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mon 10 mar 03

+ have you checked out massless lately?

+ cnn: little momentum for anti-france legislation in congress. "there are folks who make rash statements. those won't be translated into policy."

+ got too much to do, the phones are just ringing off the hook today. back later.

+ yahoo news/ap: success of weblogs heralds a big future. "'this is the 'e-bayization' of the media,' perkins said. 'you create a compelling arena and then let the real entertainment come from the participants themselves.'" that's the finest inadvertent definition of a pundit/warblogger site i've seen yet. "real entertainment." and if this trend continues, matched with advertising, i'll quietly move on to other pursuits.

+ builder.com: get a grip on your site traffic with clicktracks.

+ ny times fashion: "... fashion is actually ruled by a 13-year-old boy operating out of a finished basement in an undisclosed location." and what a train wreck that first pic on the right is.

+ in australia, the unemployed have the option of 'working for the dole,' helping farmers.

+ textileaffairs.com. who knew you'd need a website to understand clothing labels?

+ primitive ways. if you're planning to apply for the next "survivor" series, you could do worse than bookmark this site.

+ lipmedic.

+ the register: sun aims staroffice pc bundles at joe user.

+ linux today: slackware 9.0rc2 released.

+ mozilla.org on "browser innovation, gecko and the mozilla project."

+ slashdot: is the earth's rotation changing?

+ times of india: iran's progress on n-bomb 'startling', says el-baradei. i'm sure the threat of american pre-emptive war has put things into an accelerated state of development. the world really needs to set a bar for nuclear power in developing countries. the benefits can be great, but the downside (ability to create nuclear weapons) may far counterweigh those benefits.

+ guardian.uk: hands that mould the imagination. appreciating dickens and 'great expectations.'

+ butterflies and wheels: postmodernism and truth.

+ ny review of books: war and its consequences. "nation-building," once derided by president bush, is now openly embraced."

+ guardian.uk: no strings attached. leave the original work alone. if you want to play around, use a replica.

+ fast company: which price is right? "coke testing machine that automatically discounts prices in cool weather." read the story to get the background.

+ artkrush: is resistance futile? "resistance itself, like so many other modern ideas, might have become too generic a concept for our day."

+ ny times editorial: cautionary notes from alaska. "merely requiring s.u.v.'s to meet the same fuel economy standards as ordinary cars would save one million barrels a day, more than the refuge could produce at peak volume." getting the government to admit that it has allowed 'irrational exuberance' among automakers' choices for engine displacement is not likely to happen soon, i fear.

+ santa fe new mexican: increase in cigarette tax headed for senate. 70 cents a pack. think, in our nation's new "evangelical" political climate, that sin taxes will have more traction?

+ ny times: net said to close around osama bin laden.

+ ny times: as cellphones become cuter, clarity suffers. those models with external antennae are apparently better performers.

+ ny times: new analysis sees shuttle breakup beginning earlier.

+ reuters: researchers report that enjoying violent tv as a child leads to aggression. this has been a large point of contention for a while, one that i personally thought was a no-brainer. yet, in light of their specific mention of 'the roadrunner,' i have to say i haven't seen any kids building acme trebuchets to launch themselves at their playmates ... have you?

+ for some reason, i just blinked on a memory ... riding the elevator with a v.p., back in my manhattan days, trying to make conversation. i said: "well, another day, another dollar." he said: "a million days, a million dollars." i feel like i can do a *little* better than that, this week.