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mon 03 mar 03

+ scotland on sunday: florida's "scarlet letter" law on the dock.

+ csm: social-cause crowd faults bush budget. 'compassionate conservative' means freezing child-care funding.

+ telegraph.uk: linda evangelista returns to the catwalk. has it really been ten years?

+ content wire: u.s. trade war with europe looms over gm food. hold out, europe. i'd prefer to have the darned stuff labelled over here, too.

+ eco-pod.com. alternative burial 'pods.'

+ institute for policy studies: coalition of the willing, or coalition of the coerced? pdf.

+ the herald.uk: chernobyl cloud hangs over scottish farms. read this, and tell me you still want to use tactical nukes.

+ following through on my vow, an hour on the rollers, starting now. beats the you-know-what out of television ... esp. stacking great tunes in the background.

+ teknision is one cool site design.

+ i'm up to my eyeballs in nicolas de fer, guillaume delisle, isaak tirion, frederick de wit, alexander von humboldt. can you guess what kind of site i'm programming? [sorry, chris, you're disqualified, because you already know.]

+ vnu.net: are we all on the path to xml hell?

+ new scientist: lake methane could power all of rwanda. so where's the international investment in the project?

+ houston chronicle: the shuttle inquiry board needs a feynman.

+ guardian.uk: who takes on the soft drink industry. we've had discussions in the virtual metacosm before about the soft drink industry, and its back-door method for getting machines in american schools. caffeine and sugar are not 'enhancers' for education, in a sedentary classroom setting ... and 'health' benefits are nonexistent. kids are falling asleep in class? jumping-jacks come to mind ...

+ bbc: peanuts for tb.

+ washington times: mentioned this before. toy rocket engines under atf scrutiny. would you prevent a robert goddard from pursuing his interests?

+ "travel photographer of the year." the prizes aren't too shabby, either.

+ stuff.co.nz: monsanta courts farmers over gene-altered wheat. "monsanto right now holds the power." i have to do some investigation into independent entities who might be monitoring biodiversity.

+ ny times: why small corn farmers in mexico go hungry. "when markets are open, agricultural products flood in from wealthy nations, which subsidize agriculture and allow agribusiness to export crops cheaply."

+ amnesty international, the coming human rights crisis in iraq.

+ ariel booksellers puts mini fonts to good use ... as well as sfx.

+ dp review: sandisk announces ultra fast cf and sd cards.

+ slashdot: object prevalence, get rid of your database?

+ times of india: castro at hiroshima.

+ times of india: osama will probably choose death over shaving his beard. some suggestions, while he awaits discovery. he's already done the "frizzy wizzy let's-get-busy."

+ pittsburgh post-gazette: carnegie's library legacy. "andrew carnegie built 2,509 libraries between 1881 and 1917 ..." he didn't just create libraries. in princeton, he created carnegie lake. in the lore of my hometown, carnegie asked the students, "do you want another building, or a lake?" you can imagine the answer. our modern corporate moguls should be so lastingly generous.

+ chronicle of higher ed: psychological warfare between therapists and scientists. were freud's theories falsifiable?

+ guardian.uk: book review of "the cross and the crescent."

+ guardian.uk: part of the tower of london's moat wall has collapsed.

+ ny times op-ed: fairy tales and a dose of reality. oh yeah. original fairy tales are wonderfully mythic, hitting major and minor archetypes. dover has some of the best.

+ ny times: quake/friends. in which 'entertainment' continues the downward spiral. basic cable in my area has degenerated to the basic network channels, eight obsequious religious channels, and shrieking 24-hour news channels. i tune in to relax, and all i get is endless flashing quick-cut advertisements and 'reality,' fire and brimstone, and hell. guess i'll pull out the rollers instead.

+ ny times: democrats pulling together a united front against g.o.p. they need to do more.

+ santa fe new mexican: we have snow. boy, do we have snow. come to santa fe! come to northern new mexico! ski, recreate ... spend money, damnit!

+ santa fe new mexican: an in-depth article of the challenges facing new mexico's forests, in light of the wildfires last year. "doomed to burn?" it's pretty explicit. a highly recommended read, if you want to understand where the rubber meets the road in the 'forest thinning' issue.

+ santa fe new mexican: for all the bragging, new mexico may face a budget shortfall by 2005, if the economy doesn't recover.

+ reuters: madonna signs a deal to write five childrens books. this is just too easy to poke fun at. i'll leave it alone.

+ reuters: the washington times reports al-qaeda planned to attack pearl harbor. "the potential targets included nuclear powered submarines and ships." nuclear subs and ships are much smaller targets than buildings; to my mind, the likelihood of success is very low. signs of desperation?

+ a trinity everywhere i look today. third day of the third month of 2003. three circumstances in one day. woah, no. four. i'm in the state that housed the trinity nuclear test. oh well. a quaternary of trinities? okay ... i've worn this one out. time to look for some news.