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mon 14 apr 03

+ updated my random quotes, fixed some of my little <dtml-tree> blogroll. sketching out more of my xml/rss reengineer.

+ al-jazeera.net: why have iraqi forces capitulated without much fight? shines a little light on some of my curiousity, posted previously.

+ tehrantimes: interesting twist. "iraq must pay war reparations to iran." iraq pays kuwait, very handsomely, why not iran? it's not an insignificant chunk of change.

+ cnet: ibm takes simple aim at office. "... the company is aiming at what it says is a large percentage of people who do not use the full set of capabilities in microsoft office." didn't need the cappucino-maker and turnip-twaddler in my word processor anyway ...

+ xml: fast xslt.

+ xml: "four out of five xml programmers agree: xml isn't too hard."

+ webdevtips looks at ways to use server side includes. of course, in zope (as i use for this weblog), <dtml-var> goes a long way.

+ ny times: lost in the shuffle, a sign of strength for social security. "to put it in perspective, social security taxes would have to rise today by 1.92 percentage points, half paid by workers and half by employers, to fill that gap." very good news, really. maybe i can count on ss being around when i retire? dare i hope i won't be relegated to handing out shopping carts at wal-mart until i expire?

+ slashdot: intel's p4 3ghz w/800 mhz bus and canterwood chips.

later: oops. flaw delays shipment of new 'canterwood' p4.

+ science daily: genome sciences centre sequences sars associated coronavirus.

+ ibm developerworks: harness the power of xml with eclipse.

+ phpbuilder: an intro to php 5.

+ new scientist: international effort to restore stolen iraqi treasures. the damage was as great as i suspected ... "the museum stored relics dating back 5000 years, including tablets from the royal tombs at ur, among the world's first written texts, the hammurabi's code, one of the world's earliest legal documents, and some of the first mathematical texts." they'd best move fast, otherwise these precious antiquities will end up in private collections, gone from the public good forever.

+ signonsandiego: angry villagers in southern mexico stone to death alleged witch. christians behaving badly.

+ siliconvalley.com: the u.s. gov can't find saddam, but you can. on e-bay. "one listing offered the head of the giant saddam statue that was toppled in a baghdad public square, with a note that any prospective buyer must accept a few scratches."

+ center for history and new media.

+ the official mahatma gandhi e-archive.

+ drawing the western frontier.

+ bike magic: fork tuning for beginners. i still ride with a static fork, but some may enjoy this.

+ men's fitness: get wide, look narrow. 'tis that time of year again. remember, if you can't do an exercise with perfect form, don't. and, don't forget bodyweight pull-ups, an exercise that has almost religious benefits.

+ i've been in new mexico for, what, five years now? because i used to buy monthly train passes to manhattan (requiring a driver's license .php# on the payment check), i still remember my nj driver's license number (v7303-etc.-etc.). can't for the life of me remember my nm number - and it's like not even half the number of digits. persistence of memory.

+ cordis: scientists release final human genome sequence.

+ ninemsn: historic poll reshaping nigeria. what the media seems to overlook, or gloss over, is the great strides islam is making in the heart of africa. which brings up a larger question: how do we stem the current tide of fundamentalism?

+ times of india: ivory coast rebels send first ministers to abidjan. very hopeful news.

+ times of india: have any sympathy for saddam's son? no. but this is interesting: "in a 1990 letter uday says that his father plans to create a greater iraq that includes kuwait, palestine and arabstan, a region of iran historically controlled by baghdad." that made his plans less than what american strategists feared [takeover of the entire middle east, consolidated as a single, powerful state]. it does color him as a good 'stepchild' of the archetype, hitler, however [carve out a chunk of russia, return hereditary 'german' lands to proper control].

+ ny review of books: leviathan. "history does not repeat itself, but human nature is constant." hopefully, that will never be our epitaph as a species.

+ observer.uk: charlotte church, wearing a 'my barbie is a crack whore' t-shirt ... and the nature of teen rebellion.

+ the wanton stripping of iraqi museums brings tears to my eyes. telegraph.uk. theage.au. the sumerians, akkadians, and the babylonians 'code of hammurabi' have certain precedents to the bible. i hope the 'best' of discoveries are still underground, awaiting competent archaeologists.

+ ny times: get ready for world war 3, rumsfeld vs. the pentagon.

+ ny times editorials: the iraq money tree, and straitjackets for judges.

+ santa fe new mexican: political "science" at los alamos. if the department of energy puts the los alamos national lab contract out for bids, the university of california may bow out.

+ ny times: burden grows for southwestern hospitals. "... in 2000, the 24 southernmost counties from texas to california accrued $832 million in unpaid medical care, a quarter of which was directly attributable to illegal immigrants." being 'humanitarian' is very costly, sometimes.

+ ny times: europe hears echoes of empires past.

+ cnn: celebrating the louisiana purchase.

+ draft wesley clark.

+ a fabulously warm and sunny weekend. a four-hour hike yesterday has left me a bit sore. but happy. no pix; i wanted to enjoy nature sans the tyranny of photo-technology.