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mon 31 mar 03

+ from pbs, more on the disagreement between booker t. washington and w.e.b. du bois.

+ chronicle of higher ed: 100 years of 'the souls of black folk,' by w.e.b. du bois. "he would not bleach his negro soul in the flood of white americanism, for he knows that negro blood has a message for the world. he simply wishes to make it possible for a man to be both a negro and an american, without being cursed and spit upon by his fellows, without having the doors of opportunity closed roughly in his face."

+ btw, kbibb pointed out that my link to that previous story (saturday) about teflon and young women was missing. here it is again.

+ reuters: study links common plastic to birth defects. "bisphenol a is one of the most commonly used plastic materials in food containers, in beverage containers. this is a ubiquitous chemical ... at least in the developed world. it is one of the top 50 chemicals in production." no human trials yet, but this will have a huge impact in our 'ziploc' society. or put tupperware parties out of biz. later: good reason to retire my old camelback ...

+ reuters: u.s. prepared to pay 'high price' to oust saddam. "if that means there will be a lot of casualties, then there will be a lot of casualties."

+ reuters: still no sign of wmd's in iraq.

+ sitepoint: xhtml web design for beginners, part one, two ... and three is coming. the very basics, for beginners.

+ nj.com: heart surgery makes graham think twice about health care. obliquely linked to the item below.

+ washington post: social activism for iraq.

+ usa today: cdc worries that sars may be aerosol. okay, forget the duct tape. masks might be more appropriate. or, as during the old cholera epidemics, keep a string of garlic around your neck.

+ linux today: three reviews of mandrake linux 9.1.

+ dp review: canon eos 10d first review. it's real close to the old d60, to my eye.

+ national post: going nuclear over 'nucular.' bush apologists will love this one. "language bullying is on the rise?" "anti-populist and snobby?" mr. bush's unprecedented tendency toward malapropism manifests in dangerous ways, as when he sent financial markets reeling with his 'devaluation/deflation' gaffe in asia. why defend ... or even promote such inarticulateness in offices of power? i believe with cicero: "no one can speak well, unless he thoroughly understands his subject." make a slap at latin, eh? i'll get you ...

+ boston globe: the poker of war. some of you will note i've pointed this up ad nauseam. another article on von neumann, poker, and game theory. watch the mathematicians who play poker or go - not the ones playing chess.

+ newsday: where are the arts on television? another example of where cost/benefit philosophy doesn't uplift or inspire. milton berle and groucho marx embodied more 'art' and intelligence than a dozen of the average sitcoms.

+ ny times: war puts radio giant on the defensive. hah. i doubt it. but the dixie chicks are conspicuously absent from local radio stations, and i'd wager because requests and protests both are at an alltime high. satellite and internet are your alternatives.

+ rocky mountain news: oprah clubs us with the classics. the classics as 'safe haven.' just an offhand thought: books resonate at different periods in my life. for instance, tolkein was unreadable in early teenage years; later on, it connected strongly. never shove something down someone else's throat.

+ times.uk: 3-d tech to transform the stage.

+ guardian.uk: can't i trust anyone these days to tell me if an album is any good? here you go: "yes, though the lyrics and stylings are formulaic, the latest album is technologically sound. the cd plays reliably." apply liberally to almost any album these days.

+ ny times: cutting through angkor wat's politics and banyans. had to check on what anastylosis referred to. somehow, i'd just strengthen the existing structure to prevent further decay, and leave it alone. it's beautiful.

+ times of india: man shot during church service in michigan. funny that i've only run across this in an international news site.

+ times of india: u.s. sanctions pakistani lab for purchase of north korean missiles. of course, pakistan's a little upset. but they may decide to declare al-qaeda a terrorist group.

+ ny times editorial: undercutting the 9/11 inquiry. the investigation certainly deserves a more vigorous inquiry than whitewater.

+ santa fe new mexican: mountains boast healthy snowpack. still a mixed bag, but great news. i doubt they'll close the forests, at least around santa fe. snowpack's at 125%, and the reservoir's at 40% ... and major thaw hasn't begun yet.

+ santa fe new mexican: anxiety in wartime. "national polls show that about 70 percent of the general population supports the war, but the pew hispanic center survey found that only 48 percent of hispanics were in favor." almost the same percentage as other minorities. a "white man's war?"

+ ny times: rumsfeld defends war planning. ah, the pentagon vs. rummy the accountant. makes sense.

+ ny times: suit challenges right to report political slurs. wouldn't you want to know if a politician called opponents "liars," "criminals," "draft dodgers" or "child molesters?"

+ ny times: bottom line in mind, doctors sell ephedra. been over this before. just following up.

+ ny times: arnett gets canned. i don't mind that he was interviewed, i just question the propriety of what he said.

+ cnn: unusual temperature spikes in shuttle data. lending credence to the theory that the left wing was already compromised before reentry.

+ went up to the jemez mountains yesterday, just to get *away* from santa fe for a bit. los alamos national lab has been busy ... they've cleared quite a lot of burned trees from n.m. 4 (remnants of the cerro grande fire). but much burned wood still stands. and the bark beetle has killed untold numbers of trees, too. you'll pass one mesa-verge, and see a canyon filled with brown, dead trees, pass another, and it'll be mostly green. why is one canyon 'better' than another for the beetle? i can only assume sun-direction and warmth, because the forests are much more heavily hit here, than in santa fe. on the way, i passed by that wired reporter's favorite bugbear, tech area 33. just as lonely (it's the farthest out in the wilderness), just as empty. one guard in the guardhouse by the road, no hi-tech hummer, just a ford explorer. funny that the wired guy never took a picture of the huge dish that sits in the middle of this tech area; it dominates the skyline for miles. anyway. the valles caldera is still not green yet, a brown-grey-sage color. i may post a gallery, when i have time. jemez falls was quite active, but i found my bliss lying on a picnic table, listening and watching the wind lean the trees back and forth, as you can see below.

+ looking up:

tall pines, jemez mountains, new mexico, march 30, 2003.

+ as a contrast to the snow the other day, today is already t-shirt temp.