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thu 06 mar 03

[3/12/03 update, google is bringing many of you here. i posted the link on today's page, but i'll repeat it on this archive page to save you having to hunt for it. the the department of defense moab bomb drop video is here. mpeg.]

+ new and better .ico for tabs.

+ an extra-prolific link day. i think the season is getting to me. i'm over-ready for summer. get me away from this damned machine ...

+ storage review: first look at the 10,000 rpm ide western digital raptor.

+ bbc: internet speed record smashed. internet2, that is.

+ sitepoint: i've never used golive, but maybe someone does. get started with dynamic data in golive.

+ nature: sea level rise shelved for now. but the information's quite disturbing. "it wouldn't take a very large temperature rise to disintegrate these ice shelves." all the more reason to more aggressively curb what greenhouse gas releases we can.

+ new scientist: breast implants linked to suicide. low self-esteem seems to go hand-in-hand with augmentation, unsurprisingly.

+ businessweek: why the war with iraq is not about oil. contrast with platt's, who follows iraq for the marketplace. one can assume [and i'm just theorizing] that the bush administration knows as well as anyone that the clinton years were graced with particularly low energy prices. pretty cheap fix for a bad economy, a couple of shiploads of spare parts. but draw your own judgments, please.

+ miami herald: rumsfeld says, move u.s. troops out of korean dmz. in korea, it seems the bush administration intends to hightail out of the area, telling the neighbors to handle their 'problem child.' the world translates as, "what a difference a nuke makes."

+ guardian.uk: so much for the 'humane interrogation' procedures we keep hearing about. afghan prisoners beaten to death at u.s. military interrogation base. this is the same base where khalid sheikh mohammed allegedly resides.

+ ny times: try a 'little war' in iraq. from a prof at the institute for advanced study.

+ business week: bush, the bible, and iraq. another article that sets out to reassure, and then does the opposite. we also find out that bush's chief speechwriter is an evangelical.

+ quote:

"anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin."
- john von neumann

+ nandotimes: child therapists rethinking use of medications. children are not 'little adults;' their systems react in a disproportionate fashion than that bankrupt assumption.

+ nandotimes: women still repressed in post-taliban afghanistan. you can bring 'regime change' in a lightning raid, but you can't bring education and cultural change in that manner.

+ webreference talks up video weblogs, too. but i seem to remember folks playing with this long before the current wave of popularity. if i had the time, i'd build a flash front-end to a video. the usual controls, links dissolve up at time code intervals, if you click on them, the video pauses while you peruse the website you chose. close that window, the video starts again, bringing up more links as required. video stored and permalinked. you'd need a huge bankroll and a team to do it in this basic form at present, however. might as well just wait for the tech to catch up. point is, without permalinks, archives, video commenting and video quoting capabilities [leaving comments and quoting snippets in video form, via webcam?], it isn't really video-blogging as i'd like to define it. it's just posting a video on a weblog, a 'vlink' or a 'vpost.' that's not a bad thing, but it's just not the optimum. i'd like to enable the audience, too. such a stickler.

+ webdevtips: free code generator, to scramble your email address for foiling spambots.

+ nj.com: senate moves to approve russia/u.s. treaty to cut active nuclear force. but just to stand down and store, not dismantle. a paper victory, really, given the numbers of warheads.

+ new scientist: welfare-to-work has no ill effects on kids. there was no mention here, but i have to assume this means school-age children. after all, how can you work for minimum wage and afford child care?

+ i had called saddam a pimple, and not a heart attack, a while back. seems an opinion at the uk telegraph thinks so, with a different thrust and in more graphic detail.

+ manila times: australian right takes aim at aboriginal history. ah, i thought such history wars only happened in america.

+ the world war 2 letters of olive and eric.

+ msnbc: bush gets taken in the diplomatic bazaar.

+ the economist: heading in the wrong direction. on terrorism and civil liberties.

+ have you been seeing "NIPR.mil" in your referrer logs? a google, and this explains who it is.

+ cnn money finally reports today on the nigerian cesium theft that showed up in aggregators and linked here on february 24 [the article is actually from the 22nd, the theft was on the 21st]. there was no mention of halliburton in the times of india article, and there's no mention of cesium [the ideal ingredient for a dirty bomb] in today's article. everyone's being awfully delicate and quiet on this. i mean, c'mon. this happened two weeks ago.

+ cnn: the cdc releases its report on school shootings. most shooters get their weapons from home, or from relatives.

+ if it ain't broke, don't fix it. i returned this site to 0.95 ems, as it has been for the last two years. i just added a little line-height to make reading a little easier.

+ guardian.uk: islam and us. a very interesting read. "values are tapes we play on the walkman of the mind; any tune we choose so long as it does not disturb others." via davosnewbies.

