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wed 19 mar 03

+ it seems war has begun. a 'target of opportunity' in baghdad got the cruise-missile and stealth fighter treatment, according to the television news. later: just a thought ... if they got hussein with this surgical strike, this will be quite a warning to kim jong il.

+ i'll make a pre-emptive strike and say that some will want to ship hollywood to france, post-oscars.

+ leave it to our beloved american pinheads to want to send the statue of liberty back to france ... and replace it with a statue of the great prevaricator [barfus maximus]. joke or not, lets get down to brass tacks. let's start checking geneaologies and deporting folks with french heritage. or at least having them register as 'diplomatic combatants.' to purge ourselves of french influence, we must give up the electric iron, the bicycle, mayonnaise, the hot air balloon, the aqualung, photography, the parachute, pasteurization, rayon, the sewing machine, barometers and ... batteries. and that's just a few. so dump that laptop, in the name of dimwitted patriotism. you won't? sorry, you're the enemy of the new world order. via anil's dlinks.

+ slashdot: apple gore.

+ new scientist: special report, a struggle for nuclear power. if the u.s. uses nuclear weapons in iraq, "180 or more countries have a better argument as to why they need nuclear weapons."

+ new scientist: spider silk delivers the finest optical fibres.

+ bbc: the morality of war. from multiple faiths.

+ stuff.co.nz: french muslim law student in headscarf row.

+ miami herald: civilians are the wild card in iraq war. um, 'wild card' is kind of mild. baghdad is 5 million strong; the potential for mass casualties is huge.

+ terrasoft announces yellow dog linux 3 [ppc]. some cool features.

+ freshmeat: simple python blogger.

+ rebecca shares with us that we shouldn't worry about 'raging cow,' but raging right wing rhetoric. bespeaks an organization with more cash than sense, to me.

+ cnn: senate rejects oil drilling in the arctic national wildlife refuge. i'll take any good news, and celebrate.

+ edmund burke, regicide peace:

"war never leaves where it found a nation. it is never to be entered into without mature deliberation; not a deliberation lengthened out into a perplexing indecision, but a deliberation leading to a sure and fixed judgment. when so taken up, it is not to be abandoned without reason as valid, as fully, and as extensively considered. peace may he made as unadvisedly as war. nothing is so rash as fear; and the councils of pusillanimity very rarely put off, whilst they are always sure to aggravate, the evils from which they would fly."

+ general omar n. bradley:

"we live in an age of nuclear giants and ethical infants, in a world that has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. we have solved the mystery of the atom and forgotten the lessons of the sermon on the mount. we know more about war than we know about peace, more about dying than we know about living."

+ dwight d. eisenhower:

"every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. the world in arms is not spending money on arms alone. it is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists and the hopes of its children."

+ the slate field guide to iraq pundits.

+ i saw that mention of bill clinton's letter to the british people yesterday. here's the text from the guardian. worth the read. thanks, kbibb!

+ ninemsn: weblogs set for bigger future. basically a rehash of other articles.

+ women's enews: part 2, republican party donates to right-to-life. "the revelation should lay 'to rest any notions of the republican party as a 'big tent' with room for pro-choice points of view' ..."

+ netmechanic: be careful careful when you justify justify.

+ national center for policy analysis: the long term health of social security/medicare is disastrous. in 2040, "two years before the 'social security trust fund' is exhausted under current estimates, these programs will require 47 percent, or nearly half, of all federal income tax receipts."

+ the turkish daily news gives useful info about what kind of hardware our military will be facing. haven't seen this anywhere else.

+ new scientist: turmeric combats alcohol-related liver disease. eat your curry. it also is an effective anti-inflammatory.

+ nj.com: republican hispanics form own congressional group. dems, you paying attention?

+ the australian: north korea asserts its right to build missiles. "the dprk's missile program is of purely peaceful nature and does not pose a threat to anyone." got some swampland in florida i'll sell you, cheap, too.

+ nj.com: colorado governor approves biggest expansion of gun rights since columbine. well, at least he requires some training. time will tell.

+ nj.com: tobacco farmer surrenders. "many asked how law enforcement could possibly stand up against a terrorist attempting a serious biological or chemical attack."

+ pbs: the voyage of the odyssey.

+ albino squirrel preservation society.

+ for all you sew-and-sews, custom embroidery.

+ sunspot: president's impatience, imprudence may prove very costly. if we continue this path to police the world's terrorists and potential nuclear powers unilaterally, we'll be bankrupt.

+ expatica: u.s. warns belgium over genocide law. "u.s. pilots on 12 february 1991 attacked an air raid shelter in baghdad, killing more than 400 people, most of them women and children."

+ os news: getting ready for slackware 9. "... if you do like an adventure, if you truly want to learn linux to the bones, slackware is really worth looking at." i *think* that's a thumbs-up. maybe.

+ if you use gps on a regular basis, be warned. looks like the u.s. military will be jigging with it.

+ washington times: sowing terror at home. "in literature and philosophy the myth of a horrible modernity was unquestioned orthodoxy, and over in the science departments logical positivism had discarded ethics and morality. cultural and moral relativism was everywhere, justified by the demand for 'value neutrality.' all that remained was power and force." once i decode that piece, i hope to comment on it.

+ atlantic monthly: it's not easy being mean. "despite saddam's extensive wealth and power, then, the life of the tyrant is hardly enviable."

+ which, before i forget, i stopped to pick up a couple of magazines this morning, and overheard a conversation circling around "why would we ally ourselves with the british?" while being a snoop [i call it 'clandestine observation,' esp. when performed at the volume these three were practicing], it became clear that the dominant speaker was basing her opinion about britain on the mel gibson movie, "the patriot." it goes back to basic human nature ... people believe what they see and read, whether fiction or non.

+ the spectator.uk: panic on fleet street ... newspaper sales are falling.

+ toronto star: protest music finds a home. "... with the web, subversive music has its own subversive medium."

+ publicbroadcasting.net: iraq's threatened heritage. the archaeology of iraq is *so* important, it can't be stressed enough.

+ new york times guest contributor: it used to be just the soldiers who died. "if longevity is your thing, you could do worse than to join the army."

+ santa fe new mexican: santa fe students engage in war debate. "after tuesday's forum, the two opposing sides converged as if they had never even argued ..." one could wish certain webloggers were so civil.

+ ny times: researchers find clues that a virus may be causing sars.

+ ny times: i mentioned yesterday the need for international monitors to confirm discovered iraqi wmd's ... looks like it's being handled.

+ ny times: gasoline prices, near record highs, don't affect demand.

+ snowing, and i have meetings in town. postings will come later this morning. sorry!