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tue 08 apr 03

+ techfocus: scores of iraqi children freed from baghdad prison. and, from iht, "iraq's dark prisons see the light of day."

+ via freshmeat, slackware live cd. also, activelink php xml package [apparently xml without the php libraries].

+ ninemsn: "the war in democratic republic of congo (drc) has claimed 3.3 million lives and was 'the deadliest documented conflict in african history' ..." even more than the 'congo free state' incident in the late 1800's/early 1900's. precious little american press on this, eh? by contrast, the 'popular-after-the-fact' rwandan genocide was about a million.

+ billsez: affleck and lopez redo 'casablanca?' horrors.

+ i gave sharpreader short shrift yesterday. playing with it again today, i like it a bit better. syndirella still seems faster in expiring links to 'read' status, using the spacebar, than sharpreader with ctrl-up. syndirella opens multiple external windows automatically, whereas sharpreader opens in the same window. ah, that's a matter of taste that i can fix by a shift-right click menu [can't seem to do it with keys-only, however]. i like to scan the aggregator, pile up a list of 30 or so ie windows on the taskbar [in xp, they stack in one taskbar item very nicely], then winnow out the chaff from there after perusal. all the key equivalents are nice, and that may shift my allegiance. note: personal foible. i *never* read personal weblogs via rss. to me, the design is the face of the person. as i'd rather have a discussion face to face, i'd rather read their weblog with the author's "furniture" around. for me, rss is only for news feeds.

+ bbc: evolution's new line. wingless hexapods aren't insects.

+ an unfamiliar referrer brought me to "waffle: under the iron. interviews with web designers, yahoos and people." the first victim seems to have been jeremy hedley, of antipixel. jeremy, if you think this is minimalist, see one of my experiments from 1999. dm! feels positively decadent ...

+ xml.com: architectural design patterns for xml documents. oh, and xml and javascript in the browser.

+ women's enews: stories from three women reporters who covered vietnam. book excerpt.

+ internet news: anti-spammer claims court victory. yee-haw.

+ builder.com: fast and furious guide to mysql database engines.

+ nature: we should take donations and have folks knit sweaters for those poor, cold wool-free sheep.

+ abc: russians to confine cosmonauts for 500 days to simulate mars mission. 400 square meters? that's over 4,300 square feet. not so bad.

+ the hill: speak of the devil, business and christian groups pose dilemma for tom delay. "delay's newer allegiance to business lobbyists has led to a rupture with old friends in the evangelical christian community ..."

+ iol: the three anti-nuke nuns have been convicted.

+ daily times, pakistan: at least 14 members of al-qaeda are trying to gain access to america via the mexican border. "the al qaeda members reportedly are working with mexican organized crime groups, such as drug-trafficking organizations, in an attempt to enter the united states covertly." i will emphasize, for the hundredth time, that our southern border is a huge security risk, as it exists today.

+ science blog: id'ing the tree that 'cures 1,000 diseases.'

+ cbs: u.n. fails to reach north korea agreement.

+ outdoors magic: this year is the 50th anniversary of the conquering of everest by sir edmund hilary.

+ ny daily news: the love workout. but beware the 'rockefeller effect.'

+ fuk.co.uk: next trend, coming from overseas ... clikit.

+ new california media: naacp rips bush policies.

+ cnn: u.n. finds a mass grave in congo.

+ pbs: shields and brooks, general discussion on the war. a very good read, i highlight this: "... the most disturbing report i got all week is that the pentagon now is working on a contingency plan for the invasion of syria and that the argument is that the weapons of mass destruction, one of the rationalizations is that the weapons of mass destruction have been transported to ... across the border." that took some starch out of my collar.

+ linux planet: reasoning your way to linux. open source is better?

+ the register: if you're running apache 2, upgrade to 2.0.45. now.

+ wired: due process, dead?

+ times of india: india's pre-emptive remark taken seriously. right again, dammit. see yesterday.

+ times of india: law and order breaks down in basra. shortages and other problems will cause uprisings, with frequency.

+ telegraph.uk: not nasdaq, celebdaq.

