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tue 01 apr 03

+ w3c buttons without images. but then, they require a lot of css ... i'll save the bandwidth, thanks, and do without. but you might want to use them.

+ ny times: powell hastily heads to europe to meet with leaders. begging for help with post war iraq, whether u.n. or europe? "we didn't take on this huge burden with our coalition partners not to be able to have a significant, dominating control over how it unfolds in the future." a vassal state?

+ reuters: rumsfeld and myers lash out at critics of war plan. the 'lashing out' consists of "how dare you question us?" nothing substantive. thin skins.

+ cnn: sweden tops the u.s. as the 'most web-savvy' nation.

+ everyone loves to pick on the anti-war protestor signs, equal time is required, so i'll mention i saw a benighted individual flashing a sign saying: "support our troops in iraq; remember the world trade center!" as people drove by, yelling disagreements from the window, the protestor betrayed some rather crude hand signs and language.

+ i completely overlooked the fact today is april fool's day. didn't even work on a joke ...

+ enough; i've gone overboard today. later.

+ webdevtips: create expandable links easily with php.

+ builder.com: download the 'remedial xml' series.

+ do we really need another 'king kong?' i always liked 'mighty joe young' as a character, better.

+ washington file: u.s. black women's group honors civil rights activist dorothy height. more on dr. height.

+ new scientist: public smoking ban slashes heart attacks. wow. and, knobbly insoles may reduce sports injuries. funny, that. when i think about it, i've naturally gravitated away from the uber-cushioned models.

+ top.rbc.ru: israel will abandon russian oil in favor of iraq. how interesting.

+ voa: mexico seeks to end iraq war through u.n. it will be a brave effort, if undertaken.

+ sinchew.com: intimidation and press freedom. "the more a person or party is able to argue discursively, the less the temptation to rely on violence. by contrast, the less the ability to use reasoning, the greater the temptation to resort to physical force." on the web, it's a descent into profanity and name-calling, or calling out the cronies.

+ bike magic: air shock maintenance.

+ ny times: the ever-so-elegant track suit.

+ al-bawaba: is iraq the washington empire's afghanistan? i don't agree with the entire article, but this: "unless, bush wins the war quickly, the washington empire risks a shattering of the 'invincible american military image' which will translate into higher morale and increased resistance by iraqi forces" is along some the lines that i've been thinking about. gulf war one made us look like science fiction; this conflict is bringing our military back to blood-and-guts war 'reality.' and i see unrecognized danger in that.

+ newsday.com: u.s. promises on afghanistan go unfulfilled. is embitterment america's legacy?

+ children's books online, the rosetta project. "the largest collection of illustrated antique children's books on line ... we think."

+ msnbc/newsweek: censorship, american-style. "... whatever your feelings about president bush's jihad against saddam hussein, it certainly is not being waged in the name of allowing our most sacred institutions to engage in censorship."

+ yahoo news: the u.s. state department criticizes israel, the palestinians, china for human rights abuses. uzbekistan, eritrea ..

+ o'reilly: building an addressbook with openldap.

+ freshmeat: update to imagemagick.

+ the register: is your website accessible? probably not. also, the register happens to like the 12 inch powerbook.

+ la weekly: the right peace, conservatives against a war with iraq. "at the end of the day, hegemons are defeated not just by the counterhegemonic behavior of other states, but by mounting internal weaknesses economic, political and social caused by the burdens of hegemony, which are a consequence of their own overweening geopolitical and ideological ambitions." via 31 days.

+ independent.uk: "if there's more than one way to do a job and one of those ways will end in disaster, then someone will do it that way." i get beaten on for being something of a luddite. a perfect link to match that expectation.

+ guardian.uk: written in the genes. "... dna is not just the genetic code of our present, but a key to unlocking the past."

+ times of india: u.s. marines seek god in iraqi wilderness. "i don't want the lord to be angry with me for doing what i'm told, i want to make sure this is the right thing that we're doing."

+ times of india: the u.s. seems to be ratcheting up pressure on pakistan. "no stop to pak infiltration." add this to that item yesterday. i wonder what's up?

+ policy review: market reform, lessons from new zealand. "the linkages between rhetoric, principles, and political advantage can sometimes be subtle and complex, but when sheared apart, the results are disastrous. the turbulence of democratic politics exposes such parties and voters make their choices accordingly."

+ publisher's weekly: poetry, publishing and public debate.

+ usa today: instant messaging "destroying the ability to write properly." i think they underestimate kids. surely they can differentiate what's proper in an i.m. environment, vs. what is appropriate on the written page? give 'em a weblog?

+ times of india: finding saddam, "it's driving washington up the wall."

+ ny times op-ed: krugman, a red-blue terror alert. well-stated. for all they claim not to, the bush administration and the republican congress adore well-targeted pork. they're no better than any other stripe of politician.

+ ny times letters to the editor: budget shenanigans. there are only two things that can save a bush budget (besides being overruled by a later president): the major beneficiaries of the tax cuts reinvest heavily in america (this supply-side theory didn't even come close to making up for the revenue shortfalls in the reagan years), or extremely low energy prices. if you think of another, let me know.

+ santa fe new mexican: current water status won't change restrictions. well, that puts a face on our water situation. we use 7 million gallons a day, under stage 3 restrictions. snowmelt is providing 3 million gallons a day, over a very limited period of time. contrast with below.

+ santa fe new mexican: large development planned on south side of santa fe. 2,400 homes. that's going to be a *lot* of cars on the road. i wish the state (any state) would require these developers to pay the costs of the infrastructure improvements that are required by projects like this. roads, water, utilities in general ... schools. but they won't. taxes go up sharply. then the pursuit of 'tax ratables' starts, more commercial development, lower quality of life in the city.

+ ny times: versailles resounds again to the sound of hoofbeats. i'd pony up the cash ... (sorry).

+ ny times: self-protection or delusion? the many faces of paranoia. "certainly none of her ideas were bizarre or impossible. people are harassed and envied all the time. but her absolute absence of doubt was what made her psychotic. she could not imagine being wrong." yeah, we're very familiar with this, aren't we?

+ reuters: low-dose x-ray damage lingers. linked because there's a movement underway to 'whitewash' the use of depleted uranium. we sow a new, more lethal salt in the fields after our battles. read the last paragraph of this, compare with this. there are lies, and there are damned lies.

+ reuters: bush backs rumsfeld. and disses "1,000 colonels" at the pentagon. ya want that military vote in '04, eh? even more interesting, commanders on the battlefield have derisive comments about the battle plan. the new york times ponders, will the strategy work? the original strategy, no. the new, revised strategy will.

+ cnn: oldest evidence of mummification found?

+ cnn: letterman returns.

+ ny times: walter cronkite comments on peter arnett's misjudgment.

+ and a very happy six to dave.

+ a belated happy three to craig, and booknotes. i meant to link it yesterday, having caught the mention at wood s lot, but ended up being sidetracked.

+ others have linked it, but i'll point to it anyway. a warmonger explains war to a peacenik.

+ the weather reports had snow in the forecast for this sunday. again.