post a couple of american scientists with their teams, and let 'em roam.

+ reuters: drink tea to stay germ-free. black, green, oolong and pekoe.

+ reuters: firm seeks to sell non-prescription 'morning after' pill. not ru-486; this one prevents fertilization. "the national right to life committee, a leading anti-abortion group, said in a statement on monday it takes no position on interventions that prevent fertilization."

+ got a lot on the plate this morning. weblogging will be sparse.