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sat 22 mar 03

+ went up onto the ski mountain, to see how much snow they'd gotten. if i have the time, i'll post a new gallery. just beautiful up there. my pants are soaked from the knees down ... the snow was *almost* knee deep, but drifted in spots to hip-high. could have used snowshoes today (i'm looking for a buried picnic table). a fun day:

yours truly, santa fe national forest, new mexico, march 22, 2003.

aspen vista, santa fe national forest, new mexico, march 22, 2003.

+ slashdot: farscape's finale this friday. i hope the entire series makes it to dvd, so i can purchase it. later: bill, ever my faithful debunker, tells me i once again picked up an *old* aggregator link. the finale was last night. my 'pologies. you'll be happy to know i almost posted a link from two years ago that somehow got picked up in my agg; luckily, it sounded so whacky i double-checked the date. made me realize what a far piece we are from pre-9/11 ...

+ top xml: building a client-side xml app.

+ abc news: women who know of saddam's brutality say war is just. i wonder how other dictators in the world (both u.s.-supported and unsupported) compare to this? america should not be supporting *any* dictatorships, whether strategic or no.

+ sky news: iraqis hunted in mexico. "according to reports, the men have tried to persuade smugglers, who profit from helping people cross the mexican border into the u.s., to get them into america." i hate it when i'm right. i've been talking about the mexican border being a sieve since 9/11. unless border security is taken more seriously, i'm firmly convinced this is where the next terrorist incursion will gain access. arizona has three nuclear power facilities, very close to the border, upwind of phoenix and tucson. i hope they have sufficient security.

+ the sunday tasmanian: north korea's fury. the current conflict with iraq is a relative cakewalk, compared to what we would face in north korea. given the political death that would result from numerous battlefield casualties, i fear the nuclear trigger for any conflict on the korean peninsula will be sprung way too lightly. if i were in japan, i'd be quite nervous.

+ ny times: a movement yes, but no counterculture. "instead of a new counterculture, what the demonstrations have instead is a memory from the 60's that protest alone can change things and that may make a counterculture unnecessary." i wonder. the local 'hippies' are counterculture only insofar as they have freedom to purchase '70's clothes from the gap. their rather baroque use of the internet has made it too impersonal. they all need to get weblogs and carry digital cameras.

+ sacbee: william buckley, who/what to be mad at. in which he contemplates u.n. reform options.

+ the washington times posts a doozy, "no environmentalists in foxholes." obviously, they don't live near any bases or labs. nothing like depleted uranium in your water table, or the dust on spring winds.

+ guardian.uk: on cleopatra.

+ make time to read this article from the new york times, "the philosopher of islamic terror."

+ heard yesterday on the news, "turkish troops may begin to move into northern iraq. president bush urges them not to move unilaterally." anyone else see the humor?

+ santa fe new mexican: student protest ends in suspensions. children disagreeing with parents. it's the '60's ... will modern-day parents be able to deal?

+ ny times guest contributor: bill keller, why colin powell should go. i don't agree with all the points, obviously, but it's worth the read.

+ ny times guest contributor: marching forward. when you tell an american their opinion doesn't matter, it rankles. there are masses of people who are questioning the very nature of our democracy, as a result of washington's dismissal. it will be interesting to see where this will express itself, post-war.

+ ny times: 'regarding the pain of others,' susan sontag. "but it is absurd to identify the world with those zones in the well-off countries where people have the dubious privilege of being spectators, or of declining to be spectators, of other people's pain ... consumers of news, who know nothing at first hand about war and massive injustice and terror." goes on my book list.

+ ny times: both chambers back tax cuts. in which our political leaders sentence us to deficits for the rest of the decade. took us fourteen years to even start to balance the budget post-reagan; we won't be so lucky this time.

+ get up, check the weather outside, get a swig of orange juice. turn on the news ... ah, yes. the networks are still having flights of ecstasy over military hardware. so i came to the net ...