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mon 21 apr 03

+ topxml: xslt stylesheet for summarizing the structure of an xml document, padding with xslt, and xslt stylesheet for listing namespaces used in a document. oh, and x++, first 'xml-based programming language.'

+ arizona republic: six congressmen live in a house subsidised by a religious group.

+ ny times: u.s. limiting the costs of drugs for medicare.

+ slashdot: review of "content syndication with rss."

+ sci am: scientists discover gene linked to most lethal form of skin cancer. good news all the way around.

+ miami herald: syracuse police say man bites dog. sounds to me like the 'assailant' got the worse end of the deal.

+ "bibendum."

+ the 'lost city' expedition.

+ cbs news: irradiated meat on the school lunch menu.

+ sorry for the interruption. had a dental cleaning. back to 100%.

+ boston globe: oliphant, the real deal on the bush tax cut plan. "the real problem for now is selling the bush plan to republicans. the rest of us should enjoy the internecine fighting. the only mistake would be to take it seriously."

+ cnn: "gas prices plummet in the u.s." five cents is a drop, not a plummet. and i sure as heck ain't seen it reflected locally.

+ nandotimes: mexican growers dump coffee and pot for heroin. afghanistan, just over the border. once again, cue margaret hamilton.

+ the mercury.au: u.s. blueprint to bomb north korea. "the pentagon hawks believe the precision strikes envisaged in the plan would not lead to north korea's initiating a general war it would be certain to lose." question is, does north korea believe it would lose?

+ style.com says leg warmers are set to return this fall.

+ cbs news: evel knievel, the rock opera? okay, it's *gotta* be better than 'jerry springer, the opera.'

+ iol: ivory coast refugees tell of a surge in killings. "neither side has a monopoly on brutality." christians and muslims, rebels and government.

+ chicago trib: a lesson in protecting art and antiquities. how america saved europe's cultural treasures in world war two, as opposed to iraq.

+ washington post: if liberalism's such a dead horse, then why beat it? "with the tables turned, conservatives of a certain stripe are proving themselves as capable of ignorance as anyone in the faculty lounge." if you can indeed call a supporter of the bush budget, 'conservative.'

+ times of india: us, syria allies in war against terrorism. certainly not the angle american media is placing on this story.

+ boston globe: crisis theory. "the historian harry harootunian worried that americans have become impervious to reason, and that no amount of argument or information can change minds or avert the 'coming of fascism.'"

+ ny times: on topology.

+ ny times: bill to bar suits against gun industry stuns victims. the media has been pressing the gun manufacturer line on this, imho, and not the fact that gun dealers will be immune, also. what does it take to be a 'dealer?' not much. really cheap immunity for smart future criminals, if this legislation goes through. there has to be a better way.

+ ny times: north korea revises claims on fuel rods. and, here we go again, the administration is divided over north korea.

+ ny times: seems the military has found a wmd stool pigeon. but to my ears, it's a case of telling them what they want to hear, not really coming up with significant evidence. ah, time will tell. note the u.n. inspection regime had a significant effect [the mentioned dismantling in the mid-90's]. it seems iraq was able to do research, but no stockpiling, whilst under sanctions and inspections. don't overlook that point. now, where's the six-month-away nuke program?

+ santa fe new mexican: a new art community near pecos.

+ santa fe new mexican: digs that fill in gaps. behind the palace of the governors ('the oldest continuously-occupied building in the u.s.'), a trove of archaeological information.

+ reuters: intel cuts prices on fastest microprocessors.

+ windy again this morning. i'm still reeling from seeing a senior citizen jug band doing the 'macarena' (complete with old biddy dancers) last night on public access. this puts a whole new spin on 'lawrence welk' reruns.