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wed 26 mar 03

+ an interesting 'mushroom' beam of light in the sunset tonight:

sunset, santa fe, new mexico, march 26, 2003.

+ chris posts "steps to a mental model." a more scholarly method of laying out how your fellow man can come to different conclusions from the same set of facts.

+ ibm developerworks: leverage xslt to build applications.

+ slashdot: new mozilla-based mail client, minotaur. not yet available.

+ nj.com/ap: religious groups debate h.u.d. religious groups proposal before congress. an awkward title, that.

+ federal times: federal employees get a 1 percent pay raise. ach, so generous. and how big was the last congressional pay raise?

+ philly.com: wage gap persists.

+ new scientist: not just chemical suits, but possibly chemical weapon antidotes found at base in iraq. atropine injectors. what's the expire dates, and where did they come from?

+ amnesty international: torture is still widely used in mexico. thankfully not a part of nafta.

+ manila times: north korea is now threatening japan.

+ outdoorsmagic: water-purifier-in-a-bottle relaunched. includes iodine resin to kill viruses.

+ bikemagic: pegasus buys cannondale. the great aluminum bike manufacturer will survive.

+ nandotimes: organic farmers dealt setback in 'got milk?' case. generic advertising helps everyone, organic or no. this seems frivolous, almost quasi-religious.

+ food production daily: olive scanning. well, *i* think its interesting.

+ linux journal to my rescue. "setting up a base linux install on a laptop." sure as heck ain't a windows or mac os install, now is it?

+ os news: yellow dog linux 3.0 review, and a first look at red hat linux 9 [shrike].

+ the register: opera breaks register shock! the word 'shock' seems to be going up in value, lately. or, should i say frequency?

+ via everyone's favorite monstah, a link to 'daily plummet' with a list of humanitarian aid agencies to help iraqi civvies. the permalink didn't work for me, so scroll down if necessary.

+ arts and letters daily has a trifecta today, on neocons and iraq. one, two and three. being anti-war does not guarantee leftism ... it can mean conservative, too. politics is nothing if not entertaining, right?

+ january magazine: what were they thinking? dumb books.

+ times of india: russia believes the u.s. may fabricate wmd evidence in iraq. again, i warned of this eventuality back a while ago. use my link yesterday; compare where allied advances have taken place, and where known iraqi wmd areas are. i think russia's only the first to voice this concern publicly. there will be more.

+ ny times editorial: protecting prisoners of war. as i did the other day, calling out the administration's hypocrisy over the geneva convention.

+ ny times editorial: the senate's moment of sanity. "the narrow vote is an encouraging glimmer of responsibility, even though the $350 billion tax cut that remains is both unnecessary and unwise." and, as you would imagine, i agree.

+ ny times op-ed: dowd, take down saddam tv. i have to respectfully disagree. every administration official has been emphasizing "saddam's losing control of his country" or similar statement. the consistent vehemence behind the statement was puzzling. now, i'm engaging in a 'wag' here [wild-a$$ guess], but i think the administration hoped saddam or his cohorts were dumb enough to try satellite or other traceable broadcast uplinks to refute american assertions. trace those signals, kill saddam. trace those signals, rescue p.o.w's. i'm willing to give the administration leeway on this one.

+ ny times: north korea pulls out of border talks. "it is meaningless to sit together with the u.s. forces side to discuss any issue as long as it remains arrogant." pretty arrogant statement, in itself.

+ ny times: top general concedes air war did not deliver knockout blow. 'shock and awe' becomes a 'bang and a whimper?' the u.s. is riding such a fine line here ... extensive civilian casualties would turn the world even more sharply against this operation.

+ santa fe new mexican: witness to culture. you might enjoy a bit of santa fean cultural history.

+ santa fe new mexican: speaking of the devil, commuter traffic is up in new mexico.

+ santa fe new mexican: taos says no to walmart. they've won the skirmish, but the battle may be lost. walmart can't build within city boundaries, but county zoning is much more lax. in new mexico, cities tend to end up with 'gauntlet runs' ... you must drive through 'big box' mercantile areas before you reach the historical downtown areas. i'd like to see cities put such mercantile areas off on their own. for santa fe, moving it all west of town, off main entry-to-town thoroughfares so traffic can flow properly. but i'm dreaming.

+ reuters: senate votes to slash bush tax cut. i still think this was the bait-and-switch. propose an insane budget, agree on a merely irresponsible one. remember the words of greenspan: "revenue neutral." this 'slash' clearly isn't.

+ reuters: the u.n. says iraq may need a huge humanitarian food operation. i have not heard, but are we airdropping food at all, as we did in afghanistan? at least in 'taken' areas?

+ correction/retraction: is it intellectually honest to compare every man with a mustache to hitler? chris calls me out on a particularly pompous windbag moment. you can read our back-and-forth in the discussion area. i never realized how commonly [dare i say cheaply?] orwell symbology has been applied, especially by the left [google searches on 'orwell democrats' and 'orwell republicans', for instance]. the boys cry 'wolf' way too often, methinks. i have a significant personal dislike for the devaluing of words and concepts by overuse and misapplication [think how 'holocaust' has been overused], and i'm chastened by chris' observation. well, no excuses. words are important. symbols should be used properly. my comment was uncontemplated and ignorant, and i'm sorry. so i take back what i wrote, apologize to the park police, those who might have been offended ... and to poor deceased george orwell. i promise to only use you in extremis from now on.

+ high clouds, sunny, looks to climb into the 50's, a bit of wind. for some reason, my body's telling me the weather's unsettled. or maybe it's just juniper allergies.