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thu 20 mar 03

+ geneva convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war. bookmark this; it'll probably be needed for reference at some point.

+ post-snow, pre-sunset cloudage:

good cloudage, santa fe, new mexico, march 20, 2003.

+ aidsmap: teens seem to believe oral sex prevents hiv spread. they're wrong.

+ abc.au: south korea's military on high alert. it is, unfortunately, the perfect time for north korea to start hijinks. or for china to take back taiwan.

+ telegraph.uk: carré otis returns. "by overemphasising youth, says otis, design houses do a grave disservice to the vast majority of women, who have curves and character." bones are for dogs; curves are for connoisseurs.

+ freshmeat: spam assassin 2.51.

+ reuters: iraq complains to u.n. about legality of war.

+ yahoo: poll shows sermons influence few americans. "however, a third of americans said religious leaders had at least 'some influence' on them, compared with 7 percent who said they were influenced by hollywood celebrities." i don't see anyone running over bibles, in protest to their anti-war stance.

+ reuters: democrats slam g.o.p. on budget and war costs. it would be highly imprudent to push the tax cut and budget package through before the cost of the war is properly estimated. cost/benefit, repubs. apply it to the war.

+ women's enews: g.o.p. on collision with majority of voters. written by jennifer blei stockman, national co-chair of the republican pro-choice coalition.

+ slashdot: turn your monitor into an hdtv.

+ the australian: putin urges swift end to war. "if we allow international law to be replaced by the law of the fist, under which the strong is always right ... and is unlimited in the choice of methods to achieve his goals, then one principle of international law, the principle of the inviolability of the sovereignty of states, will be thrown into question." i assume pooty-poot now insists on being called "mr. putin."

+ the west australian: blood spitter attacks policeman. spits his own hepatitis c blood into a policeman's eyes. attempted murder, in my mind.

+ daily times, pakistan: mexican kidnappers net 900 million a year. anyone for a vacation south of the border?

+ nandotimes: fedex office evacuated after package containing west nile virus bursts. bird guts. sounds like a monty python sketch.

+ msnbc: is war against iraq illegal? the bush administration seems to have abandoned the 'disarmament' argument from the first gulf war, and embraced the 'self defense' argument. borderline legality; our current supreme court wouldn't go for this broad definition, why should anyone else? the question now is, will the war gain legitimacy after the fact? even if so, great damage has been done to international relations, international law.

+ nj.com/ap: leading economic indicators fall in february.

+ outside: another bicycle racer dies sans helmet. a helmet would likely have saved his life; but it was his choice.

+ sunspot: philosophical plea for peace runs into cold, hard reality. "'god,' he replied, 'must be extremely patient. the universe is millions and millions of years old. how many times have we given god cause to call the whole thing off?'" maybe we're not god's prime point of interest.

+ arianna online: the for-profit marshall plan. and i'm supposed to be surprised?

+ ibm developerworks: cultured perl, one liners. more one liners.

+ linux today: kde 3.1.1 released.

+ is it my imagination, or do the television networks sound actually petulant that 'shock and awe' hasn't started?

+ btw, the stealth fighters in last night's attack were a part of the group from new mexico's holloman afb. they come up for the santa fe airshow from time to time. their flying skills were impressive, in a simple airshow scenario. you don't hear the jet until it's directly overhead; by the time you fix on it (i tried in daylight), you're chasing it's tail. watching them maneuvre is like when you saw the 'star wars' battle scenes for the first time; they seem unreal.

+ chronicle of higher ed: when teaching ethics of war is not academic. "the privileged warriors of today increasingly will find themselves pitted against adversaries who fight without any rules or restraints because they see no other way to advance their objectives." an article guaranteed to make you think. a worthy read.

+ atlantic monthly: hitchens, holy writ.

+ baghdad is under attack, right now.

+ times of india: china. they demand military actions stop. they've even gone so far as to televise the attacks live; an astounding step for such a closed country. they are contemplating protest actions.

+ globe and mail: an act of extraordinary intelligence from oprah. "it presented an arab perspective on american foreign policy in iraq and the middle east. it asked the viewers to think about the limits of the use of force. it required viewers to absorb information about how other countries perceive the united states. it created space for dissent." unfortunately, the united states has not been kind to dissenters during wartime. remember the espionage act of 1917? northern dissent during the civil war? we face a season of clashing forms of self-righteousness, hawk and dove. the hawks run the administration, at this moment, so i'd say: doves, beware. and read your history books about dissent in other conflicts.

+ wired: texas representative john carter wants to pack off file-trading students to federal prison for three years. seems to me the point of law is that you don't know who you're trading music with (as with trading cassettes). maybe groups of friends or 'trading circles' could alleviate that technicality ... but i'm not a lawyer.

+ times of india: u.s. helped iraq build wmd's. "the disclosure suggests that one factor that deterred the u.s. after the gulf war launched by president bush sr, from marching on baghdad after american-led allied forces routed the iraqi forces in kuwait could have been the existence of these weapons." so, knowing of the chemicals and biologicals we gave them, stayed bush's hand from toppling saddam in '91? that's a big accusation, and should be investigated.

+ ny times editorial: the war begins. i get a lot of military hits here; not sure why. but in my critiques of the philosophy behind this war or the practices of the bush administration, i hope that noone would misinterpret my comments in such fashion that they'd believe i'd wish any harm to come to our deployed military forces. there's a full moon over iraq tonight; we appreciate some of the dangers you must face. watch your "six," sirs and ma'ams. we're all praying for a minimal loss of life and limb, and your safe return.

+ santa fe new mexican: chimayo pilgrims urged to use alternate route. "god will forgive pilgrims if they choose to avoid the construction to get to the shrine, solano said. 'it's making the commitment and the sacrifice (that counts). it's not how far you walk.'"

+ santa fe new mexican: in the midst of war, it's easy to overlook that the central rockies have had their most prolific blizzard since 1913. seven *feet* of snow. our mountains here are just coming out of the clouds; white, white, white. and more on the way, which paints a happier face on our drought situation.

+ reuters: angelina jolie's oscar dress stolen. "... a 3,000 pound body-hugging corset dress decorated with cherubs." ah, she's in good shape. she can handle the weight. [guffaw.]

+ reuters: bush tosses away air war script. the attempt to save civilian lives, by a military strike directly at hussein, was worth the effort.

+ fog in santa fe this morning.