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fri 07 mar 03

+ been having electricity problems in central new mexico. i only caught the end of the local news, but pnm is checking the lines. later: seems linked to a plane crash west of albuquerque.

+ sunset wasn't much, but the clouds over the jemez were:

clouds at sunset over the jemez mtns, santa fe, new mexico, march 7, 2003.

+ « ascii - iso 8859-1 (latin-1) table with html entity names » and on ‹ evolt › ♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

+ cnn: metamucil, soy diet lowers cholesterol by a third. eggplant, okra and almonds, too. the counter to all those fast-food meals consumed in youth, i guess.

+ cnn: the congressional budget office forecasts a 1.82 trillion dollar deficit from the bush budget. sans war costs. no more than 1.5% of gdp, mr. bush. this is so whacked, i don't even know where to begin.

+ ok, now that i've unclogged the blog ... off to more important things.

+ it's too early to celebrate, but zdnet is reporting that microsoft promises an end to 'dll hell.' it's about freaking time.

+ new scientist: pentagon pledges no worldwide gps blackout.

+ new scientist: search goes on for trade center missing. real life isn't as swift as 'csi.'

+ msnbc: banks knew of enron disguise. citibank and j.p. morgan even helped devise the scheme.

+ washington times: helen thomas gets unceremoniously seated in the third row, and ignored at the presidential press conference. so much for honouring tradition. via eatonweb.

+ nandotimes: study of vietnam vets reveals a correlation between stress and autoimmune disease. tangent: so, if we're to be under war and terror pressure for the foreseeable future, congress best act on our medical insurance problems, soon.

+ science blog: nerve-destroying chemicals are model for neurodegenerative diseases. "acrylamides - used in water purification, paper manufacturing, mining and recently found in potato chips, french fries, baked cereals and other carbohydrates cooked at high temperatures - and hexanes - an organic solvent used in glues, paints and shoe manufacturing - can shut down these motor proteins."

+ ny daily news: the creedmoor shootout.

+ is hip-hop mainstream, or just dead, when madonna decides to do it?

+ the ultimate self-expression ... can you sum yourself up in five lines?

+ radebaugh, the future we were promised. oh, yeah.

+ siliconvalley: feds warn biotech crop companies of increased inspections. just an aside, sounds like hans blix.

+ sourceforge: picture metadata toolkit. oh, and you've just *got* to check out web html editor. demo [ie 5.5 or above, only].

+ space daily: environmentalists protest reopening of russian nuclear facility.

+ museum of the moving image, on the web.

+ the register: mobile terrorist alert service.

+ le blogeur has had a template crisis. i remind them that they can grab their old one from google's cache. and that goes for anyone losing stuff.

+ the times of india, like many other sources, is claiming that osama's two eldest sons have been captured in pakistan. the u.s. has not verified these claims yet. saad, the eldest, was to be osama's 'replacement.' if osama's dead, as many suspect, this is big news.

+ times of india: north korea decides america may strike their nuclear facilities.

+ times of india: u.s. to build earth-penetrating nuclear weapons. so, los alamos will probably be shaking our windows more often, very soon.

+ chronicle of higher ed: wet dogs and gushing oranges, winespeak for the new millenium. oh, this is fun.

+ new scientist: the greening of hate. this needs a point-by-point rebuttal, but i don't have time.

+ la weekly: "planet bollywood." i really enjoyed 'lagaan,' and look forward to trying more. besides that, it taught me the rules for cricket.

+ publisher's weekly: independent bookstores are surviving.

+ globe and mail: videos taking rap for bad behavior. "black teenage girls who view more rap videos are apparently more likely to get in trouble with the law, to take drugs or to become infected with sexually transmitted diseases."

+ you'll get enough analysis of mr. bush's speech last night from other sources. i won't belabour you here.

+ santa fe new mexican: officials predict normal runoff for santa fe. both good news and bad news here. we've gone from 'severe' to 'moderate drought. talk about hairsplits.

+ ny times: the art and science of foamology. or not.

+ ny times: text of el baradei's statement to the security council. in which we find the 'aluminum tubes' would have needed extensive redesign for use in centrifuges, and the suspect 'magnets' haven't been delivered ... but both were a clear violation of u.n. resolution 661.

+ access to dm! from here is criminally slow this morning. don't know what's up. if you find that's so, fire me an 'e.' maybe a restart of the zope instance will wake it up.

+ meetings today. just in case you were having withdrawal symptoms.