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wed 02 apr 03

+ cnn: "there is another star in heaven tonight." he said it best, "they say we must fight to keep our freedom, but lord knows there's got to be a better way."

+ this evening, storms hung in the sky like portugeuse man-o-wars, their winding tendrils of rain caressing the ancient triassic sea beds of northern new mexico.

+ more, at various times approaching sunset. you can see rain as it falls from the clouds, but dries up before hitting the ground:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, april 2, 2003.

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, april 2, 2003.

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, april 2, 2003.

+ another great sunset tonight, you'll like this one. i may post some more of this later, or make a desktop for download:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, april 2, 2003.

+ ap: and al-jazeera is the rodney dangerfield of media outlets.

+ channel 4: global reactions on iraq. exposing the iraqis to a deadly burst of rivera is the best idea i've heard in weeks.

+ africa online: ivorian rebels accept nine cabinet posts. a good step towards peace in a volatile area.

+ expatica: belgium amputates 'genocide' law.

+ reuters: busy little beavers, aren't they? house panel votes to o.k. drilling in arctic national wildlife refuge.

+ cnn money: economist predicting global recession. it may be a bit early to factor in sars.

+ ars technica: about the os x finder ... a simply great article, critique without pander.

+ ibm developerworks: the open office file format. if you use open office, bookmark this little baby.

+ top xml: how to convert word (rtf) documents to xml for auto publication, what is wddx?, and wddx parser.

+ msnbc/newsweek: war meets the welfare state. check the government debt figures during war ... ww 2, 465% increase ... ww1, 1,980% increase ... civil war, 4,149% increase. wow. "alone, the war's costs are manageable. atop everything else, they make a bad situation worse. the bipartisan impulse is to ignore this and to proceed with new budget commitments as if the war weren't happening." can the bush budget tax cuts.

+ new scientist: identity of sars bug confirmed: a new coronavirus. "on a more optimistic note, sars outbreaks in vietnam, singapore and canada, started by travellers from hong kong, have now been largely controlled ..." the who is ruling out aerosol transmission at this time.

+ new scientist: radar tests point to lost panel on shuttle. "radar pictures revealed the object falling from the shuttle as it performed a pivotal manoeuvre in orbit for a scientific experiment."

+ the jewish ethicist. "even if our behavior could be justified, is a handful of almonds worth the feeling that we have lowered ourselves to exactly the level of behavior which we are condemning?"

+ iol: "did you know that 'iraq' is arabic for 'vietnam?'" so why didn't leno get 'dixie chicks' treatment? or how about this? "bush got a coded message from saddam that read: '370HSSV-0773H'," the official said. 'bush was stumped and sent for the cia. the cia also had no answer, so it was sent to bill clinton. he suggested turning it upside down.'" gonna start a boycott of new zealand products?

+ hello: for you single california daredevils, jennifer garner seems to be back in the dating game.

+ outdoorsmagic: getting outdoors has positive health benefits.

+ african-american news: colin powell and the hawks.

+ ndtv: monsanto's maize spells doom for bihar farmers. this incident keeps getting rationalized and buried in the american media.

+ theboston globe says library web filters are overdue. "i'm behind the government and i'm tired of first amendment shilly-shallying that fills my children's hotmail screens with dozens of porn come-ons every day." that comment points up that spam needs to be handled, too. i don't get porn and viagra come-ons in postal mail; why should i in email?

+ iol: pollution prompts beach cleanup in mexico. you might stay healthy in the waters around acapulco, soon.

+ linux today: mozilla 1.4 alpha.

+ dp review: nikon coolpix digital camera rebates. a hundred smackers off the 5700. hmmm.

+ wired: bruce sterling, the secret war machine. it still baffles me how the republicans still vigorously castigate clinton at every opportunity, yet quietly place convicted and/or pardoned (by bush 41) iran-contra criminals in positions of power.

+ go upstate/ap: the la times and a war photographer wielding photoshop clash. national enquirer alterations are not welcome in war, thank goodness.

+ times of india: bin laden seen gaining from iraq confrontation. "gulf war one brought al-qaeda into being and gulf war two is going to give it a real shot in the arm."

+ the washington monthly: bragging writes.

+ boston globe: double vision, news and entertainment. during gulf war one, i was heavily into production on a huge event. we had a black and white television, with standard plug wire hooked up as an antenna running down the hall to the nearest window. in black and white, we couldn't tell what was gulf war footage, and what was sci-fi. at one point, it took us almost ten minutes to figure out we were watching a 50's sci-fi thriller (military bombarding the aliens at night). during that period of indecision, we couldn't let ourselves go and be entertained, nor could we be properly appreciative of the sacrifices of war, until we figured out what exactly we were watching. the ambiguity was quite unsettling.

+ guardian.uk: the end of civilization.

+ boy, i'm a sourpuss today. or is it the news?

+ ny times op-ed contributor: why aren't there enough troops in iraq? a call for hearings, after the fact.

+ ny times: april 4, a shot rings out in the memphis sky. free at last. "behold, here cometh the dreamer ... let us slay him ... and we shall see what will become of his dreams."

+ ny times: madonna chickens out. unusual delicacy, for her.

+ ny times: panels approve war spending but reject free rein for white house. maybe senator byrd's speech ultimately did some good.

+ ny times: energy bill may ease uranium restrictions.

+ ny times: texas court acts to free 38, all black, in drug case. is it justice? not yet.

+ santa fe new mexican: bell, wtc beams worked into church tower.

+ the santa fe new mexican has swapped cms's to 1up! software. looks/works better ... that's for sure.

+ reuters: white house signals flexibility on tax cut. predictable. i'll keep pounding it in ... it's not revenue neutral. the tax cut is irresponsible and wrong.

+ reuters: u.s. troops cross baghdad "chemical red line." of course, we have to take it on faith that a 'red line' exists.

+ cnn: administration increases s.u.v. fuel economy standards. so minimal as to be near-useless.

+ cnn: shuttle investigation turns to paint primer.

+ i noticed during last night's sunset, how much the sun has moved northwards in the last little while. amazing how fast the earth tilts on the old axis when you're not paying attention.