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tue 15 apr 03

+ that little phenom i was talking about earlier. pearly gates, or the arc de triomphe in cloudage? you decide:

cloudage, santa fe, new mexico, april 15, 2003.

+ i've been remiss in not mentioning that the weather here has multiple-personality disorder. we're experiencing rain, snow, hail, clouds, choking dust ... all compounded by wind gusts of 50-60 mph [70 mph in southern new mex]. got a pic for you of an interesting phenom, when i have a moment.

+ heather got her wish.

+ voa: iraqis hold anti-american demonstrations. "we certainly would want there to be no civil unrest, any violence, but the right for them to express their opinion is something we see as a good news story and a trend, perhaps, for the future." splitting a hair; i seem to remember anti-american demonstrations in iraq *before* the war, don't you?

+ vowe.net: "tomcat in a box." wanna play with jsp? i've been wanting to. nice solution to my quandary.

+ internetnews: aol files spam suits. good move, but i'll still be using your cd's for coasters and little metal boxes for small parts.

+ the register thinks the new 'super-dmca' ain't so bad. (apparently a securityfocus opinion?)

+ slashdot: building a town-wide lan.

+ nj.com/ap: iraq/syria pipeline shut down.

+ straight goods: the left will have to live with it, bush won. geez. just geez. the nature of war changed in gulf war one, and i'll freely admit i didn't think it was real [though my sole concern in gulf war two was urban fighting within baghdad, a war scenario that remains untested]. we do have surgical strike capabilities, we do have the ability to wage war with minimal casualties. should we on the left make room in our lexicon for such a beast as 'good war?' as a child who grew up in the vietnam era, that goes against my grain. but i have to consider it. a caveat: this and gulf war one stand as a prominent antithesis to a war waged with weapons of mass destruction. a fine point that is being missed.

+ bbc: u.s. rejects iraq depleted uranium cleanup. i've debunked the 'harmless' nature of d.u., and the bald-faced lies associated with that movement, before.

+ internet news: mozilla's phoenix, minotaur get new names. firebird and thunderbird, respectively. i agree with anil, but will anyone name their project 'edsel'? maybe brent might ['ranchero?'].

+ guardian.uk: bush vetoes syria war plan. "in the past few weeks, the u.s. defence secretary, donald rumsfeld, ordered contingency plans for a war on syria to be reviewed following the fall of baghdad." let's hope sanctions are a bit more targeted this time around, and monitored for efficacy.

+ sabcnews.com: u.s. manufactured weapons found in baghdad. 12 tow missiles.

+ python desktop webserver. "i don't like it when a background application takes up more resources than my graphics applications i use to work on my pictures."

+ msnbc: u.s. moves to cut diesel pollution. "breathtaking hazards," indeed. someone's got a sense of dark humor.

+ hello: ms. jolie donates $5 mill to cambodia. a gesture that will far outlast her stardom. and i don't mean that in a bad way.

+ and you think you have problems today. an acquaintance, who is a printer, related that some chucklehead delivered 10,000 envelopes to him today, in the middle of a rain/hailstorm, in an *open* pickup. i should take bets on the individual's i.q. ... how low can we go?

+ dp review: rob galbraith reviews the kodak dcs-14n. not auspicious. read it before purchase.

+ pbs.org: the restyled (?) victory garden website.

+ cnet: opera fast-forwards to 7.1. but mac users may get dropped. "the mac platform may not be viable for us any longer."

+ iht: images that disturb and seduce. on the photography of guy bourdin. the second link is probably not work-safe.

+ gulf daily news: pakistan 'backing taliban militants.'

+ ny times editorial: behind our backs. not really. apathy is entrenched. the anti-war demonstrations proved that our government is simply beyond any control except via the ballot box [and to some, even that's been compromised]. will this invigorate the '04 elections? i sincerely hope so.

+ times of india: u.n. rights team to probe ethnic killings in congo. i'm getting awfully tired of reactionary responses to mass murders. this is where a 'doctrine of pre-emption' should be exercised ... snuff these crimes against humanity before they flare.

+ times of india: the united states' new-found syria-obsession draws ire. a member of the bush sr. administration says, "in fact, if president bush were to try that now, even i would think that he ought to be impeached." my, my. a new york times editorial also has a bit to say about military action. oh, and some letters to the editor.

+ washington monthly: stand-up political comedy, no longer subversive.

+ chronicle of higher ed: a champion of discarded artists. american expressionism.

+ more information on the looting of priceless cultural artifacts: new york times editorial, boston globe, bbc, bbc photos, and the burning of libraries, independent.uk.

later: the telegraph of india says, the pentagon knew of museum risk. "... u.s. scholars repeatedly urged the defence department to protect iraq's priceless archaeological heritage from looters, and warned specifically that the national museum of antiquities was the single most important site in the country."

art museum network news issued a statement. the association of art museum directors will be keeping a list of current news on their site.

sunday herald: u.s. accused of plans to loot iraq's antiquities.

a most comprehensive link of articles and photos on this subject.

+ scientific american: parallel universes. "the simplest and most popular cosmological model today predicts that you have a twin in a galaxy about 10 to the 1028 meters from here." nice to know that no matter how bad my day is, somewhere in the universe i'm having a good day. great link. via billsaysthis.

+ ny times: the scooter population in london burgeons.

+ ny times: the poincaré conjecture may be solved.

+ ny times: in saddam's hometown, his glory quickly fades. "there wasn't a lot of resistance... [snip] ... we're not sure where they all went." same story as baghdad. where are all the soldiers?

+ santa fe new mexican: feds list possible geothermal power sites.

+ reuters: a uk study finds walking may not be enough to stave off premature death from heart disease.

+ cnn: the u.s.s. united states may sail again! great news.

+ cooler, with thunderstorms in the area. groggy this morning. slept deep.