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fri 14 mar 03

+ nj.com/ap: holy cow! u.s. and russian experts quietly testing dirty bombs. "for the past six months teams at the u.s. energy department's sandia national laboratories in new mexico have been experimenting with basic designs of rdd's ..." and exploding them. why do we have to always be the ones to have all the "fun?" time to buy that geiger counter ...

+ csm: bush warring with the catholic church, too?

+ courier-mail: b-1 bomber used in airstrike on iraq. a war by any other name ...

+ ny times: new signs of weakness show risk of resuming recession. and tax cuts won't help. lower energy prices, and less war vitriol will.

+ newsweek: fineman, waiting for war in the white house. "in fact, the u.s. has been humiliated, diplomatically and strategically. and just whose fault is that?"

+ edie: persistent pollutants in alarming concentrations in women and infants. polybrominated diphenyl ether, a fire retardant. bring back ddt, anyone?

+ utne reader: bush's attack on civil liberties intensifies. documenting again the incident in santa fe. but check out "capps 2" ... you may not be able to *fly* in america!

+ csm: english sans french. damn, damn, damn, they beat me to it. via mefi.

+ cnn money: inflation, deflation, stagflation, noflation ...

+ ah, the moab bomb searches are subsiding. i'm back to being demonstrably unpopular again. maxed out at almost 5,000 page views in a day; did that make me briefly a 'warblogger?'

+ builder.com looks at corel's xmetal pro. they seem to like it.

+ sitepoint: case study ... building a business, twice. advertising your business, cold calling. cold calling's a bitch when you've got a stammer, as i do. people tend to dismiss your intelligence, and discount you as a contender. frankly, it's very frustrating. phones are one of those automatic-blockage-creating devices.

+ new scientist: new clues into plasma flow inside shuttle wing.

+ iol: vatican misplaces the keys to heaven. oh dear - forget iraq, this *is* a crisis.

+ israel national news: finlandization or franco-islamicized? i think this misinterprets the concept of french cultural protectionism and labels it 'anti-american' and 'anti-anglo.' i think it applies to anything non-french, whether anglo, american, russian, serbo-croatian, mongolian ... whatever. maybe i'm buying into a stereotype, but i don't like the corporate genericization of american culture, either. i like the comment, "france has a pathological tendency to oppose." people say the same thing about this weblog ...

+ washington post: howard fast, novelist, dies. wrote "spartacus," in addition to other fiction ... many of which were adapted for film and television.

+ bbc: is war with iraq legal?

+ outdoorsmagic: salomon adventure trek 7, first look. i have a pair of salomon low-rise scramblers, sticky as hell on slickrock.

+ nj.com/ap: justice department opens up monsanto antitrust probe.

+ hazardmaps.gov.

+ ripoff of 'this old house' ... "this ol' trailer." don't just streamline your life ... airstream it.

+ the definitive 'dogs playing poker' site.

+ boomer baby memory bank.

+ javatester. a handy little link. highly recommended bookmark.

+ siliconvalley.com: a stumbling block in the odyssey to mars ... radiation.

+ the american prospect: a case for hell. "as the europeans have urged, the first step toward reducing terrorism in the region is not to invade iraq but to begin resolving the conflict between israel and the palestinians." and i agree. read the last part about american financial overreach.

+ unix review: python in a nutshell review. thumbs up.

+ dp review: final pma show report, sandisk 4gig type 1 compactflash card, new usb 2.0 cardreaders.

+ the register: tricky windows worm poses as game.

+ wired: reporter takes his weblog to war.

+ suse linux 8.2 coming soon.

+ too busy yesterday to note that mozilla 1.3 is available.

+ csm: computer generated screenplays. "if you have not yet developed characters for your story, assistance will be provided to help you create and develop some."

+ csm: real world will oust 'reality' tv. depends on how low they're willing to troll.

+ moby lives: library porn elevates more than minds. "one officer said teenagers now consider the library better than an amusement arcade because the latter doesn't allow them free, unfettered access to all kinds of pornography." oh, what they're missing by not cracking open the books around them.

+ scotsman.uk: jazz for when you're alone, classical for doing the bonk.

+ come to think of it, surprised noone has thought about "the freedom kiss." grab the nearest person and try it out. it's the 'patriotic' thing to do.

+ washington post: democracy and the news. "... the proper role of the press is to report and comment on the workings of this 'citizens' democracy,' not to act as agent for political and/or ideological elements within it." just the facts please.

+ times of india: u.s. worried about pakistan's isi leaking osama information. and for good reason.

+ ny times letters to the editor: when faith guides a president. president bush is a secular leader. as long as he's on the clock, being paid with secular tax dollars, he should refrain from evangelical rhetoric. in his personal time, he can do whatever the hell he wants.

+ ny times op-eds: krugman, george w. queeg, and kristof, torture, beyond saddam. no doubt mr. bush has screwed the diplomatic pooch, and to reshape the middle east by invading iraq, i find it immoral to not establish a free and sovereign kurdistan in the process.

+ ny times: on bill maher's new show, wit can wound. on basic cable here in santa fe, the closest i can get to a 'liberal' show is "crossfire." i don't get hbo, but get pummeled with all the other conservative talk shows and half-dozen religious channels.

+ ny times: 36 hours in kauai. yeah, the north shore is lush, but how could you go to hawaii and not visit the south and west of the island?

+ ny times: g.o.p. senators oppose size of bush tax cut. i find this a bait-and-switch; bait with an insane tax cut, switch for lower, irresponsible one. and most democrats will buy this same false 'improvement.' greenspan said it ... "revenue neutral," numbskulls. settle the war situation, the economy will pick up sans tax cuts. didn't want the last one in the first place.

+ santa fe new mexican: speaking of students, two from the local area ... student walkout leads to protest in plaza. "why do we want someone who can't even speak our language to lead us into war?" this, from a 12 year old. kids pay attention. i'll have to ask how grade school teachers explain our president's obvious lack of verbal and grammatical skills. and atc students punished for attending rally last week. "write a three-page essay on civil disobedience or stay home from school wednesday." punishment is an integral part of civil disobedience, and a good experience for kids, imho. they should be encouraged to read thoreau ...

+ santa fe new mexican: concerning health care coverage. one in four santa feans are uninsured.

+ cnn: bill proposed to allow return of u.s. vets buried in france. frankly, i'm embarrassed by the childishness.

+ i had an interesting discussion with a gradeschool teacher last night. apparently, the school system is advising teachers not to comment on the upcoming 'war,' or any war issues, due to the extreme polarization of parental views. in the meantime, some kids are oblivious, some kids are convinced saddam is poisoning the water table. all are more anxious than normal. a shame. in the same vein as withholding sex education, kids will fill in the blanks with whatever information they can find ... right or wrong.

+ good morning!