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thu 10 apr 03

+ la times: arab world struggles to accept the fall of baghdad. "... compared the fall of baghdad to the establishment of israel in 1948, arguing that both events mark profound shifts in the region's power structure." and, "... at the end of the day, arabs felt disheartened, powerless, fearful." and fear breeds hate, and hate breeds violence. our next moves, in iraq, in afghanistan, as an international entity will either diminish or invigorate this fear.

+ atlantic monthly, 1958: the lesson of iraq. very interesting. "the iraqi government under nuri was no more akin to our political ideals than any other dictatorship. our reasons for identifying ourselves with it were three: it existed, it was prepared to agree to join our side in the cold war, and it was able to assure the flow of oil." repression was no reason to exclude an ally against communism.

+ newsmax/upi: saddam had close ties with the cia.

+ la times: u.s. secures uranium warehouses. a lot of good information about the wmd discovery situation in this article. "i think we'll probably find some stuff, but i don't know how much we'll find ... [snip] ... it may be a lot less than people were anticipating." the uranium stored was not a banned item, not breaking resolutions. apparently the pentagon has over 1,000 suspect sites; the u.n. teams hit 400 of them in four months [one hell of a performance, when you think about it. rushed by the situation, i wonder how good a job they were able to do?]. it will be interesting to judge, in hindsight, the efficacy of u.n. inspections. i expect items to have been hidden, but whether they were of significant power or number will be my tip-over factor.

+ daily telegraph.au: why did baghdad fall? looking back, not a single hawk predicted a cakewalk in baghdad, and of course no doves did; wisely, we all expected extended and difficult urban combat. what happened to the much-discussed 'biological/chemical line'? all the talk about banned missiles tipped with wmd's? saving the wmd's for the last gasp? the house-to-house, hand-to-hand high-casualty fighting? now the heavy opposition seems to have evaporated, and the regime seems to have disappeared without a trace. i mean, smaller cities put up bigger and longer fights. with all the press on the "zeppelintribüne" moments [photogenically destroying statues], i am curious about where everyone's gone. not to rain on everyone's parade, but it ain't over till it's over, and there's no snake as mean as a cornered one. maybe the bad guys just folded; news reports right now aren't the clearest.

+ taraland finds a nasty little feature in turbotax.

+ if you haven't caught it before, 28mm.org.

+ miami herald: there's been a flurry of indignation, but the rumor is not true ... you can send bibles to military personnel. no "victoria's secret" catalogues, i guess.

+ cnet: corel to update painter.

+ upi: environmentalists fight bahama pipeline. most coral reefs in the world are stressed to the max already. just what florida's reefs need ... but folks who live there will probably have a better take on this.

+ voa: reports of new fighting in ivory coast.

+ times of india: yoko channels john, saying he would have been angry at iraq war. "strength lies in the activities that ordinary people take, she affirmed. 'you don't get results from ranting at politicians.'" ain't that the truth.

+ artcyclopedia.com: for easter, themes in art, the passion of christ. "passion" is suffering ... oh, the jungians love that.

+ guardian.uk: the battle for american science. "but there's something called the scientific process, you know - involving open publication, criticism, and rejection of things that aren't convincing. we don't teach both sides of the germ theory of disease and faith-healing." as has been pointed out before, intelligent design must embrace the concept that the 'original designer' must also, he/she/itself, be 'designed.' otherwise, it's bankrupt.

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe city council passes war resolution, rebuffs bush. in which everyone's particular color of washing gets hung publicly.

+ the register: poison applet could wipe windows pc's.

+ hi pakistan: russia denies hiding saddam in baghdad embassy. just following up from yesterday. leaves the focus on 'he's in hiding,' or 'syria.'

+ ctv.ca: haiti sanctions voodoo as an official religion. adding another interesting facet to pluralism in education, worldwide.

+ tap: the republican railroad. "they vote for procedures that prevent amendments from coming to the floor. then they vote for the bills unamended and say, 'well, i had no choice. i would have been in favor of an amendment, but it wasn't offered.'" i shall stop castigating the dems quite so much; it seems they're being unjustly gagged.

+ independent.uk: sir edmund hilary, 50 years on.

+ new scientist: cannibalism rife among prehistoric humans. a theory.

+ linux journal: rolling your own firewall.

+ usa today: sadly, north korea officially became the first country to pull out of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. "the problem is that u.s. policy (of threatening to pre-empt nuclear threats militarily) is scaring nations away from non-proliferation agreements."

+ dong-a ilbo: from south korea, a plea for restraint. lesson from baghdad. "the united states demonstrated its capability to strike preemptively. it has also left a precedent for starting a unilateral war in the face of the heavy opposition from around the world. if washington really does not want to divide the global community further into pieces, it should stop here."

+ washington post: why is it that our house of representatives never fails to embarrass? i'm surprised some members don't bring nannies with them.

+ business 2.0: the secrets of drudge, inc. "how to set up a round-the-clock news site on a shoestring, bring in $3,500 a day, and still have time to lounge on the beach."

+ protest-records.com.

+ americanphotojournalist.com.

+ bikemagic: 2004 dura-ace revealed.

+ in some letters to the economist, read "no french poodles."

+ seattle times: aw, man ... they stuffed dolly. cloned, taxidermied 'reality.'

+ nothing like a little bit of panic first thing in the a.m. - but i'm involved in other things now, i'll get to linking in a bit.

+ wow. brain death at my upstream provider this morning. should be aok now.