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tue 04 mar 03

+ off doing non-virtual things tonight ... see you tomorrow.

+ it does seem like we're backing into a war with north korea. b-1's and b-52's. i'd switch the b-2 and the b-1 theatres of operation. iraq's no challenge, compared to north korea.

+ zdnet approves of macromedia freehand mx, but still likes coreldraw better.

+ security flaw in macromedia flash 6 player.

+ nando times: lawmakers walk out on muslim prayer at washington statehouse.

+ motley fool: greenspan says housing market will cool. with the low interest rates, there is a glut of rentals in santa fe, and the lower-end of the housing market is tapped out. realtors are fighting over any properties under $350,000.

+ expatica.com: ivory coast police threaten journalists.

+ lostlabor.com.

+ boston globe: oliphant, the debate nobody wants. except citizens.

+ dp review got a view, at least, of the new 4:3 olympus e system. looks very solid, from the back ... sort of like my f4s.

+ just a casual observation, i'm seeing an increase in 'no war' bumper stickers as i drive around santa fe. even shoe polish messages written on back windows, with anti-war statements. one or two pro-war stickers.

+ ny times: a call for softer, greener language. now that the republican party is on top, they're adopting a honeyed tone. be alert that the honey may conceal a dose ...

+ the universal declaration of human rights. article 19: "everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

+ thread, "define evil." "if i showed you my dark side would you still hold me ... tonight?"

+ "we never use your email for marketing purposes. for more details, click here for our privacy statement." click. "page not found."

+ ibm developerworks: metaclass programming in python.

+ executive summary consulting: "dr. pepper, viral marketing, weblogs and the british sense of humor."

+ internet retailer: measure customer behavior on flash sites?

+ middle east online: christian leaders oppose bush iraq policy.

+ nj.com: fda warns against use of arthritis drug in farm animals. "... the drug was causing toxic reactions, including blood disorders like aplastic anemia, in some patients, and that it was fatal for others."

+ health scout: gene therapy problem pinpointed.

+ cpj: safety guide for photojournalists entering war zones. pdf.

+ toronto star: fisk, guess who'll be calling the shots at cnn?

+ washington post: heed the hawks.

+ abc news: green groups sue u.s. government over forest plan.

+ freshmeat: slackware 9.0 rc1, xml validator [java], open learning management system.

+ cnet: sendmail flaw tests homeland security.

+ the toronto star has some book selections to go up against madonna's children's tomes.

+ ny times: the library at alexandria wants to make *every* book available online.

+ economist.com: venice, is there life after death?

+ ny times editorials: shuttle myopia, and korean paralysis. kristof has a piece about 'god, satan and the media,' but not much new to say about it ... other than 'love thy neighbor.'

+ times of india: guinea keeps cards close to chest, over iraq.

+ ny times: can bush alter course, or is war inevitable? president bush's constituency sees the united nations as an anathema; to ensure his reelection, i think he must prosecute war.

+ ny times: malarial treatment for chinese aids patients sparks inquiry in u.s. dr. heimlich, of the 'heimlich maneuvre."

+ ny times: "you'll catch your death."

+ cnn: tilt-rotor ready for prime time? "... there is a higher tolerance among the users of smaller aircraft for crashes than there is for commercial passenger planes or military aircraft." uh ... what?

+ sun's up. birds are chirping. snow showers on the distant mountains. a pretty morn.