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thu 27 mar 03

+ reuters: u.s. to double number of troops on the ground in iraq. "defense secretary donald rumsfeld denied on thursday that the pentagon had changed its war plan and was rushing in forces to make up for what critics have called a major shortage of foot-soldiers and tanks ..." uh-huh.

+ from the proceedings of the freisian school, the foundations of value, part one. the discussion of 'first principles,' in the below link, caused me to search to refresh my memory.

+ from april of last year: "flogging the blogging." how did i miss this? "that's the thing about blogging you just sort of opine without worrying about marshalling facts, demonstrating the truth of first principles, and using logic to apply those principles to the facts at hand."

+ ibm developerworks: output large xml documents, part one.

+ top xml: using xslt to build dhtml menus.

+ media life magazine: for women, this war is a turn-off. "... women's anti-war stance increased from day one as it became real and there were u.s. casualties."

+ zdnet: macromedia flash escapes the browser. "along with providing the client software - a free addition to the free flash player - macromedia plans to sell a wealth of downloadable flash applications created by third-party developers. macromedia will take 20 percent of any software sales, with the rest going to developers." ouch! 20%?

+ new scientist: gulf war syndrome research reveals present danger. "what the soldiers have not been told is that about one in 10 of them are almost as sensitive to nerve agents as the pigeons. there is now mounting evidence that exposure to minuscule amounts of these chemicals can cause permanent brain damage in susceptible people ..."

+ courier mail.au: russia test-launches icbm. it is depressing to see how swiftly the world is lapsing back into an armed camp.

+ miami herald: bush putting mexico's fox on hold. and this could be why: "and things may get even uglier when mexico takes over the presidency of the u.n. security council on april 1."

+ reuters: justice department clears univision to buy hbc. merger mania continues, reducing choice.

+ dong-a ilbo: kim jong-il in hiding?

+ guardian.uk: readers have 'no idea,' says top war correspondent. "reporters are pulling out their hair with boredom in kurdistan; there's a real war in the western desert on the jordanian-iraq border, but no one can get to it; and on the border of kuwait most of the press corps are miserably camping out in their cars, unable to get into the desert." oh please. i'm interested in finding a copy of the twelve-page booklet of american guidelines for journalists, though. anyone seen it?

+ the bbc highlights that black americans are skeptical about the war.

+ i didn't realize about.com has a section on zone-free dvd. though about seems to be popping up all over the place, lately.

+ bbc: special section, ethics of war.

+ chicago tribune: playing the 'patriot' card is shameless. "the real divide is between those who see open debate in a democracy as a weakness and those who see it as a strength. the anti-war demonstrators may be wrong about some things, but they're right about that."

+ ndtv: bt cotton is a failure, says greenpeace. under specific circumstances, it's been a failure in india too. but you wouldn't know it from the press.

+ hi pakistan: apparently taking down a civilian television station can be considered a war crime.

+ iht/nyt: "the songs of the kings," book review.

+ unix review reviews o'reilly's "mysql cookbook." they deem it a must-own.

+ the register explores the disappearance of al-jazeera.

+ chronicle of higher ed: america, an empire in denial.

+ ny times: home equity borrowing rises to worrisome levels. with credit cards, you lose your shirt. with home equity, you lose your house.

+ ny times: panel may urge extensive tests for shuttles. "more sophisticated tests on panels from surviving shuttles have found flaws that the investigator said made them unsafe for flight." it seems they *have* been flying on a wing and a prayer.

+ santa fe new mexican: yep, only in santa fe. they're worried about artificial turf off-gassing. i'm sure it does, but we're talking open-air. and the injuries that will be sustained will likely be less severe than on grass-with-prairie-dog-potholes.

+ the wind is ripping across northern new mexico. weather report says, winds of 25-35 mph will have gusts to 50 mph today. sounds like its faster than that ... then again, my building here is on top of a rise, with no windbreak.