+ ny times: librarians defeat the patriot act, using a shredder.

+ washington post: two frescoes nabbed from pompeii.

+ national post: saddam's regime is a european import. i always thought it was a variation on the hitlerian concoction of nationalism and socialism.

+ times.uk: the written word, on the radio.

+ calgary herald: lavigne beats out the giants. apparently twain revealed a hidden 'dorky' side, seemingly choreographed away in past years.

+ chronicle of higher ed: how ph.d affects black women. "i don't think any of us wishes that we were less educated, but i would venture to say that perhaps all of us would like black communities throughout the country to expand a bit more in their receptivity to who we are and what we do."

+ old, but good: the fog of patriotism. "the primary ethical duty of journalism, even in times of crises, is not a patriotism of blind allegiance. the primary duty of journalists is not to the state, but to the public."

+ you know, the news media has all this history, all these archives at their fingertips. why do *we* have to do the digging, instead of having them be responsible and call the farce when they see it? flabby journalism.

+ ny times op-ed: the last refuge. "... during the war in kosovo mr. delay was a defeatist, and blamed his own country for provoking serbian atrocities; any democrat who said similar things now would be accused of giving aid and comfort to the enemy." ah, yes. those who scream about patriotism loudest now, were on the other side of the fence, decrying 'police actions' then. do a little googling over 'republicans' and 'kosovo' ... the shoe's on the other foot. check republican tom campbell's attempt to use the war powers act, to shut down the nato operation. can't wait to read the rationalizations in the letters to the editor in a few days.

later: you'll like this. "many republicans even voiced concern that an attack on serb forces would violate yugoslavia's sovereignty, as if belgrade had a legal right to commit genocide so long as it did so within its national boundaries." sound familiar? same foot, different shoe. google 'republicans bosnia' too. interesting, the voicing of 'unpatriotic' opposition. but no democrats played the 'patriotism' card, now, did they?

+ ny times editorial: congress' pet arsenal. i find this sickeningly indulgent and blatantly unconstitutional. there are better ways to stop costly frivolous lawsuits than granting blanket immunity to an entire industry.

+ ny times: thermonuclear fusion. "the z machine."

+ come to think of it, instead of that ridiculous tax cut and budget, i would be wholeheartedly in support of a 'marshall plan' instead. instead of paying debts with the paltry tax benefits, i could relax in the knowledge that the world was going to become a safer place. priceless, in my opinion.

+ ny times: günter grass worries about the effects of war, then and now. "what's needed is a gigantic marshall plan to help countries where people are so poor there is no life possible. that is the only way of reducing terrorism. after the war, europe had the marshall plan, but there is no room in mr. bush's thinking for that. the greatness of the united states is lost." mr. grass, world poverty is the world's sin, not just america's. that's not to say your idea is not excellent. but the original cost for the marshall plan was around $12 billion, and to attempt the same thing today would be 10 to 20 times that price. i believe it would be worth it. but there is a complication. this marshall plan article mentions that "... worked because it was aimed at aiding a well-educated, industrialized people temporarily down but not out." a narrow definition that, unfortunately, does not frame today's issues. i wish there were folks in washington with rational options, such as a 21st-century marshall plan. i'd certainly feel safer. but it needs more than a little willpower.

+ ny times: egyptian intellectual speaks of arab world's despair. "to most people in this area, the united states is the source of evil on planet earth. and whether we like it or not, it is the bush administration that is to blame."

+ ny times letters to the editor: the confederate flag, and a generation gap over the war.

+ santa fe new mexican: our new mexican stealth fighters will be staying in the korean theatre for a while.

+ santa fe new mexican: a couple from 'hollywood bill' ... he signs a concealed handgun measure into law, for all new mexico (and raises minimum wage to match federal standards ... up from 4.25 to 5.15). and he signed new tougher dwi laws ... but vehicle-loaning, in spite of insurance penalties, will still be rampant.

+ santa fe new mexican: still on the hill. los alamos looks at 60 years.

+ birds are singing. and i'm behind myself ...