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mon 07 apr 03

+ sunset tonight. you can see the precip again, falling but not quite reaching the ground:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, april 7, 2003.

+ reuters: rubber bullets used on anti-war protestors in oakland. i get this horrible feeling in my gut that a subset of american people would, today, accept a kent state incident against anti-war protestors. frankly, i'm shocked protestors aren't carrying digital and video cameras, to record incidents. i would consider it a basic necessity. more from the ny times. longshoremen, innocents, were also injured by the 'non-lethal' fire. rubber bullets and such have been proven to be lethal to young children; i hope folks left their kids at home at this protest.

+ changed the style sheet, so i can pull out my 'later' comments in a slightly clearer fashion. i think it works. i almost 'divorced' one of my class selectors, but we've reconciled. for the moment. she got a facelift.

+ probicycle.com. interesting joint. i see here that lance armstrong and his wife have separated. i hope they both find happiness, whichever way the dice fall.

+ sharp reader, another .net rss three pane aggregator. it filters, one of my wishes from the other day.

later: whoops, caught it via rc3. started playing with it, forgot to attribute. plagiarism!! teasing.

even later: after use, imho, clunky. if they add syndirella's fast space-bar advance from item to item, it would be hot.

+ it's friggin' snowing here again. not sticking at this altitude, however. ski areas have closed for the season, btw.

+ three from slashdot: the new chrooted apache in openbsd, do spammers deserve privacy, and mac os x in a nutshell review.

+ the register: adobe updates acrobat for the age of xml.

+ women's enews: magazines still promote domestic chores as women's work. "men's journal" and other tomes are missing a market, imho. an article on how to do the 'american standard backstroke' would be valuable ...

+ miami herald: homeless man gets $6 million tax bill.

+ la times: end of welfare puts rural poor in a bind.

+ nature: double coup for physicists. up and down quarks, 'pions.' wasn't the initial release of quark 4 a 'down quark?' [grin]

+ zdnet: seti@home has a security issue.

+ iol: watch nigeria. largest oil pipeline in niger delta destroyed. parliamentary elections on saturday; a larger ivory coast style incident?

+ independent.uk: fukuyama, the future ain't what it used to be.

+ u.s. news: didn't i call it? didn't i tell you? read the second item. i said 'bait and switch' ... and they say, "but bush strategists - who originally intended to ask for 'only' $350 billion anyway - may well be laughing all the way to the bank." i'll say it again, and again, and again. throw the document out, and concentrate on neutral revenue impact. write your [expletive deleted] congresspeople and let 'em know how you feel. under no circumstances should we 'settle' for what congress is irresponsibly monkeying around with; our children will bear the burden.

+ ny times: bush 41, "... the phantom antihawk who never liked defense secretary donald h. rumsfeld but worships secretary of state colin l. powell."

+ bbc: inside saddam's ornate palaces. obviously, sanctions did little to discourage this regime.

+ la times: wal-mart halts gun sales after state laws broken. "... committed nearly 500 violations of the state's gun laws, including selling weapons to felons and releasing firearms to buyers before the end of the required 10-day waiting period." one of wal-mart's "good works?"

+ national post: g7 economies begin march to recession. "almost every one of the declines booked was impressive." begin the process of battening down your financial hatches, folks.

+ prevention: if you have allergies, you might consider imbibing green tea.

+ cbs news: "what was promised to afghans with the collapse of the taliban was a new life of hope and change. but what was delivered? nothing. everyone is back in business."

+ nara: access to archival databases.

+ national post: right to wear masks sparks civil liberties questions. if i were dealing with masses of air-travel public, you'd better believe i'd wear a mask right now.

+ wired: noted war blogger cops to copying. "ye see, o friends, how many evils have enclos'd me round; yet that which was the worst now least afflicts me ..." call this 'crib-blogging.' most colleges seem to favor a period of suspension for plagiarism, and sometimes community service; this individual will just keep weblogging, praying the short-memory nature of the 'net will bury his malfeasance. too bad the comments are down; followers are robbed of the opportunity to vent their upset over misplaced trust, and relativists are robbed of the opportunity to rationalize wrongdoing. the weblog world polices it's own; a fact somewhat unnoticed in this. misstep, bloggers'll notice. eventually.

later: contrast with this. holy cow. another kaycee. be careful out there. via rc3.

