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fri 18 apr 03

+ obviously, i've been weblogging too much. i didn't realize columbia had remastered return to forever's "romantic warrior" in 2000. dang. one of those albums where it's a sin not to have that big 12" cover. um, the music's not too shabby, either.

+ nj.com/ap: "prodded by muslim clerics and their own guilty consciences, baghdad residents returned 20 looted pieces ..." it's a start.

+ siliconvalley.internet.com: amd ready to hammer the 64-bit market. oh my, such a clever title ...

+ a friend of mine gave me a piece of advice a long time ago. he said, "when you're trying to get ahead as a small business, remember to open the opportunity." i can't emphasize enough how well a consistent application of that philosophy can work. opportunities abound; but nobody knows you're able to fill them until you open your big trap, or indicate interest. it pays back in spades, my friends. spades.

+ i was going to link another iraq news item here, but i'm burned out on micromanaging iraq links. hello, easter weekend ...

+ signonsandiego: if you're heading for mexico over easter, watch for fake 'safe beach' signs.

+ damn small linux. "because having a working linux desktop on a 50 mb business card cd is just too cool not to do."

+ hillman, in "a blue fire," discusses the nature of nations and their inherent paranoic interrelations ... in light of that, i ran across the skeptics dictionary, "illuminati, the new world order, and paranoid conspiracy theorists (pct's)." i'm not directing this at anyone; just found it interesting. the link between alien abductions and angelic revelation has been made before ...

+ on the subject of terrorism, a quote from james hillman, quoting henry corbin: "what is wrong with the islamic world is that it has destroyed its images, and without these images that are so rich and so full in its tradition, they are going crazy because they have no containers for their extraordinary imaginative power." looking at the faces of arabs on newscasts, i believe i see this truth.

+ hmmm? what's that? of course we noticed. meant to drop a 'congrats,' but got sidetracked ... multiple times.

+ a slow friday is a very 'good friday.'

+ builder.com: use dhtml to punch up your pages. just make sure it's not gratuitous.

+ internetnews: cert warns of snort vulnerabilities. particularly if you have allergies.

+ slashdot: burt rutan's "spaceshipone." nobody realizes dreamware like ol' burt. beautiful.

+ nandotimes: noise may affect brain development. no audioblogging?

+ cbs news: the left's post-baghdad blues. "with most of the shooting over, the 'doom and gloom crowd' ... [snip] ... is still looking down dark alleys." and optimism, for 2004, is vitally important. read martin seligman's "learned optimism," especially the section about predicting presidential elections based on optimistic rhetoric. truth doesn't really matter; "happy-happy, joy-joy" does.

+ cnet: access the u.s. government "in three clicks or less."

+ toronto star: the chains of marriage "are so heavy that it often takes two people to carry them, and sometimes three ..." mistresses are falling out of vogue.

+ arts journal continues with a lot of good links to the iraqi museum tragedy. i think it needs to be said that no individual museum piece is worth a life, or a score of lives, american or iraqi. or is it? hard to tell from the vehemence of these articles. i'd personally put a lot of value on the original 'code of hammurabi,' enough to encourage me to risk death for it's protection. your mileage may and probably will vary, of course. yet the contingency should have been planned for, or, if not, quickly dealt with as the looting situation presented itself.

+ times of india: tens of thousands of iraqis protest u.s. occupation in baghdad. this could get ugly really quick.

+ ny times letters to the editor: religion and science. "each time i see one try to explain away the other, it becomes even more apparent that they form a multiverse of their own, two complementary universes that can never touch, yet intimately coexist."

+ ny times editorial: the quest for illicit weapons. i've mentioned this twice, i believe, over time. the inclusion of neutral third parties in the wmd search will lend needed legitimacy to any discoveries.

+ ny times: north korea claims its extracting plutonium from fuel rods. nothing like announcing your every inch of progress to the world. on purpose, of course.

later: looks like the u.s. may pull out of talks now. via msnbc.

even later: courier-mail.au: north korean nuclear scientists defect.

much later: bbc: u.s. to consult allies over north korea.

+ santa fe new mexican: city makes changes to plaza traffic pattern (again). ah, they should take the plaza back to dirt. 'traffic calming devices.' fist-sized pills of xanax to put in your gas tank?

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe city is arguing over sod. if you plant it, you'd best have the bucks (and the water) to keep it alive. otherwise, it's more responsible to explore buffalo grass, fescue, and xeriscaping.

+ here in northern new mex, folks have already begun their pilgrimage walk to the 'lourdes of america', the santuario de chimayo. you'll see folks barefoot, dragging heavy crosses, or just in conversational groups, walking the 26 miles from santa fe. more at the santa fe new mexican: "the long walk to repentance."

+ i believe i'll mosey on over to weblogs.com, and see what bees are in people's bonnets this fine morning.

+ a morning meeting in a bit, and then i have to write an article for a local rag. a few links to start, then more later.