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sat 29 mar 03

+ taxes are done. finally. hoo-ray.

+ reuters: "this is the mess rummy put himself in because he didn't want a heavy footprint on the ground."

+ iol.za: the world health organization physician who first spotted sars has passed away of the disease. recquiescat in pacem, dr. urbani.

+ hi pakistan: christian groups to preach in iraq. baptists in babylon.

+ hi pakistan: north korea angered over japanese satellite launch.

+ herald sun.au: u.s troops 'abused' journalists. the dangers of being 'unembedded.'

+ business day: "it's torture, but i'm not sure it's art."

+ cygnome.

+ linux and main: knoppix to the rescue.

+ wall street journal: u.s. tactics may seem original, but history offers some lessons. i've been looking for the famous quote about supply lines for days now. this article puts the current thread-of-a-supply-line into historical perspective, quite nicely.

+ boston phoenix: six books about getting loaded.

+ times of india: war in iraq sparks jihadi mood all over pakistan.

+ ny times travel: comforts amid the wilds, in costa rica. it being so cold out right now, i'm allowed to dream ...

+ ny times: chemical might pose health risk to young women and girls. used in teflon. anyone who has ever cared for pet birds knows that heated teflon offgasses enough to kill the birds in one exposure. haven't owned any teflon for quite a few years now. scouring pads and elbow grease are better for you.

+ santa fe new mexican: thousands stage pro-troop rally in albuquerque. "the rally was neither in support of nor against the war in iraq but to demonstrate 'the favoritism that we pay the men and women who have given their lives for us.'" albuquerque is the home of kirtland air force base, one of the two u.s. nuclear weapons storage facilities. support for our troops, as one would imagine, is very strong.

+ santa fe new mexican: hopi woman still missing in action. "indian women have fought in every american conflict for the last 200 years."

+ yow ... the thermometer out back says ten degrees! you *sure* this is spring? i hope all the plants out back aren't going to get stunted.

+ you wouldn't even know it'd snowed yesterday. ground is clear, and the sky looks very cyan this morning.