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fri 11 apr 03

+ reuters update: senate budget deal to limit bush tax cuts. repeat after me: revenue-neutral. revenue-neutral.

+ too late, alas, i realize i should have named this weblog 'tetrapyloctomy;' the art of splitting hairs four ways.

+ online newshour: protesting war.

+ cnet: microsoft limits xml in office 2003. "... microsoft now plans to fully deliver the feature only in the two high-end versions of the product, one of which will be available only to businesses subscribing to microsoft's volume-licensing program."

+ o'reilly: python and apache.

+ the register: why we love the iraqi information minister. who needs a grasp on reality?

+ science daily: ucla biologists elucidate fertilization process.

+ bbc: call for clarity on iraq contracts. in the wake of enron, we certainly have a right to know.

+ rediff.com: i was waiting for one of our online hawks to stick their respective necks out, but i'll go ahead and post it: russian scientist insists sars was developed as a biological weapon. consider the source first, of course.

+ radio netherlands: who gets the oil? "... the u.s. government has repeatedly insisted that the oil belongs to the iraqi people, and that they should be the primary beneficiaries of oil revenues. the issue is not as simple as that, however." revenues at what price point? a bargain, perhaps?

+ linux today: openoffice 1.03, bug fixes. oh, and mandrake linux 9.1 for ppc available.

+ ctv.ca: south korea launches 'stealth warship' as tensions increase.

+ the christian science monitor comes out against the gun industry immunity bill.

+ page six: tim and susan, defamed. "long live democracy, free speech and the '69 mets all improbable, glorious miracles that i have always believed in."

+ insight: greenspan's emergency plan. "with the united states carrying a $500 billion trade deficit, $500 billion budget deficit, corporations struggling to make a profit and unemployment claims of 445,000 and rising, few investors seem willing to bet the last of their refi-money on a market the fed seems willing to control."

+ telegraph.uk: swing back into the summer of love. check that first pic. been there, done that. i've got taste now. no going back.

+ sacramento observer: school lunches termed "weapons of mass destruction." yes, but what will soy milk do to young people? balance, please.

+ iol: kkk ruled terrorists. "the defendants 'are just as much a threat to the united states as foreign terrorists.'"

+ voa: ivory coast rebels threaten to pull out of government.

+ times of india: the marines are told to respect muslim culture. "did you see the one with the blonde streaks in her hair? she was hot!" perhaps a difficult task.

+ times of india: china backs nuclear-free korean peninsula.

+ times of india: two on pakistan. pak continues to acquire nuke materials, and pak will expedite missile development. pak's nervous, of course. they've got double trouble, because they've got pre-emptive troubles from both india and the u.s.

+ csm: a record slump? independents are doing well. it's patently obvious why, when the most 'original' thing the big labels can field is norah jones.

+ butterflies and wheels: don't bury the bones. i can see both sides of this argument clearly. but we live in an age of technology; surely 3-d scans, cat scans, x-rays and such could fill such roles, without requiring the physical bones. well, mostly?

+ guardian.uk: "apparent lobbying by american art dealers to dismantle iraq's strict export laws has heightened fears about the looting of the country's antiquities as order breaks down in the last stages of the war." the victor writes the history, loots the antiquities?

+ ny times guest contributor: the news we kept to ourselves. read this, it's important. compare. from the journalist's creed: "i believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible." render your own verdict.

+ ny times: internet via the power grid.

+ ny times: house endorses oil drilling in anwr. this is where the label "conservative" boggles me. someday, our tenuous supply line to the middle east might conceivably get cut. for national safety alone, we should leave the anwr for situations in extremis. i mean, a carburetor/fuel injector tweak, or fewer v8's, will make up the diff with no hardship. to me, that's the more conservative line. look at this ... me, a liberal ... 'reduced' to spouting conservativisms.

+ ny times: "iraqis stormed their embassy in the iranian capital on friday, tearing down photographs of saddam hussein but also chanting 'death to america.'" we seem to have scored no points with the 'natives.'

+ ny times: house passes 2004 budget that sees record deficits. jeez. they're crazy enough to do it. i can't help but contemplate how, if the shoe were on the other foot, we'd be pummeled by vitriol from the republicans over apocalyptic fiscal imprudence. the dems have not mustered any significant response. or have they fled to syria, too?

+ santa fe new mexican: the audit of los alamos national laboratory confirms that lanl is vulnerable to fraud. but, as opposed to the 'disaster' articles of some reporters, "... the audit team led by former energy department inspector general john layton flagged a scant $14,530 in potentially fraudulent purchases from the $2.26 billion spent at the lab." yet there's still $1.3 mill in question of legitimacy.

+ cnn: education leader defends christian comments. if he cannot perform the job without bias, he should be removed. if he'd made the same statement, framed with islamic philosophy, he'd be run out on a rail. morality exists quite comfortably outside of religion, and is just as easily taught.

+ after my little server crisis yesterday, i'm coming to the 'net with greater appreciation today. adversity can enrich.

+ beautiful here in santa fe this morning.