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fri 21 mar 03

+ freshmeat: php text file database, and sourceforge: email package for python.

+ reuters: the fed hints rates on a knife-edge. they could start hiking rates again.

+ fuk.co.uk: do peta protestors wear silk?

+ boston globe: this 'boycott' faces a world of difficulty.

+ voa: tension on the korean peninsula is palpable.

+ indiewire: independent journalists fight their own war in iraq.

+ miami herald: russia says 'nuclear cooperation will go on.'

+ toronto star: ah, cnn isn't covering the *big* news. cnn's reporters have been expelled from baghdad. but ex-cnn gulf war veteran journalist peter arnett is still there, for nbc.

+ neowin's been slashdotted, but they have a screenshot gallery of the history of windows. i look forward to seeing it, someday ...

+ builder.com: create dynamic content with filters and transitions.

+ upi: taxes make welfare a better choice than work. from conservative think-tanks, but still valid points, imho.

+ ny times: finding ghosts in the mountains. glyphs in the southwest.

+ washington post: christian 'prayer warriors' join battle. "... mainly conservative christians who believe that they are in a battle with satan and satan's minions; it's a pitched battle, and prayer is an important part of it ..."

+ miami herald: reaction of the muslim world 'mild.' nobody's going to stick their neck out for hussein.

+ spacewar.com: high tech security gadgets debut at u.s. mexico border. contrast this with an article in backpacker magazine, this month, about organ pipe cactus national monument, to see how 'effective' our border security is. haven't seen it online, but if i find it, i'll link it.

+ guardian.uk: pentagon silence angers reporters. and you can hear the frustration in the voices of the anchors on the more reactionary networks. every time an alarm sounds, on comes the script about 'shock and awe' for the thousandth time ... as if talking up the issue will force the action.

+ globe and mail: u.s. inflation jumps. there's another war to be fought ...

+ daily times: u.n. shutters afghan operations, fears backlash.

+ bookfilter.

+ 1966batmobile.com.

+ for you conservatives, star spangled ice cream.

+ neon sight.

+ the american prospect: reich, a tale of two fables. a recommended read, if for nothing else than this last comment, experienced all too often in weblogs these days: "extremists gain power when politics becomes polarized around opposite views of reality."

+ usa today: tv's obsession with war becomes ours. "even the language that accompanies the coverage tends to distort our perceptions." yep, haven't seen any yap islanders in the fighting coalition ... just the pixellated rear end of tanks ...

+ the wilderness society: arctic refuge wilderness bill introduced in the u.s. senate. it won't get far, unfortunately, but thanks for the effort.

+ the wilderness society: conservation groups sue department of interior to stop drilling near arches national park. the desert is oh-so-fragile. you greenlanders don't appreciate that. i'll have to go take photos of where the septic truck drained my tank when i purchased my house. you can still see the tracks, three years on.

+ ens: increased solar radiation could cause climate change. the title would seem to be a no-brainer, but read further for another information point on global warming.

+ ny times: overlooked women of ancient times.

+ unix review: improving the windows experience with cygwin. cheat your way into unix/linux, without screwing up a windows install.

+ the register: is ssl safe? and, office work is a pain in the neck. *no* kidding. i'm still adjusting the height of my monitors to my chair, trying to achieve utopia ...

+ times of india: u.s. treasury seizes iraq's assets in u.s. banks.

+ just heard on cnn, from a new york times reporter at one of the first 'liberated' towns, that folks are overjoyed ... yet cautious. they fear another u.s. pullback [as in '91], and another return of saddam.

+ washington post: baghdad, the storied ancient city of learning and bloodshed.

+ times of india: saddam has more lives than a cat but are any left? never misjudge a cornered snake. the times.uk also contemplates his life.

+ ny times editorial: who lost the u.s. budget? "has everything gone wrong because of evildoers and external forces? in the case of the budget and the economy and, yes, foreign policy the answer is no."

+ ny times: urgent mystery at outset, was hussein hit? i wouldn't even attempt to lay odds, either way.

+ ny times: fuel economy regulations to be revised. "close the suv loophole!" don't penalize work trucks, but also don't allow these suv behemoths to escape 'justice.'

+ santa fe new mexican: pbs to film hillerman's "thief of time," in it's proper setting ... new mexico.

+ santa fe new mexican: activists stage rallies in santa fe and taos.

+ the mirror project funding drive.

+ chicago tribune: the virtual-monopoly clear channel radio conglomerate is sponsoring pro-war rallies. orwellian, to my ears. political viewpoint aside, write your congresspersons and the fcc, insist the fairness doctrine be reinstated.

+ woke up to about two, three inches of snow. but the roads are simply wet! spring snow on warm ground.