+ medley on 'weblogging rules,' self-proclaimed deities, and tangentially, on weblog cults of personality. hallelujah. via rc3, who briefly discusses the same subject. as you know, if you read here often, i've been accused of not being a 'real' weblog, being a waste of bandwidth, etcetera. i echo medley with: do what you do best, in the way that pleases you most, and damn the critics. and double-damn hit statistics. they're the ruination of many a good weblogger. as an aside, i think weblogging becomes boring when weedy 'prairie lawyers' come to the frontier. the excitement of the 'early days' is pretty much gone. the conestoga wagons are here, loaded with 'law and order' settlers. the snake oil sellers are standing on their suitcases proclaiming to the crowds. where to next, for those who prefer living on the edge?

+ zdnet.uk: corel pushes xml integration in new wordperfect.

+ top xml: xml data traversal.

+ new scientist: jojoba oil could fuel cars and trucks. "... jojoba fuel matched diesel for torque and power over the engine speeds they tested, between 1000 and 2000 revolutions per minute." and bus mechanics wouldn't have greasy hair.

+ scoop/interfaith alliance: president plays christian trump card. "how dare any politician, including the president, even implicitly suggest that god is a kind of mascot for the nation." this, from religious leaders.

+ csm: foxhole journalists. "in vietnam, for instance, wide-open access for journalists helped expose inherent problems in that war and made americans gun-shy of more wars - for a while." as i've mentioned before, the images of vietnam replay in my brain when war is mentioned. generation x and y don't have that particular bugbear, that built-in hesitance.

+ hello: harrison ford wins award for eco-warrior role. "what i'm for is a regime change on both sides."

+ new scientist: crunch time for sport utility vehicles.

+ bike magic: cannondale, in spite of financial woes, cranks back up again.

+ interracial voice: two from william javier nelson: caste, class and race ... and whither multiracials.

+ drainspotting.

+ capitol report: whitman signs 13 toxic air emissions rules.

+ manila bulletin: the biggest slave trade in history. "although figures are hard to come by, due to the secrecy of the illegal trade, it is conservatively estimated that 500,000 humans are trafficked into the u.s. each year." one hell of a huge figure, to my mind. a half-million? no footnotes, so i'll have to dig some, when i have a chance.

+ artnet: when your friends make art.

+ unix review: is *any* certification worth pursuing? in the same breath, ibm developerworks, why and how to obtain xml and related technologies certification.

+ desktop linux: switching to linux, from the end users perspective.

+ online journalism review: unearthing dirt in weblogs still a black art. "but in the end, you'll have to prepare for a mound of sifting, linking, slow-churning pages, and the occasional dead end. in other words: still in beta, still a lot of work for someone on deadline, but eventually entertaining." i believe i'll suggest a few pieces of aggregator software.

+ slashdot: are video blogs ready for prime time? in a word, no. unless you have the cash to support permalinks, and the crushing bandwidth issues.

+ the register: scan your browser's security for free.

+ the register: u.s. bar owner executes dell laptop. all ricochets aside. countless are the times i have wanted to throw a pc out a window, and watch its guts smash into dozens of little pieces. i guess, ultimately, it would be better to just donate the misbehaving beast to a charity, really.

+ bbc: have a degree in the arts? these stats show you're expected earnings will be less than if you simply left school at 18. in britain, but i suspect there might be a similar effect in america.

+ the next american city: why building smart is hard.

+ i was playing with font sizes last night. had a few complaints about the fixed pixel size; back to resizeables, but a little smaller than before. still trying to get a good compromise between my original design and what you actually *use.*

+ ny times letters to the editor: 'shock' iraq? some are stunned.

+ ny times editorial: online shouldn't be offshore. to assist the state fiscal crises, taxes on online transactions.

+ ny times editorial: the worst-case scenario arrives.

+ santa fe new mexican: forest service could face a huge deficit if the upcoming fire season is as bad as last year. with the water bombers grounded, it looks bleak. this is patent stupidity on the part of congress and the bush administration.

+ santa fe new mexican: new mexico second highest for medically uninsured. the state may be in the black, but the citizens are in the red.

+ santa fe new mexican: the buckman wells, west of town, are showing surface signs of overuse.

+ santa fe new mexican: anti-war protestors block street near unm. the television news last night mentioned this protest was larger than the response at unm during the vietnam war. they also mentioned that to counter the 500 anti-war protesters, there were 'around 25 pro-war protestors.' there was mention of preventing high school students from participating, during a school day.

+ ny times: military seeks exemptions on harming environment. there is no 'industry' more likely to do permanent harm to the environment than the military-industrial complex. as i've said many times, if there's money to develop, there's money to clean up.

+ ny times: politics of abortion delay $15 billion to fight global aids. this is fiddling while rome burns.

+ ny times: catholics debating, back president or pope on iraq? "only the southern baptist convention and some evangelical and pentecostal leaders have rallied behind the president. jewish leaders are deeply split."

+ getting absolutely slammed with search requests for 'mother-of-all-bombs', the article on the moab bomb i linked a week or so ago. like, 100 200 hits already this morning.

+ i dreamt about bicycle saddles and deserted islands last night. methinks, upon arising, that isn't a very useful combo.