+ happy birthday, astroboy. i'm surprised, with the success of 'the iron giant,' that noone's contemplated a live-action 3-d "gigantor." ['prince abdul ben hothead' forgot that one ...]

+ times of india: two items. pakistan refuses to follow u.s. dictates. and, pakistan accuses india of escalating arms race. the administration's "doctrine of pre-emption" will most likely be revealed as bankrupt policy by example, via these two nuclear powers. everyone loses if they go at it; the only winning move is, 'not to play.'

+ backstage: study shows smoke and fog harm actors. theatrical smoke is *evil* stuff. evil, i tell you. go get a faceful, if you want instant asthma. "orange mint" was particularly foul, as i recall.

+ sfgate: first, weblogs find homeland.fbi.gov in their referrers, now i see this article on "artists react to tale of intimidation."

+ telegraph.uk: the secret of her smile. more theories on 'mona lisa.'

+ ny times editorial: an ominious attack on judges. the bush administration wishes to discourage judges from imposing lenient sentences. i can see both sides of this argument ... this is why i'm not sure i will disagree.

+ ny times: the perpetual war on sciurus carolinensis; i fear even more perpetual than the 'war on terror' ... and more lives will be lost, ultimately.

+ ny times editorial: a global catalog of wrongs. humanity's shame.

+ ny times: a back-to-basics land cruiser. it's about $&^.php#&.php# time. i've been looking at old fj's, jonesin' for a mountain-goat, small displacement vehicle i can wash out with a hose. no pictures, no real 'meat' information here. if you run across any, drop me a line.

later: ack! *this* is 'back to basics?' in what language or culture? and a v-6. not at *all* what i hoped for. looks like i'll have to continue contemplating 'historical' off-road vehicles for my requirements. thanks, blahstuff.

+ ny times: chinese workers lose limbs in export drive. bosch, black & decker, hitachi, target, wal-mart are some of the names listed here. the times mentions 'sneakers' but won't go out on a limb. "some factories resemble operations at the dawn of the industrial age, where migrant laborers use rudimentary machines that can sever the limbs of those who succumb to momentary distractions. workers usually have only elementary school educations and get no training. they do not have the right to organize unions or, in some cases, even discuss workplace hazards." one part of the dark side of our consumer lifestyle.

later: okay, i've stopped cringing. i have a particular personal issue with this link; i had *all* my fingers broken in a construction accident during college. smashed. oh, they're ok now ... i know when it'll rain. and i can't play the guitar the way i used to. but i didn't learn to type until *afterwards*, and i do over 100 wpm ... so it's not all bad. no disfigurement. but i see those pictures, and the horror comes back. a crane lifted a semi-truck flatbed with my fingers in the way ...

+ ny times: fear reigns as sars spreads. looks like it was too soon to call this one 'out.' 3-4%? not good. "so far, experts say, most americans do not have to worry about catching the disease, but scientists warn that a pandemic is still possible."

+ ny times: 'chemical ali' found dead. the kurds will feel safer.

+ santa fe new mexican: gps allows for 'digital vandalism' of ancient sites. i visited bandelier national monument in the 70's; the amount of graffiti scratched into the fire-scorched ceilings of the cliff dwellings today almost obscures the historical soot. too often, human discovery simply accelerates the decomposition of ancient relics.

+ santa fe new mexican: firefighters battle blaze near rio grande. "it's greasy, it's chemically active and it's just rude."

+ santa fe new mexican: albuquerque activist wounded in the west bank.

+ reuters: 20 missiles loaded with purported chemical weapons found in iraqi cache. looking up bm-21, looks like this kind of missile. 20 mile range; ignore the 'medium.' given the nature of this rocket's deployment, one would expect many more.

+ when the clocks go forward, i feel reborn. time to start planning warmer-weather mischief, though that warmer weather won't show up till friday ...