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sun 09 mar 03

+ reminder to self: when you live in a house with radiant heat, remember to close your windows before nightfall on these deceptively warm days. [numbskull!]

+ nj.com/ap: afghanistan gets first radio station programmed solely for afghan women.

+ webdevtips: make the < link > tag useful.

+ builder.com: recursion tightens javascript code.

+ ny times: oil and gas industry exempt from clean water rules. a travesty. go take a dip in the houston ship channel; then again, that's like saying 'go stand in front of a train.'

+ news 24: tony blair = james bond. but it should've been an aston.

+ mena report: bush administration awards iraq oilfield repair contract to ... halliburton. hey news media, i'd really like to know who, if anyone else, bid for the project.

+ seattle times: george miller, a regular on letterman, has passed away.

+ science blog: fast food and "the tube", recipe for heart disease.

+ teletext: "armed" reporter boards plane at gatwick.

+ ny post: le freak is chic these days. just so.

+ men's journal: design intervention. the aston martin's pretty cool ... but check out the mustang. *finally* going back to its roots.

+ independent.online: report confirms benefits of organic foods. mostly fruits. 50% more nutritious?

+ boston globe: oliphant, how bush fudges the n-arms issue. what happened to the 'they could build a nuclear weapon in six months' line?

+ sourceforge: n/x web content management system.

+ the register: ms shuts down site over xp p2p leak, but keeps on leaking.

+ seattle weekly: whose media? other than the internet, it's well-nigh useless for me. television, radio, magazines. i could toss 'em all ... well, except for maybe a mag or two ...

+ boston globe: where are the 'new' protest songs?

+ times of india: u.s. getting wary of musharraf's "double-game."

+ and today's washington post editorial says, "what's a few more weeks?"

+ ny times editorial: the times says "no" to war.

+ ny times op-ed: "to compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful ..."

+ welcome back, moveable cam.

+ gorgeous outside again today. windy, but warm. hope everyone's having a good time down at sxsw!