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wed 09 apr 03

+ sunset tonight. this came out quite red, when it was a bit more towards salmon:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, april 9, 2003.

+ malta star: the rumor seems to have legs. saddam seeking asylum in russia.

+ that's enough links for the moment.

+ hitbox: xhtml, are you using it? of course. but not for every client.

+ builder.com: dreamweaver mx, getting used to the changes.

+ american enterprise institute, public opinion on taxes. april 8, 2003. pdf. *very* interesting. i assume the dnc is reading this?

+ new scientist: magnetic crystals in the brain linked to alzheimer's.

+ the hindu: saddam's secret archives in moscow? so, iraq's wmd's are in syria, and saddam's records are in moscow? "... russia's foreign ministry spokesman denied what state-run television said today were western media reports that mr. hussein had taken refuge at the russian embassy in baghdad."

+ page six: rodney dangerfield has brain surgery, in preface to heart-valve replacement surgery. maybe no respect, but it sounds like he's getting good care.

+ bbc: aborigine remains return home. a drop in the bucket, but a start.

+ bbc: organic farmer returns to horse power. y'think he might have 'drafted' the horse? [sorry.]

+ human rights watch: the price of oil, corporate responsibility and human rights violations in nigeria's oil producing communities.

+ reuters: ivory coast peace process on hold for air raid probe. peace on a knife-edge.

+ philadelphia inquirer: book review, existentialist america. our american invading force, a representation of french existentialism? "... americans 'lacked a sense of anguish about the problems of existence, authenticity and alienation.'" i don't know about that. try springsteen, nebraska.

+ foreign policy: the true clash of civilizations. and why 'democracy' may be a tough go in iraq, and elsewhere.

+ times of india: those boxes and bags of old remains in basra were iranians.

+ bbc: stolen pompeii frescoes found. they were significantly damaged in the theft.

+ one more from ny times: pork in the war bill. our young soldiers die to defend congress' right to attach pork to spending bills that fund their endeavours, among our other freedoms. an ethical dilemma i cannot even begin to explore. or is pork patriotic?

+ ny times editorial: stifling dissent in havana. "goodness, why do we tolerate such a *bad* neighboring country? why, we're as bad as the arabs with iraq." [in-joke] it ain't that simple.

+ ny times editorial: in search of horror weapons. i said this same thing a while ago. neutral observers/testers; the world will doubt anyway, but doubt less.

+ ny times: republicans want terror law made permanent. put off this vote until late next year, analyze how law enforcement has used their expanded powers at that time.

+ ny times: arabs watch saddam's demise in disbelief. that anyone believed saddam ever had a chance, displays no significant grasp on reality.

+ santa fe new mexican: richardson signs cigarette tax. $0.70 a pack increase! bill's tenure is going to get interesting.

+ cnn: education secretary rod paige says, "in a religious environment the value system is set. that's not the case in a public school, where there are so many different kids with different kinds of values." thus showing the advantages of public school, really. i'm assuming he fears materialism ... but in practice, with such diversity of belief amongst children in schools, it never happens. i daresay, *home* is where the value system is set, mr. paige.

+ ny times op-ed: no new tax cuts. "... congress should re-establish the pay-as-you-go rule in which tax cuts and entitlement expansions must be offset." once again, you know i've been saying this for a while. revenue neutral. kick your congresspersons' cans if they're ignoring this little phrase.

+ i'm finally back, but it's going to take a while to prioritize the remainder of my day.

+ meetings this morning will prevent posting until afternoon. apologies.