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fri 28 mar 03

+ i see rumsfeld's launched allegations of 'aiding the enemy' towards syria and iran. leftist predictions and fringe-hawk dreams may come true, if this boils over.

+ use quicken? try moneydance. cross-platform, lin, win, mac.

+ slashdot: introduction to php5.

+ why xml doesn't suck.

+ msnbc: halliburton out of the running. is this the same brown & root contract, or another one? if another, i deem this is also a bait-and-switch to draw off ire from that first contract, awarded sans bid competition on monday.

+ national geographic: 'the core,' hollywood fiction or science fact?

+ nj.com: greenspan, better data needed to measure success of poverty programs. "... despite four decades of federal and other programs aimed at improving economic conditions for those who live in poverty, there is a noticeable lack of good research on what strategies have and haven't worked." so take 'welfare success' with a grain of salt. the last two paragraphs are the most important.

+ environmental news service: u.s. leaders push europe to allow biotech crops. house speaker dennis hastert says, "official world trade organization (wto) action is the 'only course that would send a clear and convincing message to the world that prohibitive policies on biotechnology, which are not based on sound science, are illegal ...'" good! extrapolate that philosophy for other policies, and we can jail those teaching creationism in taxpayer-financed secular public schools. [political double-standards. sound science is good in one case, belief in another. and who is the final arbiter of 'sound science?' scientists or politicians? and american science is not always 'best.'] the e.u. can do whatever the heck they want to. consumers buy, or not, for any number of valid reasons.

+ os news: mandrake linux 9.1, first review.

+ the register: new build of windows xp sp2 is leaked.

+ argh. i want my rss aggregator to filter. as the larger services do, i want to choose specific 'trigger' words, and have the results come up in a 'favorites' list or window or pane or something. no, wait. rules. yeah, rules. like for mail filters. rules for each feed? and push a specific key or something to turn it on and off in the channel display. if i'm going to be aggregating all this stuff, i'm still sifting too much chaff. it would never be perfect - but it would help. hey wait ... maybe i should patent the idea before i open my big fat trap, eh? [grin]

+ work takes precedence. later.

+ ny times: quote of the day, rumsfeld: "i don't believe the united states has the responsibility for reconstruction." and other media sources are reporting that bush is getting a little unhinged at being questioned by the media.

+ santa fe new mexican: protestors causing headaches at busy intersection. of course, it's a problem *now* with demonstrators, when newspaper vendors and church groups have periodically used the area ... and everyone's looked the other way. but to be fair, it seems more a question of magnitude.

+ booknotes today has an answer to one of my questions ... as i suspected, the halliburton contract was awarded sans competiton. and, do check out the gulf war: secret history, ressurrected by the memory hole. the history could use more preamble; there's no mention here of the fact kuwait had been pillaging iraqi oil reserves by slant-drilling, and that numerous complaints to the united nations by iraq had been virtually ignored. find the original reasons why gulf war 1 was 'necessary.' don't accept half-histories; do your own googling. this powell quote is priceless, now: "it was not our intention to go to baghdad. and had we done that, we would have gotten ourselves into the biggest quagmire you can imagine trying to sort out 2,000 years of mesopotamian history."

+ here it is, almost april 1st, and it snowed again. but it's moisture, so i'm not complaining! just fascinated.