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tue 18 mar 03

+ guardian.uk: tony blair's speech to the house of commons, full text. a more comprehensive speech than our president's.

+ the dixie chicks' statement. because i recognize free speech a *constitutional* right, i believe i'll buy their album tomorrow. as i've mentioned before, good upstanding citizens can reach different conclusions from the same set of facts. it's one of the great things about humans as a species; we'd certainly never have progressed as far as we have without that capability.

+ new scientist: killer pneumonia likely to be new bug. bad, bad news.

+ our unilateralist stance has some significant downsides ... miami herald, u.s. and russia delay nuclear arms treaty. moscow times, president in bad company? straining our relations with russia, certainly.

+ jta.org: for rabbis, it's no coincidence war on iraq again linked to purim.

+ femail.co.uk: four week miniskirt workout. i wonder if nathan lane followed this?

+ heraldsun.au: farmers fear iraq wheat losses. puts a spotlight on the potential humanitarian crisis. sounds like the post-war endgame hasn't been strategized thoroughly.

+ iht: comedians love tom ridge.

+ woodrow wilson:

"once lead this people into war and they'll forget there ever was such a thing as tolerance. to fight you must be brutal and ruthless and the spirit of ruthlessness will enter into the very fiber of our national life, infecting congress, the courts, the policeman on the beat, the man in the street."

+ norman thomas, address to the league for industrial democracy:

"the very existence of armaments and great armies psychologically accustoms us to accept the philosophy of militarism. they inevitably increase fear and hate in the world."

+ percy bysshe shelly, queen mab:

bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,
makes slaves of men, and of the human frame,
a mechanized automoton."

+ montesqiueu:

"every monarch keeps on a war footing all the troops which he might need in case his people were in danger of being exterminated, and this state of tension, of all against all, is called peace."

+ lyndon b. johnson:

"the guns and the bombs, the rockets and the warships, are all symbols of human failure."

+ weekly lowdown: lies, damned lies, and ultimatums. in which a weblogger goes through the bush speech paragraph by paragraph, and judging true/false. via ye olde spontaneous discharge of methane.

+ msnbc: bush clings to dubious accusations. "as the bush administration prepares to attack iraq this week, it is doing so on the basis of a number of allegations against iraqi president saddam hussein that have been challenged and in some cases disproved by the united nations, european governments and even u.s. intelligence reports." the broken record.

+ crisisweb: afghanistan: women and reconstruction.

+ washington times: immigrant use of welfare increasing.

+ new scientist: here's a bit of positive news ... gene tests could scupper bioterrorists.

+ new scientist: composting toilets key to global sanitation. new designs are less 'fragrant' than those of the past.

+ nandotimes: will mexico be next on the american 'bash' list? will we see people burning effigies of the 'taco bell' dog?

+ mq7, phillipines: u.s. war on iraq illegal. "all governments that would support the u.s. invasion of iraq, including the government of president gloria macapagal-arroyo, should it decide to do so, would incur international responsibility under article 5 in relation to article 3 of the united nations general assembly resolution 3314 of 1974, and equally criminals under international law." i detect a few problems with translation there, but you get the gist.

+ n.z. herald: debt write-off likely for post-war iraq. yow, read this one. we don't have to invade; just sit tight and wait for the collection agencies to take the country apart bit by bit.

+ bbc: a record crop forecast for afghanistan. cue margaret hamilton. [courtesy wavsource.] dang, it's so good to see the country rebounding so well.

+ reuters: police negotiate with farmer in d.c. standoff. no word on when pre-emptive strikes will be prosecuted against north carolina tobacco farmers, however.

+ barbie is a cam girl. and, she even has her own blog. ye gods, it's time for me to retire dangerousmeta! ... i can't compete with barbie ...

+ pbs frontline: the long road to war. have to dig in, to make sure history isn't being rewritten as we live it.

+ boston globe: oliphant says the time for protest is over; support the president, support the troops.

