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thu 17 apr 03

+ i normally never mention anything stock or commodity related until markets have closed. my oil link below was precipitate; upi says oil is over 30 bucks a barrel.

+ fashion.uk suggests handcuffs as edgy armwear. " ... letting the other dangle." who's the einstein who came up with that little personal-safety-hazard of an idea?

+ iht/ny times: the left's struggle with war. "those exercises of u.s. might become a new kind of 'good war,' battles waged to end 'ethnic cleansing' and bring human rights to far-flung lands." exactly the battle i'm waging in myself, mentioned the other day. a great point, however, that bears watching on the left: "... to feel no sense of relief and joy in the prospect of a world without him [saddam] is to be possessed of a grudging heart." make no mistake, i'm glad he's gone. one less dictator is always a day of celebration.

+ bbc: al qaeda's african gem network. there's blood on that tanzanite.

+ freshest css item formatting i've seen in a while, at dirtchild.

+ msnbc: egyptians ridicule the iraqi information minister, too. damn, it's good to see arabs showing a sense of humor about this. all we get in america is the protests, the negative waves.

+ ens: get ready for soundbites from a new environmental 'advocacy' group ... the labor environmental alliance. "domestic energy production will be a priority issue for l.e.a., along with emissions reductions, brownfields redevelopment, road construction." how about putting some of that money and effort into alternatives, instead of beating the old dead horse?

+ hey alwin, most 'small business tax breaks' only work if you *spend* wads of cash to realize them. the exception is that giant-suv tax break. i'm paying a huge chunk of change for health insurance, and just got warned it's going up again in june. i have no employees at this time, but i'll wager all small businesses would prefer to take a health-care plan, or health-care writeoffs, first and foremost.

+ the progressive review: did russians use a weblog to aid the iraqis? via rc3.org.

+ sitepoint: image resizing in php. via imagemagick. the last paragraph is an important caveat.

+ builder.com: xml drives this dynamic flash mx application download.

+ american scientist: the kindness of strangers. "in general, those living in richer countries appear to treat one another less kindly than their counterparts in poorer nations."

+ ibm developerworks: metaclasses in python.

+ reuters: bush cultural advisors quit over iraq museum looting.

+ sacbee: george will thinks juries have 'gone wild.' a few cases go wild. but stats show significantly lower numbers than one would expect, given all the rhetoric (just 8% are over $10 million). whereas i'm against limits, i'm not against reform. frankly, i'm tickled the 'huge' figure is only 8%, given that the average human life is deemed to be worth $4.8 mill. time to look askance at the insurance companies.

+ arianna online: why the anti-war movement was right. "the hawks' cakewalk disproves their own dire warnings. they can't have it both ways." i'll wait until wmd sites are explored. so far, there has been no evidence of any weapon that presented a clear and present danger to the american 'homeland.' i believe this is what the world is watching and waiting for.

+ antara: oil down as u.s. sees iraq oil in weeks.

+ new scientist: women need wider screens. here comes the hunter-gatherer argument again. but reading all the way through, this could explain why women of my acquaintance get so impatient and even angry at flashing stop-action commercials and herky-jerky animation (traditional and 3-d). i've been waiting for the 'white flash' technique to die away, since we began it in manhattan in the early 90's. surprised it's lasted so long, annoying as it is. proof males are designing most commercials? hmmph. losing a large audience, without recognizing the situation.

+ new california media: latino analyst sounds warning on patriot act 2. "... the proposed reforms will 'radically accelerate' the removal of undocumented immigrants and permanent u.s. residents, and limit their ability to mount a defense." my italics. you're a lesser citizen, with a green card. soon to be much less.

+ ananova: basra looter has hands chopped off by vigilante mob. "numerous civilians have been injured after householders began using anti-personnel landmines to defend their homes from thieves." horrible.

+ baku today: president bush won't recognize 'armenian genocide.'

+ worldnetdaily: upset gun owners set to dump bush. hoo, hoo ...

+ eugenicsarchive.org.

+ s&h green stamps are still around?

+ iol: ivory coast coalition government raises hopes.

+ times of india: new clues in the hunt for saddam. nothing would be better than to have him turned over by his own people, after being caught in a burqa while trying to hightail it across the border.

+ the atlantic: i'm right, you're wrong, go to hell. "... the clash between these two religiously defined civilizations results not only from their differences but also from their resemblances and in these there may even be some hope for better future understanding." john lennon's singing in the background, calling both to account for their actions ... by their witness.

+ telegraph.uk: book review, 'journalism, truth or dare?' interesting snippet ... "in a capitalist democracy, newspapers and television stations have somehow to cater both to what we aspire to be and what we actually are." my italics. so much of news is critique, often negative in nature. i have to dig hard to find aspirations in the news. maybe i should change my aggregator sources. and this "... the precarious balance between the salacious and the serious in newspapers and in television news ultimately simply reflects the precariousness of that balance in the minds of most of the citizens." i'd wager most post-world-war-2 generations were introduced to 'salaciousness' via printed media, television or internet. there seems to be a persistent attempt to duck responsibility, on the part of the media in general. i don't think there is anyone alive today who believes the media is merely a simple mirror.

+ arts journal has extensive linkage over the iraqi antiquities crisis. i'll highlight the art newspapers' account of the looting, and their brief photo-catalog of missing items. the washington post blames the iraqis themselves, fingering economic, cultural and social decline. the media still has no memory. convenient to just overlook the 1977 new york blackout lootings.

+ ny times guest contributor: missing in action. "... including a babylonian library whose cuneiform tablets told a creation and flood story closely related to the one found in the bible." the loss of this material is as devastating as burning the dead sea scrolls.

+ oh, keep your shirts on. i'll be posting in a little.