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sat 19 apr 03

+ believe it or not, there's a snow advisory out, for 7500' and above (i'm at the cusp), though the temp here is just under 50 degrees f.

+ this has been going around for a while, but be sure to click all the options at the bottom of the page [small grey boxes]. 'dancing blair,' 'the economists,' 'the curse of enron' [can you catch him?]. too funny.

+ canada press: nova on pbs pays tribute to rosalind franklin, unsung heroine of d.n.a. more on 'elsie.'

+ sacbee: william buckley ponders post-iraq, the u.n., and spoils.

+ nandotimes: diplomats baffled as north korea seeks talks. as whacky a strategy as kim jong il's personality, it seems.

+ freshmeat: an update to simple python blogger.

+ voa: faith groups join secular environmental groups to address common goals. drill for more gas, or invest in a healthier future by developing responsible alternatives. wwjd?

+ teen hollywood: j.lo is causing some 'patriotic' controversy by agreeing to front french fashion house vuitton. heaven forfend! she's even got 'grizzly adams' mad at her! that'll hit her fans hard, won't it? side note: most people don't realize dan haggerty is one of the fabricators of "captain america", the famous 'cycle from 'easy rider.' bit of a contrast, then and now.

+ ny times: care for a drink with your meal? sure, but hold the meal. a movement towards more informal dining.

+ iht: buddhist treasures, dolls and 'ukiyo-e.'

+ times online: if we ruled the world, a tale of two revolutions. "in many ways, we europeans should be grateful. without america, we might well have ended up living in a fascist empire." better to thank roosevelt, than americans in general. pearl harbor tipped american isolationism over, but roosevelt had been preparing for war in europe for much longer, in spite of popular opinion. as much as modern american republicans want to brand roosevelt a socialist [or communist] for his 'great society' and new deal reforms, we would be living with a fascist europe right now without his foresight.

+ prospect mag: is the speed of light variable?

+ times of india: u.s. troops find $656 million in cash in iraqi cottage. "commanders secured and sealed off the area before baghdad’s marauders began heading that way." i guess they learned their lesson from the museum debacle, or is tangible cash just more compelling?

+ three from the ny times op-ed page: and the winner is, bechtel. de-fense! and the true good samaritans.

+ ny times: cloaked in green, but guzzling gas? japanese automakers have to compete with the american 'behemoth' s.u.v. market.

+ ny times: hitting the road, at home. for santa fe, this is a vital point. we're *far* from most metropolitan areas [8 hours from denver and phoenix, 12 from austin or dallas], so new mexico as a state needs to make interstate travel as enjoyable and friendly as possible. it's as good an excuse as any for getting the box-mercantile areas off the main access routes to town, and off on their own. thank goodness we still have old pecos/old santa fe trail, a relatively undeveloped access direct into downtown. it's a good transitional route, letting tourists slow down for the downtown 'style.' a new problem, however, is that historic burro-alley santa fe was never intended for the current vogue of huge vehicles.

+ ny times: ashcroft criticized over remarks on terror cell case. a prosecution lawyer on the issue: "bring him in. have a hearing. i'm certainly not capable of defending him."

+ ny times: texas nuclear reactor is leaking water. "operators at all 103 commercial nuclear reactors have been giving closer attention to their reactor vessels since the discovery last year of extensive leaks in the vessel head at the davis-besse plant in oak harbor, ohio, near toledo." another symptom of lowest-bidder disease?

+ ny times analysis: the true cost of hegemony, huge debt. "but today, as america overthrows 'rogue regimes,' first in afghanistan and now in iraq, it is the world's biggest debtor. this could make for a fragile pax americana if foreign investors decide to reduce their stakes in the american economy, possibly trading their dollars for the increasingly vigorous euro." my italics. we're fighting our way to bankruptcy, and others hold our promissory notes. now *that's* homeland security ...

+ santa fe new mexican: bush administration is using a 'sue and settle' strategy on environmental issues. "the industry sues and then the current administration does a poor job of defending itself or comes to a sweetheart settlement." sneaky. and very difficult to fight effectively.

+ santa fe new mexican: hikers and bikers lose canyon to terrorism fears. it's adjacent to kirtland afb; sad, but not surprising in the current climate.

+ good grief. we had a dusting of snow here this morning. 30 degrees again! each green leaf outside seems to have a drop of melting snow on it. the sun'll burn it off fast ...