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tue 25 mar 03

+ been out at meetings for most of the day again. the economy stinks here, so i'll be spending more time away from the old blog. sorry to my regulars, but there's not much i can do. catch as catch can, y'know?

+ no wonder life magazine is dead. that spirit could never thrive in our age.

+ turn on the television, and guess what? the 50,000th description of the technical features of a tomahawk missile! the 200th roundtable of white-haired old men commenting on war! where in the hell are the photojournalists, and their searing images?

+ ny times editorial: two good ones, diminished expectations and budgetary shock and awe.

+ ny times op-ed: krugman, channels of influence. clear channel has clear ties to the bush family.

+ ny times: did pcb's save the stripers? note, another case of taxpayers shelling out to clean up a corporation's gross irresponsibility.

+ ny times: as a web programmer, you can be held responsible for the internet actions of your clients, it seems.

+ ny times: in search of a war with no gulf war syndrome.

+ ny times news analysis: the goal is baghdad, but at what cost? i think chemical or biological weapons use will be the trigger for 'unrestrained' war.

+ santa fe new mexican: trespassing bill could be thorn in hikers' sides. "senate bill 737 says people could face trespassing charges if they enter private property by climbing an unmarked fence or even by walking past spray-painted marks on trees 500 feet apart in the forest." if this passes, i just might have to purchase that garmin rhino.

+ santa fe new mexican: new mexico wants to take the 'devil' out of route 666. in which superstition and hollywood override common sense.

+ reuters: no banned weapons yet found in iraq. as soon as areas are under allied control, you can double-check media hype with these maps.

+ slow start to a busy day.