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thu 03 apr 03

+ radiation in america. whaddaya think? montana or maine? a little old, but still pertinent.

+ in re: cluster bombs. you've heard me say for environmental issues, "if there's money to exploit, there's money to clean up." apply the same philosophy for military endeavours? we have gps and all this other tech being employed, calculating kill ratios and weapon effectiveness. we *know* where the cluster bombs fell. we have a moral obligation to clean up the mess. based on this, the u.n. should encourage russia to clean the land mines up in afghanistan ... and america, the cluster bomb remnants. the thought of kids getting their hands blown off sickens me.

+ today's davenet is disturbing. more and more, when i look in my archives, i find dead links. i figured as long as the new york times maintained their link integrity, i'd keep my archives intact. but what good is an individual weblog post, even with opinion comments, when there's no link for context? we can only quote two or three lines from other sites, without violating copyright. maybe this calls for more discursive posts, less quantity ... so my archives have more relevance. gotta think more about it.

+ for those who evinced interest, the lowermost (first) sunset last night, rendered as a desktop, 1280x1024 [resize as needed].

+ on a personal note, i've had really positive compliments on this site from two professional journalists over the last couple of days. one was boggled that i expend this much effort for free. this is just my personal filter, that i share with others. would i charge someone for the clothes i wear? the links i choose are today's "mind outfit."

+ if you didn't catch the posts yesterday evening, check out the sunset pics below. pretty nice, if i do say so myself.

+ authentic 5 xml editor. windows, free. mentioned on some xml mag site that i just closed the browser window to, by mistake.

+ ibm developerworks: output large xml documents, part two.

+ webdevtips: nicer form validation.

+ internet news: apache rushes to patch severe denial-of-service hole.

+ telegraph.uk: will earth freeze to death? unstable plate tectonics.

+ human rights watch: iraqis violate international humanitarian law and place landmines in mosque. i wonder how the clerics rationalize this?

+ herald sun: jennifer garner yesterday, julia roberts today. again. poor kid.

+ nj.com/ap: nine people tortured and killed, found near mexican border by nuevo laredo.

+ the economist: all eyes on north korea.

+ ny daily news: people are screaming about peter arnett, when they should be dusting off the brass knuckles for geraldo.

+ oh my god ... can the poodle skirt be far behind? [gag. ack. barf.]

+ mark's apology note generator.

+ stonepages.com.

+ nandotimes: the administration is still trying to exempt military establishments from environmental laws. ah, so *that's* why the increase in 'positive' press on depleted uranium.

+ bbc: small ozone hole heading for europe. pull out your high spf moisturizers.

+ scoop: cultural rights are human rights. this requires a little relativism that i'm uncomfortable with. what if cannibalism was part of a culture?

+ unix review: passing the sun certified system administrator exam, part one.

+ guru labs looks at red hat linux 9.

+ linux journal: building the ultimate linux box. part one of what seems to be a multi-part series.

+ freshmeat: update to phorum.

+ homeland.fbi.gov seems to be showing up in many folks' referers. check yours. i think an explanation is in order, don't you?

+ saa: bush issues new secrecy executive order. "... the government now has more discretion to keep information classified indefinitely." not even nixon dared this. be outraged. via 31 days.

+ abc news: assessing military edge.

+ slate: cents and sensibility. classic novels are the long-term moneymakers.

+ guardian.uk: are we still tragic? "tragedy in particular might come to seem even more of an anachronism than before."

+ times of india: u.s. troops enter one of saddam's palaces, outside of baghdad. also, a missile has taken down an american fa-18 hornet. pilot's status is unknown at this time.

+ ny times letters to the editor: fighting the war, while battling the critics.

+ ny times editorial: the budget fight is now. the economy doesn't need a kick in the pants; congress does.

+ reuters: u.s., britain under fire for using cluster bombs. "the most lethal legacy of war."

+ cnn: deep sea monster squid found off antarctica. a big sucker.

+ surprisingly busy this morning. i was up at seven, but couldn't get here till almost ten.