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wed 12 mar 03

+ common dreams mentions the potential cheney/halliburton payout conflict-of-interest.

+ cnn: egyptian al-qaeda 'foot soldier' gets $27 million for being a stool pigeon. i assume they'll keep tabs on the cash?

+ went into my archives and posted the moab bomb video link for those diving into my march 6 page, in addition to below. traffic should start falling off soon, i think.

+ quick grabshot, the first flowers in the garden this year, hyacinths:

first hyacinths, santa fe, new mexico, march 12, 2003.

+ devshed: understanding ldap, part 2.

+ webdevtips: don't resize your visitor's browser. actually, my thought is, the same people who do this would be the ones to visit your home and rearrange the furniture to suit their tastes (or lack thereof).

+ nandotimes: u.s./russia in deal to shutdown the last three soviet plutonium reactors.

+ arabic news: the orthodox coptic christian church has come out against war. that puts more of the middle east into the 'no' column.

+ healthscout: researchers developing a pill to treat smallpox.

+ chicago tribune: iran opens nuclear plant to reporters. "bushehr, however, is the least controversial of iran's burgeoning number of known nuclear facilities." interesting name, eh?

+ nj.com: farmers want to stop biotech wheat.

+ sunspot: bush bungling pits u.s. against the world.

+ enn: environmentalists sue government over factory farm rules.

+ os news: choosing a linux distro, part 2. there is a link in the lead-in to the previous article.

+ the register: francestinks.com, it sinks.com.

+ our friend from wired is at it again. compare/contrast with this article from the san jose mercury news, february 7. a month behind the times; i should send him a chew toy, since he's still gnawing away on ta-33. as i've mentioned before, ufo nuts are fixated on it too.

+ the times of india says pakistan is issuing veiled threats, while ingratiating itself to the u.s.

+ milwaukee journal-sentinel: dave barry on garrison keillor.

+ kmsb: revenge, what is it good for? an 'eye for an eye' was an early attempt to contain violence.

+ village voice: fire music. jazz activism.

+ ny times: glasnost on world war 2 looted art. i seem to recall that schliemann's discoveries from troy disappeared in this fashion ... i'd certainly like to see the diadem, sometime.

+ and three ny times letters to the editor: torture is barbarism (contrast with the editorial below), bush and the bench (all hail!), and peddlers of fear (limp legislators).

+ ny times editorials: forsaken at guantanamo, and reproductive rights in peril.

+ santa fe new mexican: some los alamos links. lanl scandal claims security chiefs. next up, u.s. struggles to save lanl contract. and the house shows support for extending lanl contract.

+ santa fe new mexican: allergies hit hay fever pitch. it's juniper season in santa fe. no wonder my sinuses are in crisis.

+ ny times: an antiwar song, with whimsy. cool precedent to set. release a track that's timely, free, over the 'net.

+ ah, here it is. the department of defense moab bomb drop video. mpeg. i'm taking you to the dod page, so you can do other snooping around. now all you google searchers can be satisfied.

+ ny times: fresh angles on van gogh.

+ ny times: investigators focus on shuttle skeleton. in addition, the solid rocket boosters were removed and new ones attached on the main tank, from which the foam and ablator broke off 80 seconds after launch.

+ reuters: second hand smoke may reward your children with ... cavities.

+ reuters: this has *got* to be a landmark lead-in ... "republicans eye tax cuts as deficits swell."

+ cnn: bush one vote away from arctic drilling. start writing congresspersons. i believe the anwr should be saved for future generations, energy needs in extremis. not for quick profit-taking in the next ten years - esp. when reducing engine displacement and improving gas mileage would obviate the entire enterprise.

+ for those thousands of visitors looking for the moab video, cnn has one. a 'photo gallery,' too. unfortunately, video's a pay-for service there. if i find a free one, i'll post it.

+ this month is just flying past. can't believe it's the 12th already.