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tue 11 mar 03

+ ny times: the universe as krispy kreme.

+ remember that budding woodward-and-bernstein who wrote about 'breaking into a secure los alamos tech area' in wired magazine? slashdot verifies, as i did, that the guy was a bozo. like i said, lanl security ought to be armed with nerf guns, for excitable boys like this.

+ cnet: microsoft to sell its stake in corel.

+ top.rbc.ru: putin restores the kgb.

+ this is london.uk: is this war all about oil? ignore the title and read it. interesting bits and bobs.

+ nandotimes: baghdad's bicycle bells ring. "due to the u.n. sanctions isolating iraq since 1990, they have no gears." so, they push them?

+ motley fool on state budget deficits. no mention of the current online taxation thrust.

+ washington post: sweet, but not innocent. the perils of high fructose corn syrup. if you're at all into fitness, you're already involved in eliminating this horrible stuff from your diet.

+ the department of homeland panic.

+ english heritage.

+ scienceblog: u.s. settles clean air act case against toyota. estimated $34 mil.

+ the register: senate majority leader explains online poll hack. "online election balloting, anyone?"

+ ny times: the harrier jump jet's going to have a larger role if the war against iraq is prosecuted. if you've never seen one, and the opportunity or airshow comes around, i highly recommend a look-see. amazing planes. from a distance, the droop-wings make them look like birds. but seeing the power of the engines, keeping them hovering ... it's an incredible feat to witness.

+ well, the moab blast went off on schedule. but locals weren't impressed [scroll to bottom]. cnn has a photo on their home page.

+ washington post letters to the editor: religion's political role.

+ washington post: bush's minimalist mantra. we discussed this during the 2000 campaign ... the man virtually never changes his script. even in light of new factors that might make his stance untenable.

+ some xml links ... table column sorting with xml, xsl and javascript. efficient xml document exchange. validate data with xml schemas.

+ all africa: women's emancipation far from over. "others find refuge in religion, claiming that god in his infinite mercy created us to be complementary to each other. but why are women doing the dirty jobs and the men looking after the rest?"

+ new scientist: seti to target most tantalising radio transmissions.

+ center for science in the public interest: lax ethics rules undercut scientific advice. too many shills on committees.

+ middle east online: koran to be translated into irish. the fastest growing religious minority in ireland? from conversion, or from immigration?

+ cnn: can't stop west nile. if it's a bad summer, mark my words ... we'll hear more talk about reviving ddt.

+ la times: for latinos, race is a flexible concept. "... people who identified their ethnicity as latino could also indicate a racial background, choosing among a range of options."

+ times.uk: getting rid of cellulite. i don't have any, except between the ears ... thought someone might be interested.

+ phpbuilder: a test to see if you write sloppy software.

+ tlc: building the roman catapult. "it's not the thing you fling, it's the fling itself." [northern exposure, chris]

+ reuters: last chance for u.n./cambodia genocide trial? no mention of american and british involvement ... but this should be exposed and publicized. a lesson on the dark side of foreign policy.

+ security focus: ip spoofing, an introduction.

+ dp review: a couple. national semiconductor's going to license foveon x3 tech. [dream of a full-frame 10 megapixel x3 sensor.] and olympus launches their 'four thirds' website. awful logo.

+ the register: observe the chickens of america, clucking towards baghdad. "first to fall over when the atmosphere is less than perfect ..." today seems to be a day of song lyric synchronicity.

+ times of india: kuwait fears a halt to 1991 gulf war compensation. a lot of money changing hands, 12 years after the fact. gotta ask, "why?"

+ globe and mail: if you're into big band, never forget bix. and i don't mean maybe, now.

+ washington post: saddam's tough to persuade. cuba tried.

+ atlanta journal-constitution: miriam-webster collegiate adds some new words. "hottie."

+ ny times letters to the editor: the bible code. oh, for heaven's sake. i hope this meeting wasn't done on the taxpayer's dime. the bible code's been debunked thoroughly.

+ ny times contributor: how a war became a crusade. but also, 'superstition ain't the way ...'

+ ny times op-ed: krugman, a fiscal train wreck. one thing lays dormant, which can change the picture: energy cost.

+ ny times: instant messaging expands into the workplace.

+ ny times: debating whether oil wells and wilderness mix.

+ ny times: measuring lost freedom vs. security in dollars. linked because of this statement, "in an unusual twist on cost-benefit analysis, an economic tool that conservatives have often used to attack environmental regulation ..." very interesting. never thought of it that way. we have the party of 'scrooge,' who weighs everything by gain, running the country.

+ ny times: bush calls for mandatory vote on nominees. 'you can't always get what you want ...'

+ ny times: growing number in u.s. back war, poll finds. and i was just about to mention, during my drive into town, fewer anti-war stickers and slogans on cars. i *do* keep a mental tab. it's interesting to watch the ebb and flow.

+ santa fe new mexican: fire threat from beetle-killed piñon might diminish.

+ santa fe new mexican: stealth fighters from holloman afb are being sent to south korea.

+ santa fe new mexican: city and county to discuss zoning bill. it is our old pueblo and territorial architecture which keeps santa fe a lively tourist spot. someone in the state senate passed legislation that relaxes zoning for the five mile extraterritorial zone around santa fe ... which would destroy the character of the city.

+ santa fe new mexican: suit by santa fe businesses targets new minimum-wage law.

+ ah, it seems like the moab is going to be tested today. so that's the interest ...

+ getting slammed with 'moab' searches again. 500 just this morning.

+ sunny and beautiful out. i have a slew of morning appointments, so links won't materialize till early afternoon, ~12 pm mst gmt-7.