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mon 24 mar 03

+ cnn: unpublished bronte book to be released.

+ just in case you've never seen a v-8 trike [grab shots while driving]. we get a lot of these around santa fe:

trike, santa fe, new mexico, march 24, 2003.

back of trike, santa fe, new mexico, march 24, 2003.

+ talking with my equestrienne friend today, we discussed the idea of starting "victory gardens." not for victory over iraq; victory over bush and his disastrous budget. food's expensive enough in santa fe, as it is ... and she has plenty of aged horse manure. i just have to clear some more cholla ...

+ washington post: something suspicious in the air. the thought police. as i said, orwell's vision is alive and well in our post 9/11 society.

+ la times: new welfare system seen as 'recession proof.'

+ nature: prime numbers, not random? could there be a pattern? and from whence? [cue 'twilight zone' theme.]

+ guardian.uk: charity 'christian aid' says there are 1 million iraqis fleeing conflict. i'll do a little digging to find out what aid agencies are doing the most for these poor folk.

+ abc.net.au: as bush insists iraq abide by the geneva convention (sort of), one must be reminded that we're still not obeying the convention at guantanamo. alas, the world will follow our example at breaking status quo ...

+ pagesix.com: 'wonder woman' gets her first haircut in 60 years. lookin' good, old girl.

+ style.com: go vacant.

+ la times: blaming obesity on corn syrup (rather than mcdonald's).

+ octavo collections.

+ traditional ecological knowledge, prior art database. pretty great; give it a click. you can find medicinal plants for most common ailments.

+ travelbrochuregraphics.com.

+ pbs online newshour's iraq page.

+ momentous event ... i rarely agree with the wsj opinion journal, but this pretty much reflects my disgust with the current situation. on iraq, it even touches the april glaspie affair. not that i want to contemplate having a president for more than four or eight years, but we need some sort of long-term consistency to our foreign policy. one that can't destabilize the world in four year increments.

+ bbc: questioning global warming. chris ruzin and i have had continuing discussions about this; this article continues to reinforce my belief that the environmental movement has hitched themselves to a virtually-unprovable phenomenon, given today's technology. deal with pollution and climate change on a local level, first. leave the high-falutin' theories for the scientists, and the politics for congress. use common sense, and clean up your own yard, neighborhood, city, county and state. eventually, we'll reduce the amount of co2 that the extremists are emitting ... on both sides of the argument.

+ imaging resource posts the first extensive review of the kodak dcs-14n. i desire one. very much. but i own nikon glass; it sounds like the canon eos-1ds, for 3k more, still gives smoother images, faster af ... albeit at 11 mp rather than 13.7.

+ freshmeat: wing ide and lite.

+ rest easy, subaverage.

+ btw, sam's club has a slew of the peachpit press 'quickstart' series for 12 bucks each. if you need to update your 'professional library' with some of these, go check 'em out.

+ the american conservative: recasting the constitution. republicans are strict constructionists only when it suits them. "if the president can unilaterally order an attack on a nation halfway around the globe, which has not attacked the u.s., posed an imminent threat, or provided a traditional casus belli, the constitution is dead. and if conservatives treat the constitution as dead when it suits them, they should stop complaining when federal judges, liberal activists, and democratic politicians do the same." hallelujah, someone's paying attention.

+ remember, bush ended the review of judicial nominees by the american bar association, because he didn't want to "grant a preferential, quasi-official role in the judicial selection process to a politically active group." then we had the cheney 'energy task force.' rather unethical, wouldn't you say?

+ foreign policy: blessed are the warmakers?

+ newsday: a blacklist? it's out there.

+ well, i'm off to a meeting, check the p.o box, and seeing some horses. in that order. some southwest flavor for your business morning ... linkage later.

+ those who condemn all muslims for the actions of akbar, must necessarily condemn all christians for the actions of kopp. the extremist logic is the same.

+ ny times editorial: a new war. our media networks are being somewhat maudlin, when in an internet-enabled society, one can find the aj-jazeera pictures everywhere [i have not seen the video, having little bandwidth]. but i post a contrast - during the vietnam conflict, we saw death and injury every evening. does the media [and our government] fear an exponential rise in the anti-war sentiment, perhaps? the first gulf war was incomplete, clearly. if we had continued into baghdad at that time, as we should have, the human costs of war would have been more accurately reflected.

+ ny times: trees in haiti fall victim to the poverty of the populace. "once blanketed by lush forests, haiti is now nearly 90 percent deforested."

+ ny times: skeptical economic view takes in more than iraq. "most wages are growing less than inflation ..." and deficits will increase interest rates. get ready for the carter '70's, brought to you by the bush administration and congressional 'bipartisanship.'

+ you remember orwell, don't you:




"we already know what you're thinking."

+ iraq, iraq, iraq ...

+ back's sore, preparing for a morning meeting or two, and the sun is shining.