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wed 16 apr 03

+ reading over today's posts, i gotta ask myself, in my best donald sutherland/oddball voice, "what's with the negative waves, man?" don't know. just turned out that way. maybe it was all the wind. makes ya nuts, after a while ...

+ ny times: bush takes no-budge stance in talks with north korea. "... american officials are uncertain where the uranium project is, or whether there is more than one."

+ bbc: cancer legacy of the vietnam war.

+ new scientist: 'safe' lead levels affect children's i.q. i seem to recall a mention someplace that lead in old water pipes can increase the incidence of cavities in kids. just an additional information point.

+ swftools.

+ worldnetdaily: tim robbins' speech to the national press club. "and in the midst of all this madness, where is the political opposition? where have all the democrats gone? long time passing, long time ago."

+ language is a beautiful thing. improve your vocal and written aesthetic, by visiting enlumine. via dady.org.

+ ny daily news: poverty in iraq stuns marines. "going through mud villages, then when we got to the cities, through the slums. man, people bitch about living in the projects?"

+ builder.com: download a free xhtml 1.0/css 2.0 template. plain jane, includes css rollovers. but then, never look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?

+ slashdot: book review, "python in a nutshell."

+ the economist: the language of light. book review, "the making of the king james bible."

+ le monde diplomatique: no war for whose oil? "multinational oil companies, u.s. and other, have plenty to be ashamed of, from their despoliation of the niger delta to their support for state terrorism in indonesia."

+ new scientist: doctors fear sars virus may be mutating.

+ new scientist: depleted uranium casts a shadow over iraq.

+ national center for policy analysis: american bar association's proposed rule is bad for consumers. "... a new rule that would prohibit anyone but lawyers from giving legal advice or working on legal documents." mortgages, wills ... you name it.

+ nj.com/ap: u.s./north korea talks next week. *finally.*

+ the economist: methane and climate change.

+ healthscout: caffeine and ephedra tax heart. thus destroying another workout myth.

+ cnet: on the 'unwired.'

+ iol: zimbabwe's mugabe has interesting advice for president bush.

+ times of india: pakistan says "our missiles are better than india's." c'mon guys, can't you just brag about your muscle cars or something? the whole point of having nuclear missiles is never having to use them. well, at least pakistan has thrown out the 'doctrine of pre-emption.'

+ times of india: did you know your tax return may be processed in *india*? outsourced accounting.

+ chronicle of higher ed: the partisan review folds! william phillips died in 2002, it's been adrift since.

+ the new republic: what are the palestinians after? a book review.

+ guardian.uk: of course, if the museum was intact, we might have ham-handed restorers destroy the items with love. modern science ruins prehistoric art. endangering the prehistoric cave paintings at lascaux this time. it seems that folks don't test in small patches, and virtuously test results over time.

+ guardian.uk: is this plundering really so bad? i disagree with the author. for western culture, this is like having a fire in the attic. all those items that help shape and define our past, are gone. some would say that's 'freeing.' not i.

+ ny times editorial: the home front war on taxes. such short memories. this is reaganomics on a huge scale - the supply-side gorgon rising again, turning opponents to stone. 'shrubanomics' won't be any more successful. those 80's tax cuts never made up for the revenue lost. in the meantime, i'll remain consistent ... revenue neutral, if you please. it's the true 'conservative' approach, really. not being 'liberal' with tax cuts and growing deficits, as mr. bush is doing.

+ ny times editorial: save the u.s.s. sequoia. or put it back into service. we have no jealousy of camp david; why of a governmental yacht?

+ ny times books: "transforming leadership." reagan, a 'democratic conservative?' ... that'll cause a few coronaries on both sides of the aisle. made me smile.

+ ny times: new online genre supplies lessons on the war in iraq. sounds like weblogging to me.

+ ny times: a european union milestone, ten countries sign on.

+ santa fe new mexican: lanl to begin filtering perchlorate from it's high explosives wastewater treatment system. "federal health officials believe perchlorate can cause thyroid problems." los alamos is upstream of santa fe, and as we eventually decide to pump rio grande water [rather than well or snowmelt], what lanl dumps will end up in our gullets.

+ santa fe new mexican: carson national forest horse roundup falls short of expectations. $125 for a horse, $250 for a mare and colt, via lottery. but be warned; they *are* wild. plan on some 'horse whispering' ... and horseman frustration.

+ reuters: given the dire predictions ahead of time, it seems a $20 billion war is quite a bargain.

+ cnn: 130 mph wind gusts in new mexico. i *told* you we were having a bit of weather. er, a coincidence? synchronicity?

+ aeolus is still directing gales of wind in new mexico. morning meetings; links later.