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wed 05 mar 03

+ cnn: the new $20 bill is going to be something other than green, apparently.

+ cleaned up my css a bit here; it was in simply embarrassing shape. no excuses. jerking around with font sizes again, too. the netscape 4 version of the page still has resizables, if you wish.

+ new scientist: 'phantom menace' may rip up cosmos. the next fashionable 'end of the universe' theory.

+ new scientist: superbug strain hits the healthy. wash your hands.

+ tech focus: russian man makes bomb threat to see naked women. another nuclear scientist, this one.

+ nandotimes: scientists make strides against mad cow disease.

+ seattle times: the bush white house speaks fluent latino.

+ msnbc: who will feed the north koreans? "... other bush administration policies clearly offer food as a reward for good behavior, and threaten to withhold it as a punishment for bad behavior." and the photograph up top shows the results. as with iraq, the dictator is unmoved and unaffected, but the people suffer.

+ the american prospect: affirmative reaction. interesting ambiguity in the right; the attempt to reconcile a pro-racial-profiling stance with a con-affirmative-action stance.

+ cnn: michelangelo and the pope's ceiling.

+ hey, you can still buy sturmey-archer hubs and brooks leather saddles. i'm in the market for a new bike seat. i think the padding in mine has petrified from the dry air up here in santa fe.

+ sitepoint: new-window links in a standards-compliant world.

+ usa today: white house rejects vatican view that war has no moral justification. bush opens the door to a religious interpretation of his presidency; he must accept being judged by religious leaders ... and scripture.

later: karl sends over a link from atlantic monthly, "in the name of god," that speaks of this circumstance. "... he's got the god-wind in his sails as he steers the ship of state into uncharted waters."

+ boston globe: luis marden, national geographic adventurer, has passed away. "speed is the prevailing sickness of our age." ah, to fly a cloth-winged biplane or ride a steamship on your way to a new adventure ...

+ nandotimes: study suggests preventable drug side effects largely caused by doctors' errors.

+ urban adventure in rotterdam.

+ harley-davidson 100th anniversary site. yeah, but their cover kids are too darned clean-cut. think they take apart carbs?

+ sacbee: buckley, what's ahead? ask bush. "mastodonic" buildup, indeed. glad i'm not the only one noticing this.

+ washington post: the ceo's dim view of deficits. "deficits of this scale, over that many years, would spell economic peril at any time, the business executives say, because they reduce the pool of national savings, diminish needed investments and make us more dependent on foreign creditors." wisdom from the group of our 'most reviled' citizens.

+ wwf/panda.org: treasures in the ecuadorian andes. the photo of the bear is a hoot ... how can you look cute and totally grouchy at the same time?

+ grist: why have a chemical lawn, that looks nice but you're afraid to use?

+ linux today: mandrake linux 9.1 rc 2. last release before final.

+ the register: windows 'longhorn' leaks again.

+ times of india: fao, the number of world's hungry to be halved by 2030.

+ arts & letters daily seems to join the effort to rehabilitate ddt. the subject is so polarized, it cannot be covered in even a dozen carefully-selected, footnoted articles. you can find just as many scholarly cons, as well.

+ globe and mail: cinefranco 'just says no' to violence. it starts with one person drawing a line in the sand, stopping this ever-increasing nosedive into shock and violence. as i've pointed out before, higher emotions require cultural adaptions on the part of the moviemaker ... but violence is universal, cheap to produce, making for large profits. high art, it ain't.

+ telegraph.uk: the quest for inspiration. for writers.

+ in these times: freedom of expression&.php#153;. on the dmca.

+ ny times letters to the editor: evangelicals and their critics. an important read, imho.

+ ny times: two on nasa ... one, panel scours debris and data, and two, nasa studies ways to make existing shuttles safe to fly.

+ ny times: bush medicare plan urges switch to private insurers. no surprise here; a major republican goal has been the goldwater-style dismantling of the 'great society' reforms, and placing them firmly in the private sector. but where are the guarantees, the consistency?

+ ny times: almost one-third of all americans under 65 have had no health insurance during the last two years.

+ ny times: the deficit is rising fast. the projections have been raised 15% since five weeks ago. mr. greenspan, your acquiescence to the 2000 tax cut appears more and more like a farce. best reserve your sternest scolding yet, for your next testimony.

+ santa fe new mexican: anonymity of internet chat rooms' discussion of public officials argued before pennsylvania supreme court. this has repercussions for weblogging (think of anonymous comments); it bears watching.

+ santa fe new mexican: school board might work out a denim compromise. oh, does this take me back. it was what, '65, '66? when denim was finally "approved" for wear at princeton regional schools? mothers were relieved from ironing khakis every darned day.

+ reuters: teri hatcher files for divorce. her soon-to-be ex, jon tenney, was one of my brother's buds at princeton high school. jon was a nice kid. personally, i remember teri best from the 'macguyver' series ...

+ reuters: the united nations reports that the world is drying out. maybe i should rethink my choice of living in the high desert.

+ reuters: u.s. coast guard deploys environmental warriors.

+ reuters: iraq slams kuwait at islamic summit. "shut up you minion, you (u.s.) agent, you monkey. you are addressing iraq," he said. "you are insolent. you are a traitor to the islamic nation ..." hmmm. the islamic nation. talk about code words.

+ cnn: the 'today' sponge returns. someone may be 'spongeworthy,' but be careful out there. it won't protect against std's.

+ cnn: debris suggests the tires inside the shuttle's left wing blew out.

+ cnn: "are you hot or not?" becomes a television show.

+ windy, as per usual for march. there's a lot of work to be done today, so postings may be sparse.