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sun 02 mar 03

+ nice swept hilt rapiers.

+ random tune tonight, gene pitney, "the man who shot liberty valance."

+ been filing photographs. here's a desktop [1280x1024, resize as per required] some of you might be interested in:

cloudscape 7.

+ ninemsn: iraq digs up toxic agents.

+ usa today: beethoven's lost oboe concert performed.

+ dp review: lexar has 2 and 4 gig compact flash cards! and, check out the flashtrax 30 gb usb drive. with monitor.

+ guardian.uk: pedants and partisans. defining fundamentalism.

+ chronicle of higher ed: the seven warning signs of bogus science.

+ santa fe new mexican: panelists see spectre of mccarthyism.

+ santa fe new mexican: police cracking down on burglaries at santa fe trailheads. never leave anything in view. doesn't matter whether it looks valuable or not; we're not dealing with nuclear scientists here.

+ view of the eldorado wilderness, looking south, on hike today:

eldo wilderness, santa fe, new mexico, march 2, 2003.

+ quiet sunday.