+ ny daily news: epa ripped on its 9/11 'all clear.' yeah, well ... they said the same things during the cerro grande fire smoke plume.

+ enn: environmental groups seek to ban wooden playsets that contain arsenic. and some want to argue the point. i'll have to dig in my archives, but i believe the statistics confirm that one pressure treated 2x4 contains enough arsenic to kill 80 adults. youngsters chew, wipe their hands on their face, etcetera - why not use common sense, and try 'better safe than sorry?'

+ linuxworld: debunking the linux-windows market share myth.

+ mysql 4.0.12.

+ times of india: bush ultimatum a form of political terrorism, says pak analysts. "after bringing change in iraq, they will move to other countries in the middle east." i venture to say, reelection hopes would be shot if this were to happen.

+ times of india: powell claims 45 nations back iraq war. well, in a very broad definition, yes.

+ guardian.uk: shakespeare proved to be an expert on brain function. one of many theories, however.

+ this is london.uk: anti-war of words.

+ opinion journal: following the administration's party philosophy of cost-benefit analysis, the historic preservation tax credit should stay.

+ times of india: two more british ministers resign over gulf war 2. "in an extraordinary instance of trans-atlantic political meddling, former us president bill clinton wrote a passionate plea on tuesday addressed to the british people." but was it pro or con? gotta find it.

+ after this is all over, will the warbloggers and anti-warbloggers change their tunes, when evidence [or lack of it], comes out? i doubt it. so really, discussing the issues with either side is useless (see the principle of falsifiability). never argue against dogma. before arguing, always lay the ground rules for an honorable concession. i just have this feeling that we'll be seeing lots of online fisticuffs over the next couple of days.

+ ny times guest contributor: anne-marie slaughter, dean of the woodrow wilson school for international affairs in princeton, new jersey ... "good reasons for going around the u.n." you'll read a lot of pros and cons, but you could do far worse than read this item. for instance, we sidestepped the u.n. in '99. there is an important point here, that many overlook: the united nations is a political entity as well as a legal one. the woodrow wilson school, among locals in princeton, is called the 'yamasaki building,' after the architect. he also designed the wtc towers.

+ ny times: bird lovers work to keep cats on a very short leash. i once watched an acquiantance's abyssinian work a city window in manhattan. as soon as the pigeon would land, it would get dispatched with a slash of claws. by the end of an hour, twelve lay on the floor, dead. the acquaintance found it entertaining. i was happy to leave.

+ ny times: macchu-picchu = camp david?

+ ny times analysis: bush's doctrine for war. bush has blown this since the beginning. granted, i don't agree with the concept of 'pre-emptive war' ... but bush should have presented the iraq cleanup as taking care of the 'abandoned' disarmament from '91. plain and simple. the situation's lingered for twelve years; it's costly to the citizens of iraq, costly to the world. this is not world war 3, it should just be a mop-up job. iraq is no north korea. but no ... we've gone through a first try at unilateralism, a halfhearted approach to diplomacy, fictional 'six-month' nuclear programs, a ponderously long buildup of troops in the area [read: seemingly-intentional sitting ducks as potential triggers], attempted ties to al-qaeda, chemical and biological threats, regime change, 'lethal' drones of hobbyist quality, missiles that shoot a couple dozen miles more than they should, alienation of long-standing allies ... and now, we get a speech last night highlighting this as america's first pre-emptive action. we've changed horses so many times, i can't even tell what color the one i'm riding is; i have to check the news hourly to find out. best i can figure out right now, we're engaged in 'pre-emptive regime change.' god help us, when we start dealing with north korea.

+ santa fe new mexican: local gym emphasizes weight training. check the age groupings; all right.

+ mr. hastert, read the randolph bourne quote from yesterday.

+ cnn: the french may assist if hussein uses chemicals. speaking of which, i hope the u.s. military will take advantage of international monitors to verify wmd discoveries. the world at large will probably not accept a u.s. exposé of stockpiles.

+ snowing like crazy, and i'm a bit behind the eight-ball today.